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FullBar Review

By: slicedobservant

Will FullBar Help You Burn Fat?

FullBar was invented by a surgeon who says that the FullBar will can trick your brain into thinking you are full, therefore you eat less and that will result in weight loss. Sounds easy right? Eat less, lose weight. If losing weight were only as easy as eating granola bars.

How Does FullBar Work?

Fullbar gives you some pretty simple instructions – they are: “Simply eat FullBar with an 8-ounce glass of water 30 minutes before your 2 biggest meals of the day. The upper part of your stomach is stretched out and tells your brain: Stop! I’m full!”

Do You Need FullBar to ‘Stretch Out Your Stomach’?

Fullbar isn’t the only thing that will stretch out your stomach. If you drink water, and lots of it, your stomach will stretch out. Now I don’t recommend that you drink water as a way to curb your appetite, but theoretically, it will ‘stretch out your stomach’. There are many supplements available that contain natural fibers that not only trick your mind into feeling full, but they curb your appetite, reduce your caloric intake and provide other benefits to your gastrointestinal system.

One such supplement is Glucomannan.

What is Glucomannan?

Because Glucomannan is a fiber, it can assist with weight loss and healthy weight maintenance by expanding in the stomach and absorbing fats. Absorbed fats are eliminated from the body and do not undergo digestion, thus nullifying their caloric effect. Also, glucomannan occupies space in the stomach and provides feelings of fullness. You’ll eat less when this happens, and this will direct your body to tap into body fat stores for energy. Simply, you’ll have a better chance of burning fat and losing weight when you use glucomannan.

What are Fullbar’s Ingredients?

Fullbar’s very first ingredient is sugar. For those calories, you could have a chicken breast and broccoli and even drizzle it with garlic butter. People use salads, apples and glasses of water to make them feel full. Isn’t this the same way that Fullbar says will help you lose weight?

If eating FullBars doesn’t significantly reduce your food intake you will have consumed an extra 360 calories for the day, this could actually cause you to gain weight.

Does FullBar Come in Different Flavors?

FullBar comes in these 6 flavors:

How Much is FullBar?

For (48 bars) not even a one months supply of FullBar you pay $99.98. That is over $2 per bar. FullBar is pretty expensive for what you are getting as compared to a protein bar – and the Fullbar doesn’t have near the protein content.

If you do lose weight from FullBar it’s not going to be permanent, you are going to have to keep eating them to maintain your weight. I do think FullBar contains good, healthy ingredients and actually seem like they wouldn’t taste too bad, but I don’t think you are going to see significant weight loss from eating FullBars.

FullBar Alternatives?

Suppressing your appetite, feeling full and blocking fat are essential keys in helping you lose weight. Glucomannan is an affordable alternative to FullBar. The best Glucomannan based product that I have ever tried is Dieters Cheating Caps. Dieters Cheating Caps not only contains Glucomannan, but it also contains Chitosan and Phaseolus Vulgaris.

Chitosan - Known as the ‘Fat Attractor’ in the scientific community, Chitosan is a natural fiber that binds itself to fat. This action causes your body to not absorb the fats you eat.

Phaseolus Vulgaris – White Kidney Bean extract has been shown to effectively prevent the body from absorbing those unwanted starches and starch calories. Phaseolus is one of the most powerful yet safe carb blockers available. Now you may have your cake and eat it too! The starchy carbohydrate calories phaseolus vulgaris may block include pastas, breads, pastries, donuts, etc.

Dieters Cheaters Caps is available for as little as $0.52 per serving. Not a bad alternative – plus it is calorie free and backed by a money-back guarantee. Be sure to visit their site here.

FullBar Conclusion

If weight loss is your main concern I do not recommend FullBar. There is nothing in FullBar clinically proven to suppress your appetite, boost metabolism, or burn fat. The bottom line is FullBar is just a bar not a weight loss product.

Read FullBar Customer Reviews Below:

Have you ever used FullBar? Share your opinions here.

  1. Full bar is good tasting but i was hungry again 1 hour later. I am a diabetic and my sugar went low within the hour of eating it. I didn’t eat anything else with it because I am trying to decrease my calories for lunch. I don’t think I will be using this diet.

