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Avesil Review

By: slicedobservant

The key to losing weight is to decrease your caloric intake and increase your physical activity. The formula is really that simple, but finding success is difficult for many people.

To help support weight loss needs, Avesil makers have created their weight control formula that promises to reduce appetite, burn fat, and boost energy.

These are pretty standard diet pill claims and top-rated pills like Apidexin already meet them with flying colors. So what does Avesil have to offer that gives them the edge?

I’ll help you decide the answer to that question by walking you through the ingredients in Avesil and letting you know what to look out for with this pill.


avesil supplement factsThe Avesil formula contains the following ingredients:

Chromium: A trace mineral that helps to suppress appetite and control blood sugar levels.

Caffeine: A stimulant that interacts with the central nervous system to increase energy levels and physical performance.

Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract: An herbal extract that contains high concentrations of catechins which can eliminate free radicals from the body and reduce oxidative stress.

Ashwagandha Root Extract: An antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, the powder can increase Nitric oxide levels in the blood stream, which in turn improves circulation and flow.

While these are indeed good weight loss ingredients–particularly green tea extract and the chromium–the makers of Avesil do not explicitly say what the quantities of these ingredients actually are.

These so-called proprietary blends are common in weight loss formulas, but they make it impossible for us to judge the effectiveness of the ingredients since we don’t know if they’re included in the proper dosages.

This could render even the most effective weight loss ingredient completely useless if there is too little of it in the product.

Does Avesil Contain Dangerous Compounds?

As you can see from the ingredient list above, it does not contain ephedra, ephedrine, or any synthetic compounds, chemicals, or potentially dangerous ingredients. However, that doesn’t mean it’s safe to use regularly.

Potential Side Effects

Since Avesil contains unknown amounts of caffeine, many consumers are a little curious as to whether or not they should be worried about side effects. Manufacturers state that “avesil has been shown to act as a mild stimulant increasing your energy and enhancing mental alertness, without producing a jittery effect.”

However, I rarely believe what manufacturers have to say about their products. If there’s potential for side effects, then at least one of their consumers is going to feel it – even if the unknown concentrations of caffeine are in small amounts.

Potential side effects associated with caffeine are as follows:

• Jitters
• Irritability
• Headaches
• Nausea
• Insomnia
• “crash”

Getting More Out of Avesil

Avesil is one of the few diet pills out there that have actual studies proving its effectiveness rather than simply making references to studies about a few of its ingredients. Interestingly enough, some of the studies indicate that sedentary people may be able to lose weight while taking Avesil without having to exercise.

However, the surest method for losing weight and keeping it off is to exercise regularly (at least three times a week for 30 minutes a day) while eating a diet rich in whole-foods and drinking plenty of water. Eliminating junk foods from your diet can also help you to shed a few extra pounds.

Dose: 1 capsules, twice daily, 30 minutes before your next meal.

How Long Before You See Results?

According to Avesil manufacturers, you should see results in as little as 10 days – however, most dieters complained that Avesil did not provide any results at all. This could be the result of a wide variety of factors, so you’ll want to approach with caution.

Missed Doses

If you miss a dose of Avesil, don’t take a double serving to make up for it. This can increase your risk of negative side effects.

Product Price

Avesil is expensive, selling for nearly $89.95 for a one month supply when you buy through If you shop around, you might get lucky and find Avesil selling on for about $70 a bottle, but this product is still out of range for the consumer looking to lose weight on a budget.



Free Trial

Just let me warn you that the “free trial period” of 14 days isn’t free at all. Here is the fine print in their terms and agreements:

“You will have 14 days to try Avesil and discover why it is the perfect Weight-Control Formula for you. If you are satisfied with Avesil, do nothing – at the end of your free-trial period you will be charged the discounted price of $89.95. Plus, if you decide to keep Avesil, you will receive a fresh supply of Avesil approximately every 30 days at the same low price of $89.95, a 22% discount”.

When a company charges you for a free trial and forces you into an auto ship, you should be very wary of the company with which you are dealing. We believe that it is safe to assume that Avesil doesn’t have the highest quality ingredients and isn’t the most effective weight loss supplement if they have to essentially rope you into buying it.

There are plenty of other weight loss products that actually do work–instead of spending money on Avesil, you should try one of those.

The Bottom Line

ApidexinAvesil contains some top-rated ingredients, but with a hefty price tag and no disclosed ingredient amounts, it’s a tough sell for the company. They have mitigated those effects by constructing a complicated shipping and billing plan, which can rope you into significant credit card charges and more diet pills than you need.

Instead, try a safe and well-reviewed diet pill like Apidexin. Products like these let you know what you’re getting into at the outset, and don’t try to trick you into spending your money.

Have an experience with Avesil you want to share? Please do! I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Read Avesil Customer Reviews Below:

Have you ever used Avesil? Share your opinions here.

  1. I got suckered into trying avesil. I took it as directed for a month. NO RESULTS!!!!!!!!!! The WORST part is that I could NOT get AVESIL to CANCEL MY AUTOSHIP. What a complete NIGHTMARE!!!!!

    BettyBoop1966 January 23, 2009
    • Just a suggestion for any future online orders. I buy a walmart visa gift card for te amount of the product and then they canNOT continue to charge you for anything:o) Any infomercial that I want to try their product, I do the same. That way you are , at the very most, only out the amount they “say” it is. It has saved me more than once but be sure to put enough on the card for s/h as well and don’t be scammed by the offer that is only good for the next 100 callers or the next 5 minutes. They offer the same price on their website the next day. (after you have the visa gift card in hand)

      Michelle March 26, 2011
  2. do not waste your money on this product — totally useless.

    aida January 24, 2009
  3. Great product! I have no desire to eat! I don’t know if that’s bad or good, but hey, I’ve lost 6 pounds already. I would not listen to what other people are saying about this or any product; just try it for yourself and make your own judgment.

