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Cylapril Review

By: slicedobservant

Cylapril is a weight loss supplement that claims to help you “shed the weight and combat adrenal fatigue burnout.” Cylapril contains two different capsules a adrenal fatigue regulator and an anti-stress and energy revitalizer.

How Much is Cylapril?

Cylapril comes with a free trial, but you have to pay $9.99 S&H.  The free trial turns into a tri-monthly auto-shipment that will automatically charge your credit card $199.96 every three months for your  Cylapril.

You have the option to order a 3-month supply of Cylapril at $33.32 + $9.95 per bottle per month.  But what happens after you get your 3rd bottle? The price bumps up to $54.99 + $6.99 S&H per bottle per month. You will be automatically billed that amount, but of course you may cancel your membership at any time.

Here are the Terms and Conditions of the Cylapril ‘Preferred Customer Program':

By choosing the Free Book Offer/15 Day Trial Option, you are proactively opting into and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Cylapril ™ Free Book Preferred Customer Program. Additionally, you are NOT obligated to remain a member, there are no minimum purchases and you may discontinue at ANY TIME. On day 15 of your trial, we’ll assume you love your results and how great you’re feeling and we will ship you a new 3 month supply of Cylapril for the low price of just $39.99 per month’s supply plus $9.99 S/H and then about every 90 days thereafter for the same discounted price billed to the account you provided us today, unless you call our service line to customize or opt out with no further charge.

By selecting any of our non trial offers for Cylapril, you are proactively opting into and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Cylapril/Preferred Customer Program Additionally, you are NOT obligated to remain a member, there are no minimum purchases and you may discontinue at ANY TIME. Each shipment beyond your initial purchase will contain a one month supply of Cylapril™. The credit card you use today will be billed $54.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling for each shipment additional shipment. Please note that if you wish to discontinue membership, you MUST cancel prior to the next shipment to avoid being charged.

Additionally, all shipments up to 30 Days of the date of your initial transaction are covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. However, any shipments that are refused or returned without a RMA number from Customer Care will not be eligible for a refund. To discontinue your membership or request a refund, call Our Secure Customer Care Line at 1-888-772-8170 Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00am and 5:30pm EST.” (

Actual Cylapril Complaints

Cylapril Complaints – Fraudulant credit card use

Cylapril Complaints – No product & fraudulent credit card chgs

Consumer complaints about Adrenal Fatigue Institute

Cylapril Complaints – False advertisment@website

Cylapril Complaints – No good and /I did not order more.

Cylapril Ingredients

Thiamin, Riboflavin, Panothenic acid, Bee pollen, Ashwagandha root, Rhodiola rosea root extract, Bovine adrenal, Schizandra berry, Licorice root, Passion flower extract, Biotin, Panax ginseng root, Wild jujube seed extract, 5-HTP, Zinc, Dicalcium phosphate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Spirulina algae, Croscarmellose sodium, Stearic acid, Hypromellose, Hydroxypropyl cellulose, Magnesium stearate and Silica.

Cylapril Conclusion

If you really want to buy Cylapril, you can get from for $42.99 and guess what? No auto-billings or monthly shipments.

Read Cylapril Customer Reviews Below:

Have you ever used Cylapril? Share your opinions here.

  1. i hate this product what happens if i call on the non working days saturday and sunday so they are not there so i cancel it on monday will they still charge me or not what should i do i dont have the money to waste on this medicine that doesnt even work right now

    bob January 17, 2009
  2. This ia a scam! Ordered the FREE sample and was charged for 3 months product. Went to cancel order, contact never heard of it. How can you advertise on T.V. and get away with such corruption?????????

    sandy green January 20, 2009

    CAFREEMAN January 21, 2009
  4. those interested in filing effective complaints to get their money back should go to

    CAFREEMAN January 21, 2009
  5. I bought cylapril off the shelf at CVX for @ $30 on 1/8/2009. I bought it more for the adrenal fatigue that I supossedly have and have wasted thousands of $$$ with Doctors/experts in this field with no results. However since I am so desperate to feel better I just flipped a coin and picked up this cylapril. I weighed 220 on 1/8/2009 and now weigh 211 on 1/22/2009 and feel better with no special dieting. I don’t know if its the cylapril or the generic CVX multi vitamin, but I have no complaints so far. From what I am noticing with all drugs and diets is that they seem to affect each person different

    Bruce January 22, 2009
  6. Hi,
    I am interested in finding it over the counter. Is the store CVS store or CVX? Also what name is on the bottle? I really appreciate it.

    sue January 25, 2009
  7. I have been taking Cylapril for a little over a month and have 8 lbs. I also cut my portions food wise. I like the product, I did cancel the cc debit and plan to order myself.

    Lisa Stewart January 27, 2009
  8. @sue Sue I just bought a bottle at CVS 29.99.. Looking forward to seeing what it will do..