    Patti January 19, 2009
  2. I want to know if the Full Bar Peanut Butter Crunch bars have contaminated peanut butter in them as I have some and am not quite sure whether I should eat them.

    Karen Knippen February 14, 2009
  3. I heard that the peanut butter bars were recalled through a CVS worker when I went in to purchase some.

    Pat March 6, 2009
  4. I started using Full Bar 4 days ago, I have one bar before my two biggest meal each day. I have already lost 5 lbs and my clothes are already starting to feel loose. The bar makes me feel full after I start eating a little bit. I don’t eat as much as I use to. The bars taste good, if you buy them on line at the full bar website they are half the price as if you went into a store to buy them. They taste to me like a Rice Krispes bar. My favorite is the chocolate one and the Peanut Butter one. I also take a good daily vitamin. This site is pushing pills with drugs in them to help curve your appetite. Think about having stomach surgery to lose weight. Its not the surgery that makes you lose weight, its feeling full because 3/4 of your stomach has been bypassed. Why not fill that 3/4 of your stomach with a low fattening bar and not eat as much? I will come back after one month to this site and post how I am doing on the bars.

    ANN March 8, 2009
  5. Hey Ann I really hope your not someone who sells these bars and would say these things just trying to make a buck because I really want to loose weight and my doctor said I should try surgery but I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life not being able to have a slice of cheese cake because I will be sick from the sugar I’m real close to doing surgery because all other methods failed so I really want to try the bars and I hope your truthful about it.

    crystal March 11, 2009
  6. you so work for full bar.

    Anno March 14, 2009
  7. I have just about given up hope on losing weight. Are the Full Bars really helping you?

    Jody March 15, 2009
  8. i am interested in trying these products but I seem to be confused about what I should try.
    I see some people have wrote that they are on Apidexin. Are they on full bar too?
    What combinations work?

    jenny March 17, 2009
  9. my girlfriend has lost a lot of weight using these bars and aqua full. She doesn’t use them as directed, she doesn’t eat them before a meal as she says she doesn’t eat too much at meals, she eats them between meals so she won’t snack and graze between meals, she swears by them, I liken it to that floral product that has freeze dried parts and when water is added it expands, same thing with the bars, the bar contents expand filling up your stomach. The only problem I see is if people don’t eat the right kind of food before they get full, or as someone else stated, their blood sugar could drop from not eating enough of what is good for you or enough of what your body needs to function properly before you get full.

    michelle March 20, 2009
  10. I tried full bars. I bought them at CVS for 2 dollars a bar. I had a hard time finding them at CVS sioI called GNC and they said there was a waiting list for them. I ordered them from the full bar web site cheaper. My daughter is 13 and obese. Doctor’s won’t do anything to help her. They won’t give diet pills or surgery until she is 18. I am trying full bars as a last resort. We have tried everything to help her. She won’t work out consistantly, we even bought her a gym membership and now her own eliptical. I use it more than she does! I am hoping full bars will make her appetite and portions more normal. I am not hoping for miracles here….just a normal appetite, so my daughter will feel normal…not fat.
    I have been using them twice a day and they help me feel full. But I eat one for lunch and nothing else, then one before dinner. I hope these are not a scam!!

    marley March 23, 2009
  11. i hope the ones saying good things about full bar are not sellers because that would make me really made because i am dying to loose about 40 puonds

    yvette March 24, 2009
  12. If your daughter is obese at 13, it’s what she is putting in her mouth, not the quanity. What do you buy at the grocery store? If you never buy cookies, cakes, donuts, pastry, regular soda, fruit juice, white bread, candy bars, high sugar cereal, high sugar snack items, chips, crackers- she will not be able to eat them. Does she want to loose weight? What emotional obsticles are in her way? Is everyone in the house willing to eat healthy? She needs to see her parents eating better, she has learned this eating behavior, children are not born eating high sugar, processed foods. Let her eat has much fruit (lower sugar versions), plain raw veggies, and lean protein (skinless chicken, turkey, lean ham, fish) as she wants and go for walks with her- even if you are just strolling through the park- she’ll start to drop weight and will be encouraged. Then have her take some nutrition classes and take them with her! She will soon find out that she feels full on less food . Your doctor should help you find a good nutrionist and go from there, more fiber in her diet will go a long way- natural fiber, not through bars that are loaded with calories and sugar. Good Luck.

