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Bonita Fat Burner Review

By: slicedobservant

Bonita Fat Burner claims that tests have proven it to be even more effective than other fat burners. It is intended to boost your metabolism and burn fat quickly.

Does Bonita Fat Burner Suppress Your Appetite?

No, it does not contain an appetite suppressant. However, it is suggested that Bonita Fat Burner is used in conjunction with Bonita Carb Blocker, which does contain an appetite suppressant.

What are Bonita Fat Burner’s Ingredients and what do they do?

Bonita Fat Burner contains acai, caffeine anyhdrous, green tea, Garcia camboginia, apple cider vinegar, and kelp.

Acai has not been clinically proven to aid in weight loss or fat burning. It is an antioxidant that it gaining popularity, so putting “acai” on the label is intended to make the dieter think she is taking an advanced, new weight loss supplement. But don’t be fooled: while acai is healthy, it is not a weight loss product.

Caffeine anhydrous boosts metabolism and energy, helping you to burn fat more quickly.

Some people believe that apple cider vinegar can suppress appetite and increase the burning of fat. There is little or no clinical evidence that there is any truth to this belief.

Garcia cambogia is also believed to aid in weight loss. Most of the studies on this ingredient have been done on animals, not humans.

There have been no scientific studies that have proven that kelp plays any role in weight loss. Many people believe that kelp can restore your metabolism to a healthy level.

Green tea is used to boost metabolism and encourage the burning of fat.

Is Bonita Fat Burner Safe?

Yes, it is safe. Because of the caffeine content, some customers find themselves experiencing jitteriness or insomnia, as well as a difficulty concentrating.

Bonita Fat Burner does contain some ingredients that may be dangerous for diabetics. As always, you should consult your doctor before beginning a weight loss program.

Bonita Fat Burner Customer Results

Most people do notice some weight loss in the first month or two, although it is not as much weight loss as Bonita Fat Burner claims can occur. This is likely due to the caffeine. However, the effect of caffeine diminishes over time as the body builds up resistance, so long-term weight loss is probably not going to occur.

Does Bonita Fat Burner have a Money Back Guarantee?

It does not, because it isn’t sold directly from the manufacturer. Each bottle costs $29.93 and will last approximately a month.

Bonita Fat Burner makes a lot of impressive claims, but its ingredients are far from impressive. Most of the ingredients have not been clinically proven, and the formula is just not potent enough to cause drastic weight loss. You may experience some weight loss at first, but Bonita Fat Burner does not contain the keys to long-term weight loss and weight maintenance. We do not recommend Bonita Fat Burner, because there are too many other effective, clinically proven fat burners on the market.

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