    Libby January 30, 2009
  9. I ordered the free sample. Being of a suspicious nature, I called the customer service to make sure I hadn’t been put on “automatic shipments”. I had been and asked them to cancel. The guy was very “snippy” with me, but finally did as I asked. I used the product for three weeks and did not see any increase in energy, gained three pounds and the whole body cleanser was a nightmare that left me sick and in pain. I called to get a refund. Before he knew what I wanted, the rep was pleasant. Once he learned I wanted my money back, he became hostile and hateful. He snapped at me that they didn’t refund shipping and if I wanted a refund for the body cleanser, I had to send it back to them and they wouldn’t send a postage paid envelope. I had the pleasure of telling him he was a nasty little creep and hung up. I truly hadn’t expected they would “gladly refund” anything and they make it so difficult, it really isn’t worth the trouble. If you want to try the product, I would recommend getting it from a local pharmacy and saving yourself both shipping costs, automatic shipments, and horrible customer service people.

    Kathie February 6, 2009
  10. @Libby
    i looked on the cvs website…did not find any prod’s named cylapril…is it under a diff name? how is it working for you?

    shannon February 9, 2009
  11. @Bruce
    Bruce – I have to call you out. Cylapril is NOT available at any store. This is from the ‘official’ cylapril website:

    Q: Where can I buy Cylapril™?
    A: Cylapril™ is only available for order directly from The Adrenal Fatigue Institute at, our 100% secure online store.

    I find it impossible to believe that you bought it at CVS. ‘Free Trial’ are nothing but trouble.

    Val the Admin February 9, 2009
    • It’s at Wallgreens! I am taking Drenamin now which I believe is comparable to what I’ve read about Cylapril, it is also an adrenal support natural suppliment. Check that one out! It does raise blood pressure tho(which doc’s say all adrenal suppliments do) but I take less than the recommended dose(just two a day) and i have definatley noticed a difference in my energy level and cravings for food. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! You need to listen to your own body and adjust accordingly! I too have been scammed by internet bying and DO NOT recommend it! Write your Better Business Bureau! I did and was fully refunded by the company do to their assistance! That’s how we need to keep the bad buisnesses in check! Good for all of you for who don’t just sit back and let the bad guys get away with it! Best of luck to all of you!

      Lauri Sweeney July 28, 2010
  12. am waiting to receive my package –I basically needed it for fatigue and what not -but figured a few water pounds if it could help with that too -why not. Hope it does. I currently am using a few herbs that seem to help a little bit …. Vitex and a few. Hope this can finish off and give me the energy and get my adenilin running better again. I ordered it Saturday -how long does it usually take for them to ship it to you, anyone know? I got it from the website.

    Peggy Jo February 10, 2009
  13. Complete and utter rip off based on how they “sell-in” the product. Please note that if you are going to order this product – which is a 30 day trial – if you do not cancel it PRIOR to the 14th day from which you placed the order – you will be charged in full $49.99 + $9.99 shipping. Also make sure you call M-F EST and are prepared to wait at least 20 mins. It actually took me 17 different phone calls to be lucky enough to be put on hold

    Marian February 11, 2009
  14. I called to place an order, after hearing the guy pitch his stuff to me and it was after i had given him my cc that i asked him to cancel the order. Now i am worried that he puts the order thru anyway. I will fight this matter if i see any charges on my cc

    gloria February 13, 2009
  15. I believe everyone’s weight goal is different no matter what we use. So with this being said I purchased the Cylapril trial over the phone, just got it today will cancel shipping tomorrow. I am approx. 183 pounds and I am trying to increase my metabolism and decrease my fat content. I am chiming in to my students to give them weekly updates of changes occurring while using this product. I will only be using this and exercising on the Wii. Yes I said Wii I have lost 4lbs in one week on that but it doesn’t help with my metabolism or cortisol release. I’m motivated but a little help is required. I will chime in weekly to let you all know how I fair with this regimen. Wish me luck because I can’t complain as of yet. 155 is my goal before the end of fall 2009.

    San February 16, 2009
  16. why does companies always tell you something is free when most time its not,Ive been though this prosses before its always misleading to people such as my self,what works, what claims are true out there.

    Sedrick Harris February 19, 2009
  17. @Peggy Jo
    I was informed via phone order – shipment takes 3 – 5 days. I am very concerned that there is an auto billing system, I will cancel immediately – which according to representative cannot take place before 24hrs after order. I take many herbs, vitamins – have faith in their use not in receipt of anything automatically charged to me; that must be discontinued within 14 days, or forfeit this option. Already sorry I ordered this.