    Coley March 27, 2009
  13. I am a Diabetic and active in the Gym. I have tried full bar, I followed it exactly as it said for the first week but so no more weight loss than usual even with my workout. I then tried the full bar in place of breakfast with a piece of fruit, within about one and half hour my blood sugar fell and I was shaking. Does not work for me.

    Jennifer March 30, 2009
  14. I was shopping in a drug store the other day and I saw the full bars and decided to try one. It kept me full nearly all day. I didnt even want to eat a meal 30 minutes afterwards like the directions instructed. Im definitely going back to buy a couple more to see if they really work that good.

    Shannon March 30, 2009
  15. Don’t know what’s in those Full Bars, but will not try again, I had one with an 8oz glass of water, and all I got was a horrible stomach ache that didn’t go away for a day or so.

    Edith May 14, 2009
  16. Full Bar does nothing for weight loss in comparison to standard diet.
    I have been eating GNUFoods Fruit and Fiber. Very good tasting and 12G of fiber in 1 bar. I take 3 bars a day. Helps keep my digestion well and full. I would avoid the chocolate flavor (not a good blend). The cost is also much cheaper (Trader Joes sells them).

    Mitch May 23, 2009
  17. Ann,
    I don’t see your month later post. My dear mother wants to try these bars but she has diabetes and other health issues. A doctor told her she could try them. I don’t want anything more to go wrong with her health. Ann, do you gain anything financially from promoting this product? How is the weight loss going with Full bar for you?

    Kim June 16, 2009
  18. I just started using fullbars & aquafull this week. I love this product! I checked into lapband surgery & it was over 30,000. I think that fullbars are cheap compared to going under a knife. I feel better & I eat almost half of the food that I was eating. I am not snacking at night, I have even given up ice cream!!!! No, I do not work for Fullbar & I am not connected to the company in any way. I don’t like to use pills & diet aide products. Fullbars do not taste like cardboard or leave a aftertaste. I have more energy, sleep better & I am able to eat a Healthy diet. I have not been excited or motivated to lose weight in a long time until I tried this product. Everyone has a opinion & I am going to give this product a fair try!!!

    Laurie June 19, 2009
  19. My friend gave me a fullbar to try this week and I only ate one but when i ate it i was starving, by the end of the bar i was so full ,and yes i drank water along with it. After the bar i had to force down my lunch which would have been a sandwich and some melon but i only ate the melon. i did not get hungry again untill around 7 pm but i didnt have a second bar, i still didnt eat the same size portion i usually do, i felt full faster, i used to be small but had lung surgery and have gained alot of weight,( iwas a size 6 and now a size 18) i was about to get the lap band surgery but our insurance changed i1month before my surgery. i can not take any type of stimulants so i am veru limited to what i can try. i have tried everything out there and nothing delivers.Fullbar really seem to do the trick so today i purchased a box of the coco chip bars online so wish me luck, will let you know how my progress goes. oh and for the record i do not work for fulbar i just thought i would put an honest opion out there for those who are really looking to loose weight, i was always small and never had a weight problem till now and its devisating to have one failure after another so thats my story, hope it helps someone.

    kelly June 26, 2009
  20. have any of you looked into using CLA? with your health issues, be sure to research it on your own, but my daughters and I use 4000 mg daily and we are seeing very good results. maybe pairing CLA up with other things would help, my youngest daughter likes Xenadrin rfx-a ? not sure on spelling and I am on a gluten free, sugar free and no egg diet (temporary I hope) to cleanse my body of toxins. but since I started taking the CLA along with my diet restrictions I have been seeing really good results! on one brand my oldest daughter had problems with sores healing but on another brand she did not, so I don’t know what that was all about, everybody’s body and reactions are differant from everybody else;s. It’s worth a try, it has been for us.