    Gina February 3, 2009
  4. you are bluffing its a bad product,a friend of mine bought,I used snd found it extremely useless

    Rami February 24, 2009
  5. ordered the product, got RMA for return and sent them empty bottle – works but not worth the cost of continuing shipments

    Sassy March 9, 2009
  6. just discovered the avesil curse. how did others get the auto payment to stop. i’ve already mailed it back and am afraid they will continue to keep deducting from my checking account.

    arod March 15, 2009
  7. I too was ripped off by Avesil, due to the free trial which is a scam. I only wanted to lose 5 lbs., so why not. In less that 30 days I received another bottle that I did not ask for. II neglected to read the fine print and they would not take it back. I cancelled the account by phone and will pay and never fall for that again.

    The product made me nervous, nauseous and gave me a headache. I discontinued use of the ‘Free Trial’ bottle after two weeks.

    Don’t waste your money.

    Lyn April 30, 2009
  8. Avesil is some of the biggest BS! I have ever seen. I finally was able to cancel my “Avesil Elite” account. They only had me on hold for 25 minutes…not bad for a company that is scamming the crap out of everybody! Like an idiot, I jumped shit and went for the “Free Trail” without reading the fine print. Even though I officially cancelled my future shipments, I am truly worried that they are still going to charge my card, so I called my bank and reported a possible fraud case so that if they do, then at least my bank will cover me for it.

    Don’t fall for this brilliant marketing scam!!! I have to give it to the people who created the website. They did a great job at designing something that will scam tons of money from a lot of people.

    Sway May 12, 2009
  9. after reading the reviews, i picked up the phone and cancelled it right away. they just shipped th product out to me yesterday but after reading, i dont even want it

    tammy May 20, 2009
  10. I agree- this is a TOTAL scam. I emailed to cancel during my “expiration period” by emailing for their RMA number. I never received a response but my credit card was charged for the $89.95. I called and was told my email was recievied the day after my expiration date therefore it was not refundable. I disputed this but have no proof since it was via their WEBSITE! I will try to dispute the charge with my credit card company. Very arrogant customer service once they hook you. Useless product. Wish I wuld have read the negative reviews before considering. BUYERS BEWARE!!!

    Char May 20, 2009
  11. First week using this product I have lost a total of 7 lbs. However, I did drastically change the way I eat coupled with 6 pills a day and drinking lots and lots of water. 3 out of the 7 days I also drank a lot of Beer (sorry just had too). I do feel my heart rate go up, and my eyes twitching, but 7 lbs lighter, I feel fantastic!

    Joe June 22, 2009
    • Yes, they are a scam. And like other scams, you need to catch it before it gets out of hand. But… To avoid scams and “nothing happening with the pills”, please do this one thing. This little piece of advice has helped me lose weight and keep it off:


      This is the only way to avoid liver damage, conplications and scams. Please be natural and stay healthy!

      Erika May 14, 2010
  12. after reading the negative comments regarding this product, i will definitely not try it…..i suffered thru the same acaiberry scam and had to go thru my bank to stop the automatic shipments that kept coming and coming and coming….even tho i called repeatedly and unsuccessfully to cancel!!!!

    i will never go for a “free trial” of ANYTHING again….it is NOT free

    Marilyn July 5, 2009
  13. I was searching for a different diet product and came across the ad for Avesil. I began filling out my information for the “free trial” and saw the fine print so I decided to look for reviews before completing the order. Thanks to everybody who submitted comments, I didn’t place my “risk free” order.

    Interestingly, a few minutes later I received an e-mail from Avesil Customer Care (which, by the way, wouldn’t connect from the website when I tried earlier) offering me a special discount today of 75% off shipping and handling ($1.50 versus $5.95) to complete my order. I wonder if they will send any more “special offers” when I don’t respond?

    Nadine July 9, 2009
  14. I just got it through ebay but I am scarred to try it. Is it safe enough and will it make me feel funny? I am a bit sensitive to caffine so I dont know if i should try it. Im thinking about trying half the dosage or taking one pill to see how it makes me feel. What do you think?

    Nikki July 14, 2009
  15. The following are the recent study of side effects by taking Avesil, I believe no one feels like to eat when you have those symptoms.

    -Panic Attack

    Regreated to buy Avesil July 16, 2009
  16. Where do you get the BEST PRICE of $25.00 from for the Apidexin, I like to know?
    Their website has it for $49.95
    I will check back on this site for your reply on this Q?

    “Top fat burner pick”

    Jon July 19, 2009
  17. Hi everyone–

    Just wanted to clear the air a bit on Avesil. Visitors to our site are able to see how the program works by clicking the Terms and Conditions link on the first page. We run an autoship program because weight loss supplements, Avesil included, work best when taken continuously. The autoship program ensures customers get Avesil as needed and don’t compromise their weight loss efforts while waiting for their next shipment.

    We apologize to every customer who had a negative customer service experience when contacting us. We’ve recently experienced tremendous growth, and, unfortunately, didn’t always deliver exceptional customer service. If you have any unresolved issues with your Avesil order, please call us at 866-730-3330. We’re available Mon.-Fri from 9-8 EST and Saturdays from 9-5 EST.

    Thank you-

    Maggie July 22, 2009
    • You are still way overpriced! Think about lowering the cost of your product while you work on your customer service issues!

      unhappycustomer March 4, 2010
    • Customer Service was terrrible. They are hateful on the phone and talk down to you. This is a total SCAM and Rip Off! Pills don’t work and they won’t cancel. I have idiot on my forhead. I have contacted our State Attorney Generals office. I have very little money and it was wasted. There were no terms on the free trial when I applied. The terms are not listed when you apply for the trial. That is deceptive practice. No where on does it state that you will be continually charged for product you don’t want either while filling out the free trial or with the product once it arrives at your door. This is a bad deal and bad people run the company. This is nothing less than stealling!