    B February 23, 2009
  18. I ordered it on line after reading more about it called the same day was told call back Monday to cancel it. I got a recite via email for $36.92 and my CC was billed $47.00 instead. I called monday was told to call back next day not in system yet. Called back the next day was told we will refund you for Multi-vitamin but after 15% destroying fee even is you do not use it. I have to mail it back to them and get proof of when it was mailed and proof they got it so that in 30 days if I do not get a refund then I have proof they got it. I for one will never do this again and will warn everyone even posted it were I work this place is a scam.

    vickie H February 24, 2009
  19. mark, nobody here works for cylapril and your post won’t do a thing to help get your money back. If you read my review of Cylapril, you will see that I don’t recommend it at all. You should contact them directly. This is a place for users of cylapril to share their experiences. Best of Luck!

    admin February 26, 2009
  20. The thing to do when you try a free sample like this and they require a credit card for the 9.95 is to go out and buy a Prepaid debit card. Put the 10 on it for shipping and handling, then when they go to try and debit the credit card for 54, there is nothing left to debit and you are not out any money! I work for a bank and this is the best way to handle these types of things. Do not give out your credit card or debit card to your checking account. Just go out and get a prepaid one. They have an expiration date along with a mastercard or visa logo.


    connie March 9, 2009
  21. I brought cylapril at cvs i paid 39.99 I’ve only been taken it a couple of days and plus I have a trouble cold so I have to get back with you on any progress.

    jeania March 12, 2009
  22. I have been taking Cylapril for over a month now and have noticed a difference in my energy levels, not so much weight loss – I took the product for Adrenal fatigue anyway, not weight loss. I don’t know for sure if it is due to the product, but my energy has increased and I don’t crash in the afternoon like before. I ordered the free trial, and when I realized I would be billed and shipped each month, I called and changed my order to an ‘as needed’ basis. There was no problem.

    rose March 17, 2009
  23. hey to all of you saying you got billed i work for cylapril and in the discloser the order takers read you they tell you you will be auto billed. if you would actuly listen there would be no complaints!!! and there is a voacher so you can reclaim your shipping cost!! I also here peaple tell me every day that this product works, you just have to get off your but and work out and stop stuffing your face, nothing is a miricle cure!!!! the prodct works differently for every one!!!

    john smith March 20, 2009
  24. hi, cylapril is a rip off i am still waiting for my refund i sent the product back to them. and they still have not sent and that has been 3 months ago. i told them not to charge me unless i told them too. but they charged anyway. my bank was supposed look in to situation. they wanted information that i did not have and was unable to get. i am glad to see others are having, maybe something can be done to stop this maddness these people are pulling.

    betty March 21, 2009
  25. To: Sue
    Hi, my name is Lainie, and I found it in CVS for about $40.00. Don’t buy this product! I read the label, and it doesn’t say anything about weight loss. All you need to do is cut down on fats, sugar, and salt, and you will feel more energized.

    Lainie March 23, 2009
  26. I ordered Cylapril, began taking it, saw little to no difference from taking other herbal supplements my Dr. recommended for Adrenal Fatigue. However, after 3 weeks I ended up in the ER for chest pain. Have stopped taking and will never take again.

    Amy March 30, 2009
  27. you are right. i too ordered the free bottle and i didn’t even get a chance to try it and they charged my card for the so called free bottle. this is a scam to get money. i spent 62.00 on a free bottle.

    maria April 1, 2009
  28. Hello,

    I tried contacting Cylapril on the phone and I got a “the phone number you dialed is not in
    I recently got layed-off my full time job, so I want to cancel on any orders coming to me. Please, no more shipments!!

    Thank you,

    William P. Mallaare

    William P. Mallare April 3, 2009
  29. I ordered the “pay only Shipping and Handling costs” and they began charging me $49.95 after the $9.95. If there is so many people complaining about this, how come nobody of the Company say and do something about it? Whom should we addressed our worries? It is a bad moment in our lives to spent money we don’t really have.

    Astrid April 13, 2009
  30. I received the cylapril order on april 15. on April 20 i was notified of a $54.95 charge to my credit card. they claim to give you a 14 day trial period but when i called them they said the 14 days start when you place your order. what kind oif crap is that?

    Jerome Shapiro April 20, 2009

    Beth April 20, 2009
  32. CYLAPRIL has a customer service number that you can call: 888-772-8170
    If you don’t mind staying on the phone for 20 to 30 minutes.

    I have read and re-read where everyone has something to say about this product.
    I haven’t even recieved the product yet, but have since called them back to cancel any further mailings from them.. If I like the product, I can always call back, but until then, I don’t want to deal with having it mailed to me.

    As of yesterday, I was diagnossed with Chrons Disease.. I don’t want to mix the two medications…

    While I was on the phone with them, of course the guy kept wanting me to TRY the product first, then call back in the 14 day grace period. I kept telling him that I didn’t want any further mailings. He was persistant… but with a smile in my voice, and talking calmly to these people, I let him know that I had been diagnosed with Chrons Disease, and that I didn’t want to mix the two. He finally did as I asked him…

    I will now be monitoring my account to see if any further charges come out.