    clarie July 26, 2009
  21. Walk, ride bicycles, swim and go hiking. Throw out the white bread, the cookies, the items packed with sugar and take charge of your life. USE COMMON SENSE!!! Does it take a Doctor who has his mind on your money to tell you to eat candy, and you fall for it? People, for many many years we have all been told, exercise and eat right… PERIOD!
    I have the same problem most of you have, I have a SEE FOOD delemna. But the fix is, If I don’t see it, I won’t eat it. Simple, I packed fruits, vegetables, and healthy edibles in my regrigerator. NO PIES, NO PUDDING, NO HIGH FAT FOODS LIKE MEAT AND FRIED STUFF. Eating out is expensive and puts too many tempting foods in your face. Remember the SEE FOOD DIET? I am still over weight (lost 17 pounds in 41 days), but I am a healthy 49 year old (according to the doc) and I FEEL GRRRRRREAT! In fact, I no longer have gastritis or major heart burn anymore. I haven’t taken those meds in a long time. I have had 2 knee surgeries and low impact exercise is a must for me but it works. I just may add a few more years to my life. It’s a no brainer people. Being overweight is not what’s dangerous. Being overweight, eating the wrong foods and laying there like a tub of lard is.

    Good luck and lose the candy

    Gene August 1, 2009
  22. The berry flavor bars have an awful taste. I’ll have to try the other flavors. 1st day trying it so not sure if they work…

    Jackie August 6, 2009
  23. Just thought, might be a good experiment to see if you pour water on one what happens. But at $3 a pop who wants to do that… Seriously though, if the water makes it expand, that would be the test.

    Jackie August 6, 2009
  24. I bought a full bar over the weekend at a GNC store. On Sunday after my dinner I was still hungry and wanted a snack, so I decided to try one with a full glass of water. So far I am full and not looking to snack anymore. I may try it for one week. It does not taste too bad either.

    Laura September 13, 2009
  25. After having one full bar yesterday 9/16/09. I was pretty full and bloated up until noon. It has the fiber that kept me going and I had lots of stomach spasms im guessing from the fiber in the bars. The taste was ok. I dont mind them except I dont want that problem of constanly going and going to the bathroom, with bad spams.

    Delfina September 17, 2009
  26. I believe you were paid to post this. I also feel this is unethical. These bars do not work. It adds 320 calories a day to your overall caloric intake. Think of that!!!! 320 calories… you could eat 5 apples for that! It just does not work.

    Karra October 7, 2009
  27. I heard about Full Bare on the radio last year, No you can get them at Costco, Sams, and at Walmart.
    I’ve lost 9lbs, within 3weeks, and my clothes are loose. and I bought a smaller size shirt, and it’s even loose. The Full Bar isn’t best tasting bar, but it does make drink a lot of water. I eat it 30 to 45mins before lunch, and hen it’s lunch I’m not hungry.
    I get something anyway, but I don’t finish it. If I drink a soda, it taste too sweet.
    I’ve gotten a lott of my friends and famly eating them. You think I’ll should get a discount…. LOL!!!!
    Good luck to everyone ho tries them!

    Melody October 9, 2009
  28. I agree with you 100%. I to am loosing weight with them and the cost is reasonable at Wal-Mart.

    Patty October 15, 2009
  29. I have been eating Full Bars for about 2weeks now and I love them..I have had 3 kids and it has been so hard for me to lose the I thought I would give it a try..I buy the chocoltae bar and it really does taste good…I eat it along with water, you have 2 have the water..and I eat it whenever I feel hungry or to snack on before my meal and I don’t eat as has worked sooo great…it also helps me not to snack on so much sweets like ice cream and candy bars because it gives me my fill of chocolate…Believe me they are not as expensive as they say…I buy them at Walmart for $7 a box of six…but I only eat two maybe one a day now because they have trained me not to want to eat so much…One product does not always work on everyone…but this worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!=)

    Jen November 3, 2009
  30. I am pretty sure the inventer of Fullbar along with everyone who is financially invested in it is laughing all the way to the bank. I am using Fullbar and it does help to reduce cravings. However, a small bowl of whole wheat cereal (no sugar) and skim milk does the exact same thing.
    I am sure the guy who invented it was just another opportunist looking for a way to cash in on fat people.
    What is up with all the people I’ve known who had gastric by-pass surgery and lost weight only to gain it right back within five years. Is the surgery only intended to be temporary? It doesn’t seem very permanent to me considering the dozen or so people I know who’ve had it, but gained it all back again.