      Sandy March 23, 2010
    • They do say they will stop the trial if you don’t want it after 14 days. BUT that does not explain all these people who say they called and called and called and after the trial period THEN someon answered the phone. This is a SCAM!!!!!!!

      Erika May 14, 2010
    • This is a total SCAM! Not only did I have to pay for the “trial” – they charged me again in 14 days! I’m going to ruin my credit before I give this company anymore money!
      DO NOT buy Avesil! If the product worked, they would not have to do business this way!!!!

      Donna Hamilton July 31, 2012
  18. After reading the above reviews, I immediately called Avesil’s customer care hotline and cancelled the order. I missed the fine print which stated that after the trial period I would be autocharged for the product. The idea of being auto-charged for a useless product infuriates me. Thanks for the posts.

    Shay July 28, 2009
  19. useless product, no results after trial period, thanks for warning

    violet August 21, 2009
  20. I was given an extention of August 27,2009, I wasn’t able to get my doctors advice until August25, 2009. He told me ,no way not with the problems I have with high blood pressure. Trying to call the to cancel BUT the line is always busy. Could that be because the phone is off the hook ?How can I cancel if there is no way to get a hold of them. They will be sorry they did this because I will have my credit card handle this matter. Company not reliable !

    Barbara Tiger August 26, 2009
  21. Do not use Avesil. I was on the product one month and now have liver damage. Stay away.

    Kathleen September 3, 2009
  22. I just bought from eBay also. 3 Bottles for $70.00. I started taking it this morning.(10-18-2009) I have tried MANY other pills before. I will try to report back in & give my 2 cents in a couple of weeks ;)

    Christina October 18, 2009
  23. Avesil has charged my Amex twice already. I am disputing the entries. It is a total scam. The receipt which I kept does not say anything about the 14 days window to cancel.

    Cecilia October 22, 2009
  24. I used this product it made me shit my pants ,that left me 5 pounds lighter each time I shit there fore making me lose tons of shity weight.,

    Bobby November 2, 2009
    • lol

      Amanda April 4, 2011
  25. Do not fall for free trail even if you return ON TIME they will say you didn’t. DON”T!!!!

    B November 2, 2009
  26. ive never tried it but by the sounds of it they are scammers like acai berry, andthe wuyi tea crap…they do nothing to help weightloss execpt the weight of ur wallet and bank account by scamming and stealing your money, they probably also contiually take little bits of your money over time until u realise whats going on and cancel your card like i did for the wu-yi tea and my partner did for acai berry…try nuvida, or slim forte all natural ingridents ive taken it myself and can tell you it works i can send you a copy of the ingredients if u wish.

    i highly suggest people research for REAL feedback before using a diet pills like this crap

    heather November 25, 2009
  27. I love all the comments and my conclusion is that there are so many weight loss concoctions out there who knows what to trust other than diet and exercise the old fashion way.

    Mickey December 5, 2009
  28. Beware of TERRIBLE customer service. I called for 4 consecutive days to cancel my trial then when someone actually called back, I was informed since the trial date came and went, I would be charged. I explained I left several messages BEFORE the expiration date and was told (by a very rude person) it was basically my problem. I intend on reporting this to the Better Business Bureau. This company pratice is very suspicious!!!!!!!!

    AML December 17, 2009
  29. WARNING! The Better Business Bureau gives this company a D+ rating !!!!

    AML December 17, 2009
  30. Call your bank. Report the cimpany as a fraud. Tell them what you did reguarding the send back. The bank may suggest you to close your account tempo. (stop further charges from Co.). The bank can credit the money back to your account and issue a new card. I did it!

    Sekhmet December 18, 2009
  31. I’ve tried plenty of dietpills over the years.With some I lost weight and with others I simply lost money. And when I did lose weight on the pills when I was off the pills my weight soared even higher than where I started from. I haven’t tried a diet pill in over 6 years and I find that persistant exercise and a proper eating plan,not a diet fad, accustomed to my body has rendered me the absolute best results! I still have my junk food every now and again but the weight has stayed off. No pills or scams needed. I wish you all success with getting your weight under better control :)

    Jasmin January 8, 2010
  32. Avesil is a complete scam. I to was unable to stop my “auto-shipment” and am now into this company for over $200.


    I should further add that the good reviews you see on most web site are actually placed by Avesil employees trying to give this company credibility. To include a few web sites that actually rate this product as one of the best.

    James January 14, 2010
  33. Hey: girls & guys ,
    I.just received my free trail offer & I would like you to know that you can advoid auto.shipping by placing your order with a pre-paid credit card. Also when I received my order there is nothing deceptive about the product, if you have no problems w/reading & understanding english.

    so there you have the skinny on my first day
    will post again on 1/17/10
    sofar I feel great from the effect kinda’ wonderful;-)

    Dove January 16, 2010
  34. update prepaid creditcards DON’T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dove January 16, 2010
  35. Ripped off with this product . HARD TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK AND THE PRODUCT DOESN’T WORK AT ALL. This is,by the way with diet and exercise!!! Customer service very rude I was told to be happy I was getting half of the $89 dollars back!!!

    Kamal January 27, 2010
  36. I bought product from another source and paid only 25.00 for a 180 pill supply. Pills so far are working. You must diet and excercise as well. There is no perfect pill but this seems to work as long as you work with it.

    Frank January 27, 2010
  37. Just got mine today wish i would have read the reviews first oh well.. i did use a visa gift card, which only had enough on it for shipping….

    Lisa February 27, 2010

    BIBI March 1, 2010
  39. Oh No I just ordered this product today. I’m so mad. Now I’m going to my bank tomorrow and hope they will help me figure it out. Why are they free to steal peoples money for a product that doesn’t work? I’m mad. I don’t want lose 89 dollars. That stupid avesil.