    Sherida April 21, 2009
  33. I’m very good at reading fine print before ordering. I could have sworn that you got 1 month supply of this for $11.99 S&H. Received an email this morning stating they were charging my credit card for $54.95. Took 20 mins to get through and was told you have to cancel within 14 days or you get this charge. The days start counting from the time you order. I missed by one day in cancelling. I’ve been out of town and the package was delivered 11 days after I ordered. PLEASE WATCH THIS CO, I’ve been on the product for 3days and frankly don’t think it is going to work. Better off to take Acai Berries. I tried them, worked, ran out and thought this might be a better sub. WRONG. DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT

    karen April 22, 2009
  34. Tonite, 4/24/09 – I bought a bottle of the Cylapril (90 tablets) at Walgreen’s for $39.99 . (I was looking for something else actually and had gone to 3 of them and they all 3 carried the Cylapril). Walgreen’s had one fo their yellow tags under it stating “New Item” – so they must have just started carrying it. However, I must say – I am debating whether or not to take it now after I read some of the other comments.
    So might want to check a Walgreen’s near you

    BG April 24, 2009
  35. Thanks for all comments. Will skip the Cylapril. It does state on the web site that Cylapril is available at CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade, Longs Drug Store, HEB, and Hannaford.

    Lisa April 26, 2009
  36. wow! you work for them and you brag?!?!?!? Maybe you need to go take a spelling class first and THEN MAYBE people would take you more seriously. If that’s the caliber of people they are hiring I can see why there are so many complaints attached to the prodct!!!!

    trainer April 27, 2009
  37. I didn’t buy tcylapril but i did buy acai products and it was the same type of thing – auto billing – when I called to tell them to cancel the order and I wanted to send back the supply they automatically sent to me I couldn’t get through to them so I called my cc company and told them what was going on – the cancelled my cc and issued me a new number and the charges were dropped – they told me to be careful about ordering things like this in the future there are alot of companies that do the auto payment – you think it is a free sample and then you can’t get rid of them and your cc keeps getting charged – good luck

    olive May 7, 2009
  38. to “John Smith”… if we can judge by your ability to spell, we now know the quaility of the employees of this company. Use spellcheck dude.

    wickedkitten May 17, 2009
  39. I called this company on 5/17 to request the free book on adrenal fatigue and was told that a 14 day trial of the product was required. I told the young man that I must first read about the product and its benefits before I purchased it but he kept insisting that tyring the product while I’m reading the book is the best way. He really wanted my credit card number and wanted me to make a quick decision but I refused after I couldn’t get the free book. They are too anxious to lock you into something that is clearly a big ripoff. They need to be shut down NOW!!!!!!!!!

    andre May 17, 2009
  40. thank you !!!!!! what a great idea to get a pre-paid debit card!! I love it! ha ha. That kind of turns the table on all these companies that practice fraudulant business practices.
    I am going to go to my bank and do exactly that very thing. Also I ant to tell every one to please check out the company before dealing with them in the first place and even if the number of complaints against the is small ,pay attention to what the complaints are about. You could save yourself alot of agervation and Money!!
    Carol R.

    carol May 18, 2009
  41. well JOHN SMITH,
    I took your companies product for three months and I did so because I gave up on getting my money back as well as getting my order canceled after making 36 calls o your customer service operaters!! Also smart ass!, I weighed 174 pounds when I started on Cylaril and I was on a diet given to me from my doctor and I had to weigh in each week and I was closely monitored at home by my wife who is a nurse and I only lost 5 pounds in 3 months and I work in a warehouse where I am on my feet all day long . aout your smart ass remark about us getting off of our butts and working at losing the weight , all I have to say is # 1 you are an example of the other jerks who answer the phones at your company and you don’t have a clue about the product you are selling to people ,and just remember that what goes around, comes around ,and the mean things you say and do to others WILL come back to bite you one day!! face it your product does NOT help people lose weight and you people are working for a fraudulant company. oh did I foreget to tell you my son is an attorney who is in the process of suing the company you work for.

    percy May 18, 2009
  42. I bought Cylapril and I am lury on taking it now, I suffer from panic anxiety dissorder and wondering if it will interfear with my meds that I am for my dissorder? I thought it might help me with my stress level and losing some unwanted weight but not sure now if i should take it?

    Sue Ann May 18, 2009
  43. I have just purchased Cylapril and after viewing the various natural contents, found that Panax Ginseng and Licorice Root are part of the components. This product claims it is a stimulant-free product, which is true in the fact that it includes NO caffeine or caffeine possessing ingredients. I appreciate this, as I am currently diagnosed with border-line high blood pressure and am trying to be more aware of these and other natural supplemental ingredients. including other herbal ingredients (Cylapril ingredients), that in ‘most’ reputable herbal reference books are referred to as supplements which should be avoided.

