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Adipril Review

By: slicedobservant

What Is Adipril?

Adipril is a fat burner that contains 6 patented and 4 clinically proven ingredients. Adipril is a brand new product so there is not much information out there. From the looks of the ingredients, Adipril looks similar to our top-rated fat burner, Apidexin. Let’s take a closer look at this fat burner.

Adipril Ingredients

When looking at the ingredients in Adipril, there is nothing to complain about. Adipril contains Thermodiamine, Razberri-K, FucoPure, ForsLean, GuggulEZ-100, Green Tea, Capsaicin, Synephrine Hcl, 7-Oxo DHEA, Cinnamon, Phenylethylamine, Ginger, 20 Hydroxyecdysterone and BioPerine. I love the fact that Adipril has ForsLean. Forslean was patented for its ability to increase lean muscle which can lead to prolonged Fat Loss Success. A recent study revealed that Forslean can improve lean muscle mass and decrease fat mass with better results than Anavar, an anabolic steroid. It is also non-toxic for the liver, meaning you can take it daily. The active chemicals in Forslean ignite reactions in your body to cause fat cells to release their energy and melt away.

Adipril: Pros

Adipril has good ingredients. There are a lot of them, which is also my con.

Adipril: Cons

A lot of ingredients. You typically want less ingredients because you get more of the good, effective ingredients.

Adipril’s Guarantee

Adipril is backed by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Adipril – Conclusion

Adipril contains some awesome ingredients, the best being ForsLean. At $50 per bottle, Adipril could be a great investment. Its ingredient profile is one of the best we have seen. Since Adipril is so new, I would like to hear from people who have tried this fat burner.

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  1. I have purchased the Adipril. I have not been faithful yet to reveal excellent results that I know are there. I also take prescription meds (con to combining). I notice that the Adipril gives me the shakes, almost like a diabetic crash feeling. I do not eat right and I do not consume proper fluid quantity either. I know once I start behaving, this delicious pill will be the ticket. I notice that with the “regurg” or burp, it is a sweet flavor, and you can tell there is capsacin in there. Nothing at all “bad” about this pill. Definitely worth giving a chance. (I have gambled on everything.)

    Dianna January 8, 2010
  2. I just started adipril with a low calorie diet it,s my first day and i have a jean dance to attend next weekend by next saturday i,m hoping to have lost ten pounds will keep you updated.

    GLENDA,S ADPRIL REVIEW March 6, 2010
  3. I bought Adipril for 2 months supplies because I read from many reviews said that the pills work. For me the pills did not work. Everytime I took it, I had shaking, headache, and dizziness. I felt very uncomfortable. But I still took the pills up to 1 month because I thought it would work if I continued to take it. But when I was on 2nd bottle, I could not stand it anymore. I continued feelling shacking, headache, and dizziness. More important, I did not loose any weights but in fact my appettis even was even increased. So I decided to return the pills for money back. Well, maybe the pills work for someone but not for me.

    Mimi June 22, 2010

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