    JenJen March 19, 2010
  40. I came across these reviews after I had already received my order. I called to get my RMA# and was surprised that the woman I spoke to pleasant and helpful. When I asked if there was a way to be sure they received the returned pkg she suggested getting a tracking # when I mailed it. I did that so I had proof it was received, and on the same day Avesil received it I got an email from them confirming they had and that my acct would be cancelled and no future charges made. Whew! Now I just have to try the pills I dumped out of the bottle before I returned it!

    JJ March 20, 2010
  41. DUH!! Have none of you heard of EBAY?? I bought a bottle for $40. I take 1 not two 2 times a day. I feel good, suppressed appetite and the extra energy to work out after working all day. And not jittery. PLEASE people, get a clue and try using your brain!!

    T April 2, 2010
  42. I ordered the free trial, and within 10 minutes canceled it. I received no product after canceling, but was still charged the 89 dollars!!!! I have to check my account balance every day to make sure they don’t try and charge me again!!!

    missi April 11, 2010
  43. This product is indeed a scam. They must pay people to write all the great reviews all over that you see because let me tell you this has been a nightmare.

    1. I applied for the product on 3/26/2010
    2. I didn’t receive it till 4/01/2010
    3. The ’14 day free trial’ ended on 4/09/2010

    This obviously is not a lot of time to try the product and supposedly send it back.. but anyway.

    4. By 04/07/2010 I had GAINED 3 pounds.
    5. I started calling to get the *RMA Code 4/7
    6. No one answered. Left message.
    7. Called back 6 times on the 7th. No answer.
    8. Called back on the 8th.. see above.
    9. Called back on the 9th.. see above.
    10. The 9th passes and now I am ‘outside my trial period’ so I am out $90.

    I am still trying to get someone on the phone to take this useless crap back. No one has yet called me back nor answered their phone. Do not be scammed! And if you feel sorry for me, feel free to toss me $3 via paypal at for saving you $90 :) Maybe I can get my money back heh.

    *Code you have to get from them and put on your package to send it back.

    Chel April 13, 2010
  44. Signed up for the free trial, THEN found out it’s a subscription. Wasted 9 dollars for shipping. Hopefully won’t charge me anything.

    Heather April 14, 2010
  45. The people posting negative feedback are morons. I’m sure you guys are the ones that took the pills and sat on the couch expecting the weight to fall off itself. Maybe step into the gym or outside the door and do some cardio. You will likely get better results by doing so, along with dieting of course. People are so lazy these days. I’m sure it’s no one elses fault that you’re in the situation you’re in to begin with.

    Daniel April 17, 2010
    • So many people with so much attitude. Look these people are telling you about a scam or are you too ignorant to understand that. Most of these people ordered to help aid in weight loss along with diet and excerise. No one is looking for a miracle. The ones whom did loss weight most likely started the diet and exercise around the same time they got the pills. But the ones whom were already doing that just needed a boost and didn’t get it. Yeah you can diet and exercise all you want but will then have a stalemate with no more weight loss then need something to boost you so you can continue. I lost 20 lbs in 2 weeks like that but then my body stopped burning fat. So stop being an ass and try to help.

      Cindy May 11, 2010
  46. I ordered this product with a pre-paid Visa Card. I have yet to try the pills, but I did open the bottle empty it (kept the pills) and mailed the bottle back the next day with a tracking number (so they couldn’t say they didn’t get it). Then I called and told the lady I sent it back and gave her the tracking number. Have had no other issues.

    Taegan May 4, 2010
  47. Wow…. thanks to everyone for your reviews and comments after just reading a reputable review on the product, I thought this one was the real deal!! But apparently not, according to many, and the knowledge of the Free trial convoluted scheme was a blessing to know about!!
    thanks to all!!!

    Leslie May 8, 2010
  48. I didn’t understand about this company requiring a cancellation within 14 days of “free Trial” order, and here comes my 1st bottle @ $95.90, an amount I would never have paid otherwise. The product does repress appetite, but no extra energy. I do go to the gym 4 x week, always eat healthily and after 2 weeks haven’t lost an ounce. My advice: TRY SOMETHING ELSE!!

    Sheila May 10, 2010
  49. I tried to post my own review on the site 8 times. But surprise, surprise! My “negative” comment was rejected. I got an e-mail back saying my “negative” words will make people feel sad and not want to buy their product. They said they post happy and positive feedback to encourage everyone that there is a great drug on the market.


    Erika May 14, 2010
  50. No Refund.

    A complete SCAM, call BBB

    Ron June 1, 2010
    • Avesil Scam – They don’t want the product either. I agree with you Ron and everyone else. Be careful, the company Avesil is a completely scam. You’ll get billed even after you cancel your trial order AND, they are soooooo confident in their own product, they don’t even take it back. EVEN if the shipping box was never unopened. Yeah…that is confidence in their own product, THEY don’t even want it.

      Ginger Rockey-Johnson February 10, 2011
  51. I tried apidexin and I thought it was great. I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks!

    krystal June 4, 2010
  52. This is one of the biggest scams I have come accross. I purchased the trial not knowing that less than one month later, I would be receiving another bottle of the product and my account charged in the amount of $95.90. When I called them to cancel my order and return the product I never ordered, I was told that the trial period was time sensitive and the product would be sent to me automatically each month. I am reporting them to the BBB and I hope people read these comments before purchasing their product. By the way, the product did not work for me!!! Actually, I have lost weight without taking the product by dieting and exercising.

    Joanna Christie June 11, 2010
  53. Are you kidding me? Is it a scam or is everyone just too retarded to read the information? It’s always amusing when people blindly purchase something or are drawn in by “free trial” and then get mad because of their own stupidity, so they have to call everything a “scam.”

    “We offer a risk-free trial of Avesil for 14 days, and just charge you for shipping and handling. If you’re happy with the results, after the trial period you’ll be billed $89.95. At any time during the trial if you decide Avesil isn’t for you then you can cancel your order, send back the unused portion, and you won’t be charged any additional fees.”