    I do notice that Panax Ginseng is “lower” on the list of ingredients, but Licorice root appears to be mid-range with a 4:1 concentrate ratio. (questionable)

    Has anyone had blood pressure increase while on this product? (especially any who may share this particular border-line high blood pressure diagnosis)

    I appreciate your response….thanks!

    Kurt Goga May 19, 2009
  44. I just purchaded Cylapril at Walgreens and supposedly it is sold at CVS also. I figured it was better to purchase it this way after hearing all the stories about online purchases.

    CC May 21, 2009
  45. Hey everyone,
    I also work for Cylapril. Actually, I work for a call center where I process orders for Cylapril.
    I just want to address a couple things.

    First of all, we are not all as stupid as Mr. Smith.
    Second, I hate to side with him, but he does kind of have a point. A lot of people do call back and say they have been charged again and shipped a new bottle, and our customer service team pulls the recording of the call and plays it for the customer only to find that the sales rep did in fact explain the auto ship and they did in fact agree to it. We have mandatory disclosures we must read for that reason alone.
    And finally, I can see how its really frustrating to experience these things with a company you expect to be trustworthy, but its not fair to blame the employees. I for one have done absolutely nothing wrong. I simply go to work and do my job as they tell me to. I have been working for this call center for just a few weeks. I also sell other products, including male enhancement products, software and a website that boasts thousands of foreclosure listings. I had no idea what I was getting into with these products. Only tonight did I start really researching and learning the truth about what I sell. I am absolutely appalled, and will not continue working for them for much longer. My message here is please don’t blame us or take out your anger on us because we are just as misled as you all are.

    Britney May 22, 2009
  46. I notice you can’t spell and your name is John Smith. Most scams are located out of the country….and the customer service reps have common American names. Smells like a big, out of the country scam. That’s why it’s not available in stores. I was thinking about buying….after reading the posts no way.

    Susan May 24, 2009
  47. Nothing worth ANYTHING is free..that is life – get over it. The idea of advertising is to get peope to act and call – pleanty of lawyers on hand – so the ads are legal.

    Bob C May 29, 2009
  48. i don’t think this product is for everyone, I had lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks, but I became very depressed and my anxiaty had gotton out of control I hope they can return my money, it took about a week for my anxiaty to calm down. I don’t think is a scam, but with people like me that has to take meds, it did not work.

    leticia macias May 29, 2009
  49. I agree with the bank person. This is the way to go when ordering anything advertised on TV or online. Prepaid cards. They save alot of grief. So your our a few dollars and not the repeated horror with no relief in site,when you use your actual credit card. Unfortunately we live in a day and age where people want to make money the easy way even if it means selling a product that does not work. We as consumers want to believe. Unfortuanately we get taken. My process when considering any product advertised, is to check reviews online. This has been working out great. Many great reviews. This helps with my decision in even purchasing a prepaid card. No money lost! Investigate before you buy. See, I was considering purchasing this product from the advertised TV program, and now I am not going to bother. Thanks for the great reviews. God Bless to all. Have a great day.

    Donna May 31, 2009
  50. John Smith pull out a dictionary. Cylapril should turn around a sue the pants off of you. You just lost plenty of sales even if the product was valid. Actually kind of funny….the snakes just bit each others heads off.;)

    Donna May 31, 2009
  51. I had a very bad reaction with CYLAPRIL. When I rec’d the second shipment
    after the trial bottle, I was suprised to have another bottle which was not mentioned
    at the time I asked for the trial bottle. I was billed to close to $100.00 for2 bottles.
    I called their costumerservice and mentioned my concerns and I wanted to return
    the unopened bottles. I was told it is against to law to return their product once you
    receive them. I had a very bad reaction when I first took my first pill. I started having sob-shortness of breath. Please do not patronize this product. I don’t what kind of
    law they have…but I know my rights.

    PRISCILLA June 3, 2009
  52. I’ve been taking Cylapril for a few months now. I wanted to try it for weightloss. I haven’t lost weight but, it has help with my anxiety and this choking feeling I’ve had for the last few years. It promote some sort of calming effect. I will continue to take it for that simple fact. They’re safer and a lot cheaper than pharmaceutical drugs for anxiety. I’m not sure what it is but, it’s working for me. Maybe this will help others with anxiety.

    Cynthia D'Amore June 11, 2009
  53. Cynthia I agree with you 100%. Since I’ve taken Cylapril I have not had any episodes of anxiety. It really does work. I’ve also noticed that it helped with my fatigue. I’ve been able to get up every morning even the weekends around 7am and feel good when I get up. I’m simply not a morning person but since I’ve taken cylapril I’ve been a blessing to myself and everyone else. (LOL) On the flip side I’ve tried their fat burner and noticed that I didn’t shed one pound and will not order that anymore.

