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Fastin Review

By: slicedobservant

The Fastin site does a stellar job at making you believe that you are getting a drug that is a generic Phentermine, tossing the name Phentermine all over the place.

If you read the fine print on their site you get a small glimpse of what Fastin really is – “Fastin™ was previously marketed as a pharmaceutical weight loss aid. Hi-Tech has since acquired the trademark rights to Fastin™ and now this powerful weight loss stimulant is available as an over the counter (OTC) dietary supplement without a prescription.”

Fastin really is a ‘novelty stimulant’.  It contains some mild stimulants and PEA. It does not contain any clinically proven or tested weight loss ingredients that come close the Phentermine or the origninal Fastin marketed by King Pharmaceuticals.

There are a lot of weight loss products, such as Apidexin, with a similar ingredient profile and they don’t try to deceive you or charge you $90 for a “novel” herbal supplement.

Take a look at these quotes pulled from their site:

However, a search for this patent will actually yield zero results.

What Should You Know About the Company that Manufactures Fastin?

For more about Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, you can read about their Federal Indictment for their involvement “relating to a scheme to sell adulterated and unapproved drugs over the internet.”

In regards to the case I found this:

United States Attorney David E. Nahmias said of the pleas,

“These defendants set up an offshore manufacturing facility where, in unsanitary conditions, they reproduced leading pharmaceutical products for importation into the United States, all without FDA approval or licensing from the rightful patent holders. Their motive in flouting the law, violating patents and exposing their customers to unknown health risks was greed, pure and simple. I commend the FDA and the DEA for their thorough investigation in this case. The Department of Justice and these agencies will continue to work hard to protect American consumers from such fraudsters.”

FDA Office of Criminal Investigations Special Agent In Charge David Bourne said,

“As in this conviction, the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations actively pursues those who deceive the public by manufacturing and selling unapproved and unregulated medications which may pose risks to the health of consumers. We are committed to investigating and preventing those who use trickery and deceit to illegally and unscrupulously sell medications over the internet at the expense of the public health.”

Fastin Conclusion

Phentermine requires a prescription. Fastin does not.

Phentermine was clinically proven for weight loss. Fastin? Nothing of the sort.

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals purchased the name Fastin because it carried some credability. Not any longer. There is nothing similar between the old Fastin and Hi-Tech’s new Fastin.

Instead, I suggest trying out Apidexin–a fat burner that has actually been proven to help users lose weight.

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Read Fastin Customer Reviews Below:

Have you ever used Fastin? Share your opinions here.

  1. I am on my 4th day of Fastin and I feel great. I dont see what the negative review is about. I have lost so many inches (esp. belly fat) around my waist. Ive also been drinking 2 slim fasts a day, and doing 20 minutes of cardio a day. I feel happier, more energetic (no jitters or headaches or diarrhea). I am lovin fastin so far..

    Samantha February 10, 2009
  2. Here is why you should not buy fastin:

    Writing the final chapter in a strange criminal saga, a federal judge has sentenced the president of a Georgia company that manufactures popular lines of herbal dietary supplements to 50 months in prison for illegally selling knockoff prescription drugs over the Internet.

    U.S. District Judge Jack T. Camp also fined Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals CEO Jared Wheat $50,000 and ordered him, the company and other individual defendants to forfeit $3 million in proceeds from the scheme.

    Jules February 12, 2009
  3. I just wanted to respond to the Diet pill Fastin. I bought a bottle at a GNC store and took one pill in the morning and another in the afternoon. I felt great and had no jitters whatsoever. Later that evening, I got a terrible pain in my left leg, and I woke up in the floor with my husband trying to wake me, I had fainted and the only thing I can explain that caused it was the Fastin. The bottle says it may cause fainting. I had never had any trouble or problems earlier. I believe the Fastin caused me to pass out, so needless to say I will never take another Fastin again. $80.00 dollars down the drain. I would advise anyone who is thinking about taking Fastin to think twice. I sure got a good scare from it, and so did my family.

    Jane March 25, 2009
    • I used Fastin and it gave me tremendous amounts of energy and therefore made me want to exercise instead of coming home from work being exhausted. Like with any drug, not everything is going to work with everyone. I CAN NOT take two Fastin’s a day. I know this so I take one and I feel terrific. You have to listen to your body and not just go by the recommended dosage on the bottle. I bought mine online at Walgreen’s. I just ordered 2 more bottles. It is leaa expensive there and it does a terrific job FOR ME at lifting my energy levels.

      Krista February 11, 2010
  4. I took Phenteremine a couple a years ago and that was amazing but my doctor wont prescribe me and it is not possible to get it the right stuff on the internet anymore.So I decided to try fastin.Big mistake!I took it for 2 days only.It does not curb your appetite at all and the worst is a terrible headache that doesnt go away with anything,also a nasty bitter taste in your mouth.I would have continued, if it didnt cause such excruciating headaches but that did it for me.I can not return it either because they wont accept opened products.Well I learned my lesson.DO NOT BUY FASTIN! IT DOES NOT WORK.

    nellie June 16, 2009
  5. all I have to say, is if you buy at gnc, keep your reciept and read the back of it! nuff said.

    clarie July 26, 2009

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