    Notice how they tell you that you will be billed $89.95. They’re not just pulling that from nowhere. Seriously, how about you spend 5 minutes trying to be a tiny bit more informed than complaining about your own mistake.

    Hana June 15, 2010
  54. I completely agree w/Hana’s review. I checked out Avesil’s website and it was completely clear that you are signing up for ‘auto-renewal’ unless you cancel. I don’t know if the product works, but the terms of their ‘trial’, etc. seem pretty clear to me.

    kpgray July 10, 2010
  55. I AGREE with Hana as well. I was just about to write the same thing. Let me break it down (as we say in the army) Barney style. People you get to try the pill, 2 capsules 3 times a day for 14 days. If you havent lost any weight by your 14th day then on that day you call avesil and cancel. They wont bill your card if you cancel they just want you to send in the remaining pills and bottle. And guess what? You can send in the bottle EMPTY!!! You all would know that if you called in on your 14th day to cancel, like the fine print says. Its not a SCAM. This is exactly what I did. I lost 6 pounds in 14 days. But I cancelled bc the headaches it gave me were too much. Its not a SCAM but I would look for a product with different side effects bc face it with any weight loss pill there will be side effects you just got to figure which side effects you could deal with better.

    Jessica August 4, 2010
    • you’re in the army and can’t lose weight on your own? don’t they train yall enough?.. but yea, i sgree.. gotta read the fine print.. i ALWAYS read reviews FIRST, and i have yet to try a diet pill.

      Bernard December 25, 2010
  56. I tried the Avesil and after 2 weeks no results.I called and cancelled and sent the remaining back. My credit card was charged anyway and the only way to fix it was the bank finally disputed the charges. BIG SCAM

    Stephanie Bonilla August 12, 2010
  57. I wish I had found these reviews before ordering Advesil.My advice? DON’T ORDER IT!!! Here are my results and my unhappy story about this total scam:
    It was completely a waste of money- I have actually gained 6 pounds. Since the trial period starts when you place your order…(that’s what they told me when I called-that’s convenient, is’t it?) I didn’t get a chance to actually try it for any length of time before the trial period expired.
    I was surprised when I “automatically” received the second bottle just a few weeks after receiving the first bottle. Co-incidentally, I underwent an unexpected surgery right after receiving the second bottle, so I was unable to call or cancel before the THIRD bottle arrived. By then I was able to get online and cancele the membership I was “auto enrolled” in, and I just spent a frustrating hour on the phone trying to get an RMA for the TWO bottles that I was auto-sent/auto-billed after ordering the trial bottle that I didn’t have time to try for the full “trial period”. They say they’re doing me a favor by refunding the total cost of the third bottle and half the cost of the second bottle (both are still in the original mailing package). Bottom line is, I just spent nearly $150 for a bunch of junk that doesn’t work- a costly mistake that I hope others will not make. I give Avesil two thumbs down- what a scam- what a waste. I’m also reporting them to the Better Business Bureau- I hope they shut them down.

    Trisha August 23, 2010
  58. Scam!!! Watch out folks….

    You’ll notice on Avesil’s website that there is no option of simply buying a bottle of their diet pills. The only option that they give you is to accept your “free trial” where you only pay shipping and handling and you get a 30 day supply of Avesil. Well, what the vast majority of people aren’t going to see is the fine print in their “terms and conditions.” I’ve copied part of their terms and conditions below.

    “Start your RISK-FREE Trial today and we will send you a full 30-day supply of Avesil. Just pay $5.95 in shipping and processing. You will have 14 days to try Avesil and discover why it is the perfect Weight-Control Formula for you. If you are satisfied with Avesil, do nothing – at the end of your free-trial period you will be charged the price of $89.95. If for any reason Avesil is not for you, call Customer Care toll-free at 866-730-3330 within your 14-day free-trial period to cancel. Then simply return the product (even if it is empty!) and you will NEVER be billed. No commitments, no hassles.

    Plus, if you decide to keep Avesil, you will receive FREE acceptance in Avesil Elite (as if it is some privilege to be ripped off by these guys through the autoship) and will receive a fresh supply of Avesil approximately every 30 days at the same low price of $89.95, a 22% discount. You can cancel anytime by calling Avesil Customer Care. No risk, no obligation, cancel any time!”

    Don't let them scam you!! September 6, 2010

    Heidi September 8, 2010
  60. With any weight loss u need diet n exercise n not pills alone. I have not tried avesil though I have tried diet pills in the past after losing 80lbs my weight loss plateaued and I discovered the aid of weight loss pills actually helped lose more and speed up weight loss. Over an 8 mth period I lost in total over half my body weight @ 5’2 tall weighing 96lbs … Have maintained the weight between 96 to 104lbs for over 8 yrs now without going on pills ever again.. I guess when u are prepared to stick to a good diet and exercise routine over a length of time it can turn into a life habit..

    Weight loss pills are good when u need to suppress appetitie especially in the first stages of losing weight its always hard to control sugar cravings and fatty foods but once u can get past that u will find dieting a lot easier. U can avoid billing problems, ‘fine print’ traps and all those other problems with online purchasing by finding the right weight loss pill from ur local drugstore or health shops but not without incorporating a better diet and some exercising.

    Hope this info helps.


    Chez September 22, 2010

    JEAN MARIE September 26, 2010
    • Just $25.00 REALLY LOL?? Why when you can get one for less than$5 ?

      CB December 25, 2010
      • you can get one for only 2.00bucks at a payroll checkcash place.

        002luv July 29, 2011
    • 10 points to JEAN. This is the safest way to purchase on Internet. You do not have to worry that someone can steel your info.

      Daniel December 31, 2010
  62. Big scam going here with Avesil. Got a 30 day free trial. They swiped 89.95 out of my account about 10 days later. I cancelled in plenty of time and then noticed the charge. They will put you on hold forever then switch you over to voicemail and ignore your call. SCAM!!!