    Karen McKoy June 23, 2009
  54. I agree with the review that Cylapril “does not” contain any type of fat burner or weight loss ingredient. What they do state in their commercials is the relationship between the adrenal gland and its impact on fat production especially around the stomach (then we get into cortisol conversation). They state many people have this problem and dont know they have it. Ill be the first to say that i have a tendancy to release alot of cortisol more than the average person and my adrenal gland has been over active, underactive and all over the board when i was diagnosed with GAD when i was in my 20’s (though im glad to say i dont have it anymore) Im gathering from their commercial that if they can help maintain, nourish etc etc…then adrenal gland this will help aid in fat production .. I would agree to that and if the product works for that specific use, then great, however, i dont agree with how many of these companys say ” pay shipping and handling only” and as the reviewer states that it goes into an auto thing ever month, which is complete crap.

    Another company that has been out for awhile that had a day time and now night time formula for controlling (hormonal) cortisol is Relacore.. I know there are some questions when messing with hormones but i do believe if you do have a high cortisol count it does go to your belly (for men at least). I notice when im off my nutrition (which is rare) or have been hurt and out of it and had stressors in my life, even when eating well, mild mild exercise, i could feel it go to my gut and i knew it when i was at the height of my stress.

    I just wish there were legitmate offers like the above review put out that if its just shipping and handling, state shipping and handling and now auto bound to come back if your honest compared to if you’re not.


    JP June 25, 2009
  55. Hey John Smith. I feel bad for both you, and for Cylapril. You, because of your extremely poor grammar skills, and Cylapril for hiring you without checking to see if could spell. If you really do work for them, you might wantto work on your spelling and grammar skills in order to better represent your company. Otherwise, you look pretty foolish. Best of luck their spelling champ….

    Akila the Bee June 29, 2009
    • I just LOVE when people call others out on their spelling/grammatical skills, yet, don’t possess the ability to properly spell or punctuate either. Honey, before you try to correct someone else, get yourself a spell check program…

      “Best of luck their spelling champ….”
      Do we see anything wrong with this sentence, Spelling Champ?

      Michele September 6, 2010
    • you need to check your spelling before you speak it needs a little work before you speak about others

      Hey John Smith. I feel bad for both you, and for Cylapril. You, because of your extremely poor grammar skills, and Cylapril for hiring you without checking to see if you could spell. If you really do work for them, you might want to work on your spelling and grammar skills in order to better represent your company. Otherwise, you look pretty foolish. Best of luck their spelling champ….

      Now you are speaking correctly:)

      Cheryl Manuel September 7, 2010
  56. the prepaid card is the way to go any type of ordering off line or online ordering. it keeps your finances in check and no conning you out of your money. there are so many fatburner products out thee claim this is it. well think about your heart in the long run. just dont do it. it makes the heart inlarge or the thallium part of it and its not good for your heart. just eat lots of fruits like canalope if u dont like it eat melons. your body produces l cardimin which slows down as we age, so our body thinks its getting older and packs on the weight to protect your bones as they deterate. so think healthy as you decide to purchase any product. get a physical first then if your heart is healthy after a stress test then you may want to speak to a dietician refered from your physicain. there is nothing like doing weight loss naturally to do the bodt good. whats more important your heath or losing weight just cause a few pounds on. pick health over wanting to just luck good. you cant luck good if you arent healthy on the inside. try l-cardimine look it up read about it and all ti does for te body and your body makes it but slows down as we age. try it, i did and lost 28lbs over 3 months healthy. my daughters pediactric told me about it and i did look into it and found out what it does for you and its naturally what the body produces. just think healthy.healthy choices of food. remember eating water melon and you eat to much of it, well you were full. see healthy is good and will help you lose weight.

    justin July 15, 2009
  57. I ordered cylapril and they told me they would charge me $12.80 for shipping and they would mail me a voucher or check that I could cash for refund on shipping. You must go on line to get this rebate and they credit your account. But in the mean time they also charge you a membership fee of $8.00 . My account had a $34.50 overdraft fee. I asked her on the phone if they would charge me more than $12.50 she said no. Then when I signed up for the rebate or shipping refund they again charged me for other products I never ever asked for.
    I would not suggest doing business with this company unless you have a prepaid credit card. I was not aware you could buy it in stores. It has a calming effect on me. I can get along fine without my anxiety medicine, but my drugs are free and cylapril costs money. I have not lost one pound and do not have any more energy.

    Gloria Brockmiller July 21, 2009
    • I just wanted to say thank you to everybody that took the time to let people understand why they should not buy this product with a credit card. However, I would like to do some research of my own to see if this product would be right for me. I wanted to know from the person that said that you can find Cylapril in stores. Which stores sell Cylapril? And is their any other way you can purchase Cylapril without using a credit card? Ex: Money Orders or something

      tl February 8, 2010
      • I keep hearing all of these comments about the cost of this product. First of all, never buy anything over the internet without reading all of the fine print. Free trials are usually only for a few days and at times they will charge your card before you recieve the product. After research and cost counting I found this product at Walgreens only paid $25.00 for a 90ct bottle.
        Can’t wait to get started will post how it works for me.
        Good luck to all.

