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Aloecran Review

By: slicedobservant

Does Aloecran Work?

Aloecran is an aloe and cranberry juice blend that was developed to help fight gastrointestinal problems. The makers of Aloecran have add a small amount of fiber to their drink to help with bowel movements. The developers of Aloecran also state that it can help with e-coli.

Aloecran Ingredients

Aloecran is a product that was meant to catch peoples eye because of the use of Aloe. There have been no research studies that show any benefit from drinking Aloe, and has been reported in some cases to cause problems with diarrhea. You would able to get just as good results for your stomach from drinking cranberry juice mixed with fiber powder.

How Much Is Aloeecran?

Aloecran costs $24.97, and that’s not including shipping. For a quarter of the price you can go to the supermarket and buy some cranberry juice and fiber drink mix and get just as good results, if not better because of being able to supplement even more fiber into your drink.

Aloecran Conclusion

I do not recommend Aloecran. It does not offer a bang for your buck. Buy supplements that contain ingredients with patents, with studies that have shown positive results. Below are a few supplements that contain patented ingredients developed by distinguished bio-chemists that have been proven effective with impressive studies.

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  1. where is the 24.99 bottle? I need that one for now! until my next money comes

    BJ May 19, 2011

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