    Steve S October 3, 2010
    • Same thing happened with me Steve- I cancelled in plenty of time, followed their instructions to the letter sending the bottle back. and I see a charge for $89.95 on my credit card! I have called 5 times- finally when I talked to someone they of course told me they hadn’t received the bottle I sent back… I found the receipt from the post office- I mailed it from the post office- in PLENTY of time for them to receive it- so I have been trying to call back -another FIVE times-after 10 or so minutes they put you to voice mail- I left my name and number 4 times and no call backs. DO NOT BOTHER WITH THIS- COMPLETE SCAM!!!

      Kari Score October 8, 2010
  63. I also was getting nervous two days out before my trial ended, that I could not reach anyone via website or phone. I finally located an email address, and sent one with the subject: Proof I am cancelling my free trial. They promptly emailed me back with acknowledgement and the return instructions. USE THIS EMAIL ADDRESS: and be sure to tell them, “If I am charged anything else I am immediately contacting my bank to reverse the charges. I am also contacting the BBB.”

    Monimomo October 7, 2010
  64. I ordered the trial on 8/3/2010 received it on 8/8/2010… and began taking the pills but noticed no change so leaving it to the last possible day to cancel the order…which by my calculation was the 17th….I went on line and canceled the order, I was told I didn’t have to send the unwanted pills back, but then I find on the 27th they take out the $89.95 from my credit card. I have spoken to customer service ( a joke) and was told I canceled too late and the charge was a valid charge….this is such a scam…. Scam, Scam,Scam, Scam,Scam, Scam
    in the worst way….even if the product was any good they don’t give you enough time to try it…

    Rosemary October 13, 2010
  65. Total scam!!!

    Steve November 2, 2010
  66. LOL @ all you ppl saying this is a scam I personally think you all are just a bunch of idiots.
    The terms and conditions are clearly and boldly stated on the website, they advise you that it’s a 14 day trail and that you will automatically be charged after the 14 days if you do not call to cancel so how did you get scammed? Any one dumb enough to enroll in this is an idiot and deserves to learn a lesson maybe next time you’ll think twice as for me I’m always one step ahead….I just order with my prepaid card lol ! they cant charge you if the funds aren’t available!

    Julie87 November 16, 2010
    • I think ppl are saying regardless of whether they cancel within the 14 days or not the point is when they do cancel they are still being charged, when they shouldn’t be. That in itself is a scam.

      Elle November 26, 2010
    • LMFAO!!! Your great Julie. I was going to comment on what everybody was saying. YOU NEED TO CANCEL BEFORE YOUR 14 DAY TRIAL EXPIRE!!!! DUH!!!!!

      Kel February 11, 2011

    BRENDA November 17, 2010
  68. I must admit, I got into the trial at first thinking it was free, but after placing the order I double checked to see what I had gotten into. The website clearly says it is a 14 day trial, and if not canceled within that time period I would be billed. I ordered this completely out of impulse, but I decided to go ahead and try it. Product came 3 days after I ordered it, With an In-voice stating their trial information and the trial expiration date. I sent them an email with my info to cancel and their replied with return instructions. I thought it would be much harder than this, I thought I had made a huge mistake buying this out of impulse, and it does appear that way at first. I decided to do some research to see what I had gotten into, What I read made it seem much, much worse.

    But if you take one last look, they state all their information, and send it to you.

    my 2 cents.

    John November 30, 2010
  69. Avesil offers a “risk free trial” and ships one sample does of product for a reasonable shipping charge. The confirmation is highly deceptive as it states “item price $0.00″

    If confronting Avesil, the answer is that “you are not paying for the product but for the “trial period” (suggesting I was paying for the time).

    That is snake oil salesmanship and shouldn’t go unpunished.

    marcus maedl December 2, 2010
  70. Do NOT do it; at least get scammed by somebody else! Took the pills, got diarrhea, gained 5# and paid $95 for the privilege. Wrote to customer service, they said sorry you had problems, but your “free” trial ended Friday (14 days from ORDER DATE) so we’re taking your $90 whether you like it or not.

    Molly December 7, 2010
  71. I purchased the trial not knowing that less than one month later, I would be receiving another bottle of the product and my account charged in the amount of $95.90. When I called them to cancel my order and return the product I never ordered, I was told that the trial period was time sensitive and the product would be sent to me automatically each month. I received a third bottle and called them again to cancel the “subscription” I didn’t request and they had no record of the cancellation. I reported them to the BBB and I hope people read these comments before purchasing their product. By the way, the product did not work for me!!! There should be a law prohibiting the continuation of sending and charging the consumer without express permission from the consumer after the trial period.

    Susie December 21, 2010
  72. I ordered this product against my better judgement because I got the link from a highly reviewed online article with pages of ‘glowing’ reviews of how much fat everyone was loosing.
    I work out, I eat right I just cant seem to loose the ‘baby fat’ from my 2 kids. Unless I want to starve I guess. Anyway I thought I would try it for 2 weeks and cancle if I hadn’t lost any weight in the ‘trial’ period and when my 1st bottle arrived I was told my trial period had actually begun on the date I ordered, 1 week BEFOR I recieved the product?? Needless to say I didnt feel 1 week was enough time to judge if it would work or not so I ended up paying for a full month. I had NO weight loss, No change to anything. I am reporting them as well. Bad bad company and the online mag that reviewed them has lost all reputation as well. I will do a better search next time ..once bitten.

    Kelly December 23, 2010
  73. Tried to cancel within 2 weeks, can’t log-on to account, tried 7 times. Called the 800 number, has been changed to a number that has NOTHING to do with avesil. In other words, no way to cancel your account.


    I am going to my bank on Monday stopping any charges and then sending a letter to these theives stating the above.

    STAY AWAY!!!!