        Lynn February 17, 2010
        • found it on Amazon for 17.99 with free shipping!

          Teresa May 25, 2010
      • i found it at walgreen for 24.99

        jesica February 26, 2010
  58. I have suffered from adrenal fatigue for some time. I should also mention that I am a 42 year old perimenopausal female, so I feel the hormonal changes have been standing in the way of my weight loss. My Mom ordered this for me (I admit it is ridiculously expensive) to try and I have been taking it for 2 weeks. Main reason is that I was taking an Ayurvedic herbal mood regulator called Ashwagandha and Cylapril contains this herb. Had been taking the Ashwagandha for about 2 months and my anxiety/panic attacks have disappeared, lost my cravings for alcohol & sugar, lots more energy and wonderful, almost euphoric feeling of well-being. Despite this, no weight loss. I wanted to try the Cylapril because of the purported weight loss benefits. Same results as the Ashwagandha alone PLUS I have not exercised more than usual but have noticed a slight reduction in body fat. I have 2 months supply of the Cylapril and will continue to take this until it’s gone, reporting back after then. I feel that the Cylapril may not be for everyone, it is genuinely for people with adrenal fatigue – do some online research or check with your doctor to see if you have this, otherwise it may not benefit you & may actually cause health problems.
    FYI, Walgreens & CVS carry the Cylapril for about $30 a bottle. If you want to try this product, skip the scam phone-ordering everyone is talking about and just buy it there.

    Katy July 23, 2009
  59. I have been taking Cylapril for a couple of months. There was no weight reduction. When I called to canel , I was told about another formulation (Dual Phase Technolgy) I have been takeing this for a month. Again I have seen no weight loss. I might be a bit less stressed but I will stop my subcription this month.

    cheryl July 23, 2009
  60. you keep sending this crap to my house & billing my credit card…im sending package back & calling credit card com. to credit my account & i have filied a report @ this order

    joanna pozdyn July 25, 2009
  61. I agree !!!! Wish I had looked @ a website such as this before I purchased acai berry for 4.95 for a trial period then they automaticly kept charging my credit card an outrageous amount of money! What a scam!

    Janet July 25, 2009
  62. I also was taken in by acai berry! What scammers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Janet July 25, 2009
  63. I do not remember ordering 6 bottles of this product but this is what the sent me. When I called to complain about the 198.00 put on my credit card they told me I had to fill out a police report to get my money back I called the local police and they said I could do that but I should try to work it out with the company. I did one better, I called my credit card company and they issued a refund and told me to send the product back. I called the cyclapril people and they got hateful and started yelling at me and then put me on hold for about 2 minutes. They finally gave me a return # and a cancellation #. I guess you just have to be creative with some people.

    Bobi July 28, 2009
  64. I was just on their website and spoke to one of their reps. I received the trial product and it is just a fraud. They said 14 day trial but in reality it is only an 8 day trial because it takes 6 days to get to you and the trial starts the minute you place the order. If you don’t call to cancel it before that they just bill you and your stuck. They socked me with over $85 in charges and will end up much more after my nsf fees add up. But in your case, right on the website states that they have a 30 day money back guarantee on the products following the trial. I called to see if they would honor it with my product and they wouldn’t and said that it was just after the trial that was valid. If I were you I would try again.

    Heather August 12, 2009
  65. thank you for the reviews, was going to purchase, now I am not interested

    connie August 16, 2009
  66. I had the same experience with both the pills and the phone reps. I was lied to and then they refused to refund my money or give lme a number to return the unused portions. I have not received any benifits, spent a lot of money and hope I have future shipements canceled. In my opinion they are are outright swindlers! Jack

    Jack McPherson August 17, 2009
  67. I also had a reaction to the 1st pill.When I called to cancel my ‘trial membership” the young man insisted it was “all natural” and I shouldn’t have had any problems taking this all natural product.If you read some of the ingredients such as Licorice(known to raise blood pressure) and 5htp(known to relieve sleep/anxiety) just to name two-
    Nothing wrong in trying an “all natural ” product but do not think for one minute this means “no side-effects”…Inform yourself,read and look up ingredients…as for the company,we’ll see if they honor their cancellation process.

    Robin August 18, 2009
  68. For anyone considering using Cylapril, consider the following:

    Use google maps to find the location for the corporate address of the
    Adrenal Fatigue Institute, Inc.
    931 Village Blvd Ste 905-75
    West Palm Beach, FL 33409

    It is a shopping center–and suite #905 is a UPS store (there is no “corporate headquarters”).

    Google “consumer complaints Adrenal Fatigue Institute” and you will find 3 pages of very angry customers who didn’t understand the confusing explanation for 14-day “Free Trial” which apparently starts when they get your order, not when you receive it.

