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Body Fit Media Review

By: slicedobservant

Every couple months I get really excited about getting fit and losing weight.  Unfortunately, after just a couple weeks I’m not so good at maintaining my fitness routines and continuing with the program.  The one time I was most successful it was because I was working out with my best friend and we kept each other motivated.  But after she moved away my good intentions once again fell by the wayside.

I came across Body Fit Media shortly thereafter and was interested in trying it out because it would mean that I would have to be accountable to someone (or something) about everything I ate and everything I did.

This product is easy to use because you just have to wear it like a watch.  It’s a little bit big and bulky but it’s not bad to use particularly because you can dress it up with cute accessories.  You have to keep it on all the time because it keeps track of all the physical activity you do.  Then you have to enter the food that you eat so that you can find out whether or not you have met your goal for that day.

Did you know that in order to lose a pound of fat a week you just have to consume 500 fewer calories each day than you were before?  And if you are exercising as well you can tip that scale in your favor even more.  It’s really helpful to be able to determine each day whether you have met your goal.  And then if you slip up one day you know that you can simply get back on track the next day without completely ruining your diet plan.

Is Body Fit Media Expensive?

The biggest downside to choosing Body Fit Media is that it is really expensive.  For the armband, display, and activity manager it is $299.90 (but right now it’s on sale for $259.90).  If you buy it without the display you can save about $100 (it’s only $199.95 or $189.95 on sale).

After you purchase the product don’t just assume that you’re good to go.  They get even more money from you buy charging a monthly subscription fee.  If you buy it one month at a time you will pay $12.95.  But if you buy it for 6 months it’s only $9.95 a month.  The best savings you can get are paying for a whole year at a time which makes it $6.95 per month.

Body Fit Media Conclusion

This product seems to be a fairly good product.  All in all I’m impressed with it.  But the only problem is that it’s so darn expensive.  I don’t have the money to spend that much on a product and even though the monthly subscription isn’t that much it starts to add up over time.  Body Fit Media can help to track your goals and to track your progress but there are other programs you can find online which cost much less and do pretty much the same thing.

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  1. Just to clarify, you don’t have to pay for all months at the same time for Body Fit Media. You just have to COMMIT to using it for that many months.

    Brandy December 2, 2010

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