    Jacque Michael December 25, 2010
  74. Thank god I read all this reviews…….I’m not getting myself in this!!!

    Lissy December 28, 2010
  75. These reviews scared me, so I called to cancel before my order was even shipped. They canceled it with no questions asked. They have already refunded me the shipping fee.

    Sharla January 6, 2011
  76. SCAM SCAM SCAM! Really….no refunds? I will be disputing this w/ my credit card company. Do NOT fall for this scam! Doesn’t work and can’t return the product….even if unopened / unused.

    Cary January 7, 2011
  77. The Free Trial informaiton is clearly stated on the website. Your Free Trial expiration date is clearly stated on the order confirmation email that you receive. If you read the Terms and Conditions, like you should, since you check a box that states that you read and agree with them, you will see the following information…
    Return/Refund Policy:
    Shipping and processing fees are non-refundable. All sales after the trial period are final.

    Please note that we cannot process packages marked “Return to Sender” or “Refused”. Returned packages require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to ensure accurate processing. RMA numbers can be obtained by calling Avesil Customer Care or you can manage your account at under customer service.
    Avesil Returns – RMA#
    4170 Laguna St
    Coral Gables, FL 33146

    If you log in online, even if it before you receive your free trial bottle, you can modify the auto ship options to ship every 30, 60 or 90 days or cancel you autoship online.
    Not a scam, just a business trying to make money like everyone else.
    Try reading and researching everything BEFORE entering your credit card information online.

    Tara January 10, 2011
  78. I have to say I was very aware of the trial period and monthly charge afterwards. I have had good luck. I talked to the company about extending my free trial because it took longer than expected to get and they were very willing to do it and I am fully aware of the debit from the account after my trial period is up. I have been taking for 1 week and am down 4 lbs am hoping it will continue to work. Will have to see. Can only say how it is working for me and what my experience has been so far.

    M January 10, 2011
    • How’s it going? How much weight have you lost so far?

      Sheena February 3, 2011
  79. This product may not work for you, but I followed the simple instructions and no charges were made to my credit card. You have to follow simple instructions, and there is no problem.
    I ordered the product, and when I recevied it I simply called the customer service line. They answered promptly. I asked them to start my trail data from the time I received the order, not when they shipped it. They were happy to oblige. I called BEFORE the trial was over to cancel. (kept me up at night).. They issued me an RMA number, and told me they had to receive my shipment within a certain time frame. I can’t remember how long, but it was somewhere between 14 -30 days.. I mailed the unused product back, and received an email informing me my order was cancelled, and no further charges to my card.
    If you have the ability to follow simple instructions, then you wont get charged. They are not a rip off from what my experience was. Here is a copy of the email they sent me once I sent back the product on time, with the RMA they supplied..

    Thank you for returning your Avesil. Your subscription has been cancelled. You will no longer receive Avesil from us and we will not make any further charges to your credit card.

    Thank you for trying Avesil!

    Avesil Customer Care

    Robert January 13, 2011
    • I completely agree!

      Sheena February 3, 2011
      • I agree also. If you follow the free trial instructions you will not be charged. I like the product and used it before I went on a trip. I lost several pounds. I believe I will order the product and pay full price. It works!

        Shelley March 7, 2011
  80. I took Avesil about 2 months ago. I got online, ordered the free trial, cancelled my free trail 5 days later, They send you an email letting you know that you have to return the product within 21 days of cancelling. I sent it back and paid maybe $5.00 for shipping and I was never charged a dime after that. I did lose a couple of pounds as well. You can also send back the bottle completely empty! So not a bad deal…I don’t think.

    Sheena February 3, 2011
    • **I might add that YOU DO have to include the RMA number they provide to you on the outside of the package when you return it as it clearly states in the instructions. I wrote it big and circled it so they could see it.

      Sheena February 3, 2011
  81. should the first sentence of the “conclusion” section say: “I would recommend Avesil for people who are really trying to lose weight.” or should it say “I would NOT recommend Avesil…?”

    regarding the “scam.” scams are when you’re defrauded. they plainly state it’s an auto-renewal plan. however, it does seem like people have had problems canceling the plan once they’re enrolled.

    brooke February 3, 2011
  82. I called after i read these reviews…
    to cancel my order, cancel was simple. I got a cancelation number right away. was promised i wouldn’t be charged anything as long as i return the product even if its empty. i have not yet received the product though… just be safe i called and canceled myself from auto enroll asap!
    she said average weight loss was up to 3 pds a week with a healthy diet and exercise…. thats is obviously achievable without any pills what so ever… i just dont have the will power to eat right and follow a diet. which is why i am looking for a great appetite suppressor.

    nora February 7, 2011
  83. Any website offering a “FREE TRIAL” but asks you for your credit card number, is not a free trial. They will bill you eventually, maybe after your “trial” is up and maybe before. If something was really 100% free, they wouldn’t ask you for your credit card information. The end.

    Mel February 8, 2011
  84. The company “Avesil” is a completely scam. You’ll get billed even after you cancel your trial order AND, they are soooooo confident in their own product, they don’t even take it back. EVEN if the shipping box was never unopened. Yeah…that is confidence in their own product, THEY don’t even want it.

    Ginger Rockey-Johnson February 10, 2011
    • I am not sure what you did but after I cancelled the free trial I was NOT billed ever again. Maybe you did not follow the directions.

      Shelley March 7, 2011
  85. So what did you have to say to banks to get refunded? And what did the banks do for everyone about this? Did anyone get refunded? I’m in the same boat! I didn’t get my shipment until 3 weeks after ordering! And they will not give me a refund! This will teach me to never order something like this ever again!!!

    Meg February 11, 2011
  86. The 14-day trial period starts when you apply for the product. It takes some days to receive it, so actually you have one week to test if it works or not. I found that it does not work for me after the trial period! I called them to cancel my order and they had charged me for both, trial period and the second package. I returned the second one. They told me that they will refund me just for the second package if I send it back. I paid almost $180 for nothing and in the best situaton they will refund me half of it. Do not try this product.