    Also, it is spelled out in very light gray small print letters below the order button that you are automatically enrolled on day 15 for 3 additional orders, unless you call yesterday to an understaffed hot-line (1-888-772-8170; M-F 10AM – 5:30PM EST) to get permission to return or refuse your order, you will otherwise be billed for the full order that was already sent. Even if you do cancel, you are still out shipping/handling and 15% restocking fee–for the “free order.” Oh, and the “free” book is $50.

    Finally, if you are interested in the history of the pseudoscience behind this pill, read the following paper…

    Briefly, adrenal fatigue is a modern reincarnation of hypoadrenia, a discredited early 20th Century theoretical concept introduced to America by Dr. Charles Sajous in an 800 page book which speculates about the importance of the adrenal system as the source of numerous ailments. This theory has been rejected for lack of evidence.

    The kernel of credibility is provided by analogy with symptoms of Addison’s disease which does lead to many of the symptoms relating to weight gain and fatigue described in commercials, however the prevalence of this disease is close to 35-60 per million (though one study suggested it was a high as 106-127 per million (Laureti, 1999).

    In any case, there is no evidence of a sub-clinical Addison’s-like disorder–hence the disclaimer at the end of the television commercials stating that all claims have not been validated by the FDA.

    (feel free to distribute this to anyone considering the use of Cylapril)

    ben August 21, 2009
  69. I ordered and received this trial product about a week ago and golly, I got scared when I read these comments. I have been taking them, and decided to come on line and double check how the product work etc., only to find these complaints.

    Without further ado, I cancelled my credit card and should they send future shipments … it will be promptly refused and returned to sender.

    This is so scary, but I have learnt my lesson … don’t order anything from TV, unless I use a prepaid card.

    Simone September 1, 2009
  70. I agree regarding the relationahip between weight and the adrenals. You don’t need to have fat burning ingredients. If the adrenals are balanced, over time weight should normalize. Since the adrenals are so essential to overall proper body functioning, it’s a good idea to address this problem. Anything else is a band aid – water the root to enjoy the fruit!

    I’m not promoting Cylapril in any way, just the arenal connection to weight loss and feeling good in general.

    Linda September 13, 2009
  71. All the scams out there offer something for free that you end up paying for. Don’t take any free offers, just buy something to try,it is a lot cheaper in the long run.
    Acai berry got me, I finally got it returned but they never refunded . but stopped sending it. What scam and it made me sick as a dog, what are they putting in these things!!

    Joan September 14, 2009
  72. I am trying this. Has anyone lost weight with it. I just wanted to lose 5-10 lbs from menopause. I exercise every day I am 68. Look good but waist size don’t like. So if you are using acir berry let me know if it works. Thank You Dottie

    Dottie September 17, 2009
  73. CYLAPRIL: Don’t even think about, not only is product a joke but the company is even worst. The Product gives you gas. that is what makes you feel full. you take two before you eat. Try to return the product can’t do it. they just say no. when you buy it it is never end bills and product. So as you have heard from every one else, don’t do it. belive me you will feel better without this product and have saved your money.If you are on a trial quit now before they bill you and send more products. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY.

    Daniel Polk October 30, 2009
  74. I just saw the commercial and wanted to do research about cylapril. I’m glad I found this web page. It saved me from the scammers and liers. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Rick October 31, 2009
  75. as everyone i too was riped off. charged to my debit card …haveing a real hard time getting mony back.

    teresa November 6, 2009
  76. I am so sorry to all of you! How dare they rip off all my adrenal fatigue sisters. Thanks for all your post, had my credit card out to order, decided Iwould see if there were any coments. Putting my credit card back in purse. thank you- thank you- thank you!

    hayley December 30, 2009
  77. I am glad I found this website…and was able to read some feedback on Cylapril from real people, becauase those actors on their commerical really had me believing that the product would work. Thanks for saving me from frustration.

    Mrs Lady January 5, 2010
  78. Hey Justin, If you’re going to insult someone, you might want to ensure your insult doesn’t display the same issue you are criticizing.

    DL January 13, 2010
  79. i just bought this at walgreens…i have only taken it for two days so far i dont feel like i am kill anyone like other pills i have taken but i still feel hungry so who knows

    jesica February 26, 2010
  80. i need to return product cylapil because i have a medical problem that will not let take this product your phone number
    on my statement is no longer in service

    neocia bolton April 28, 2010
    • I took some cylapril and lost 34 lbs in a short period of time. I lost the bottle and then could not remember the name of the company. I tried others and they are a joke. Please someone tell me the name of the good company.

      Helen July 10, 2010
  81. I love cylapril ! !! Been waiting four years to get some more!! ! Come on ppl. Who do you complain to because I can no longer buy your life giving medicine? ?!! Whomever is responsible for this dicontinuation-you are a disgrace to the human race and you suck!!

    a person October 3, 2014

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