    Ali Pajouh February 17, 2011

    Lucy March 7, 2011
  88. SCAM! Do NOT fall for the Trial offer! I tried this product and all it did was increase my appetite and cause me to gain 5 pounds. I canceled my offer and before I was able to send the bottle back I lost the ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY RMA #. I wrote them requesting the # and they waited 3 days to respond. Ironically, the day they finally responded was one day PAST the date needed to not be charged an additional 89.95. This company is awful and it’s nothing, but a scam!

    Allie March 8, 2011
  89. I,too, like unfortunately, many others (I’m finding out now!) “have fallen” victim to the Avesil scam. I responded to “the free trial offer” but failed to cancel and now am being billed monthly! I’m angry that I fell for this scam and, obviously, “should have known better” but, be that as it may, I DID (fall for it)!

    Now, I’m embarrissly willing to accept the consequences od my stupidity, but I can’t (don’t know how to) “stop the clock” (billing)! I’ve, belatedly, read about this scam but I HAVEN’t found out how I can (do YOU know where/how I can?)!

    Bob March 10, 2011
  90. I disagree with what your saying because I feel you are not properly trained on this product. First of all you only need 2 capsuls it actually warns you to not exceed. Also if you don’t drink 8 glasses of water it won’t release the tea that will detox your body. 8 glasses of water a day is what any health/fitness/fat burner guru would tell you regardless of a weight loss pill. If you read the fine print it does say 14 days to call and cancel before they will send you your monthly subscription and charge you. If you don’t cancel they assume you like the product and make your life easier. And they also give 4 months for the price of 2 as a package deal with no monthly subscriptions. I have cancelled my subscription and done that because I have seen results and customer service was very friendly. They tell you to keep the bottle because they don’t need it back just finish it out. Remember you still have to eat helthy, work out, and maintain a healthy life style to see any results. If any pill or cream worked without a healthy life style, no body would be over weight. I also have not been sick or jittery like other pills have been known to do.

    Abbey Wilkson March 11, 2011
  91. Just cancelled my order after reading all the bad reviews. Only took 2 minutes. I’ll keep a watch on my credit card statement to see if it really works.

    Robin March 25, 2011
  92. Ordered mine from Amazon so I wouldn’t have any surprised charges! The pill works great with yogart (weight watchers) in the morning their great, a peach if still hungry. For lunch a lean cuisine meal and for dinner the same. I also make it a point to use my treadmill 30 mins. a day or my elliptical bike. The trick is eat right and just don’t order them from anywhere but Ebay or Amazon! Hope this helps you all, and good luck to you all!

    Bekah March 31, 2011
    • Actually, eating that way, you don’t need pills. Calories in minus calories expended equals weight loss. Sounds like the pill is unneccessary

      Eli November 6, 2012
  93. do not order from this company!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is a scam!!!!!!!!!! crap made me sicker then a dog………called day after i received it and cancelled and guess what????? got yet another shipment for $95.00 SURPRISE!! sent it back and OF COURSE IT GOT LOST IN THE MAIL and big surprise here too no refund!!!!!!!!!!! said i miss deadlines its all bull !!!!! I called it was suppose to stop there ………..horrible horrible customer service and crap product it was a laxitive !!!! nothing more * * * * * DO NOT GET SUCKERED IN * * * * * SORRY I DID * * *

    sherry April 5, 2011
  94. My advesil dosage is 1 capsule 2x day.Do not exceed

    Cfratrik June 4, 2011
  95. I just opened my bottle of alledgedly 60 pills only to find that htere is only 55. I wonder if they reseal and resell returns. The BBB should be notified of this for sure.Either that or the missing pills will be the excuse they use for not refunding my money. By the way, you can dispute these companies charges with your cc co. They will go to battle with the scammers and always win.

    Cfratrik June 4, 2011
  96. okay, Listen and listen good! Diet Pills DO NOT WORK! I have tried many. Mainly because I was lazy! WHat works? DIET and EXERCISE! You do not need to kill yourself, Just do 20 minutes of cardio a day and eat less calories than you are able to burn. Yeah, So have a handful of chips instead of a bag, Fatso! Once you drop a few pounds, Then get on a protein shake and some metabolism pills. It will help you burn more! BUT YOU NEED TO BE ACTIVE! Dont waste your hard earned money on this shit. It doesnt work. Be healthy!

    dj button September 5, 2011
  97. this is no scam, great pills great companys……….. these post are all crazy people that dont read terms and conditions!!!!!!!!! pills work great and plus everything on this website is fake becaue NEVER DOES IT SAY ON THE WEBSITE *FREE TRIAL* IT ONLY SAYS ” GET YOUR TRIAL TODAY” SO CRAZY PEOPLE LETS GET OUR FACT CORRECT BEFORE YOU LOOK CRAZY!!!!!

    Juli Morales September 5, 2011
  98. well my name is dashay an ijust brought this avesil not to long ago an im going to try it i will never use my real account thats why i used my prepaid card so i dont hve to worried about them taking so much money out my account duhhhh that were ever one mess up at. b smart about this.

    Dashay11 September 22, 2011

    GARY May 31, 2012
  100. Avesil is a real scam. I got suckered into the 14 day trial, not realizing this put me into their program AND therefore another bottle for the total sum of $95.90. I immediately went on line and cancelled. Today I called them, and after awhile was told where to mail it back to get my $89.95 back. My concern now is that this too is a scam and they have simply charged my card and will say they never received it. I hope I am wrong in my distrust. But with these type of deceitful marketing practices, they will not do a legitimate business. They are scammers. If I end up NOT getting my money back, I intend to check into every site I can and give them very negative publicity, including the Better Business Bureau.

    JP June 26, 2012

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