    Cam November 10, 2009
  31. I have tried my first box and have bought the second box. you can get them cheaper at wal mart. they are good and they really work. I hope they keep working for me. I am wondering if you can build up a resistance to them after so long a time. don’t know. they do work though on making you not hungry. I have 40 pounds to lose too, so that is why I am answering your comment. I think that is very little to lose, but I have tried everything else, with no success. I am going to give this the good ole american try. hoping it keeps on working.

    sharel November 28, 2009
  32. This website is not a scientific survey. You are not looking at the responses of 100 people who used the bars in a specific and controlled manner and who ate comparable diets or, had similar acivities or were of the same age, sex and BMI. So, you will see much variation to the responses. Good, and Bad. As we are all individuals, the results are as well.
    Also/ Someone who needs to loose 10 pounds has to experience significantly lower calorie intake than someone who needs to loose 100 pounds. Hence, to loose 10% of your target of 100 would be 10 pounds, and to loose 10% of your target of 10 pounds would only be.. *(1) pound.
    The lesser weight loss goal would seem to be ineffective in week one.. but it would actually be just as effective as the person loosing 100 pounds. If you are eating a badly constructed diet, this bar won’t change that. If you feel you are better at controlling portions and impulse eating and that empowers you to take the next step; toget nutrition counceling or buy into the SouthBeach diet.. modified Atkins.. and begin to forgoe white flour and corn based foods, sugars and the laden fat that goes with all of that: then this plan would have been beneficial.
    You have to get control of your self before you can control your diet.
    Good book: Good Calories/ Bad Calories.. by Gary Taubes. If you are a “bio-medical/ science-techie” person.. you will get a lot out of this book.

    Mreepat December 6, 2009
  33. What a dumb question

    BigBird January 5, 2010
  34. Had a bar at breakfast. Still was able to eat my egg with fruit a half hour later. Decided not to eat one at lunch just a sensible meal. I feel like my stomach is full yet I’m hungry. I feel bloated. I will see wht the rest of the day brings.

    Dawn January 11, 2010
  35. Full Bar is a joke if your ask me. Go buy a box of puffed wheat cerial and you will have the same effects. If you look at the ingredience you will see that theres “nothing new under the sun” I tried full bar. Not only was I hungry after an hour, I was savagely hungry. I ate way more than I normally do. I’m guessing that the full bar has the same effects as a sneakers candy bar would. It’s filling for a short time, but then you get an increased appetite, and a little hypoglycemia as a special gift.

    1vibe January 12, 2010
  36. i tried full bars, i like them because i did not feel hungry at all. i ate one for breakfast with water, and one for lunch and a sensible dinner. i did not get hungry at all. people have to realize when starting a diet your stomach is already stretched out from eating larger meals, and when you diet it takes your stomach a few days to get use to the smaller meals, so for the first few days you may appear hungry, but dont give up after one day. the whole part of dieting is sticking to something for a period of time, and staying committed. Bottom line if you reduce your daily calories you lose weight period. i lost 9 lbs. in two weeks. No i do not work for the company, just being honest. good luck

    dawn January 20, 2010
  37. I bought one fullbar at a vitamin shop. I am a skeptic, I don’t sell anything, I am a nurse on thyroid and my heart races and I can’t take appetite suppressants. I have about given up on everything to feel full, and have food cravings all the time. The first bar I ate made me so full that I couldn’t eat my lunch. I loved the taste and did not have any bloating, no cravings, etc. It made me feel full far longer than one meal. I would recommend them with no reservation. Remember we are all different, there is no 1 thing that works for all. I just bought a box, so here goes!

    loxley February 28, 2010
  38. I tried apidexin and I thought it was great. I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks!

    krystal June 4, 2010
  39. I want to try full bars but after reading i am not to sure if that is the way. I want to loose wight i also iam a Diabetic and trying to loose about 100 pounds. So i can have a baby and be heathyer! I thank i will go a differt way for loosing my 100 pounds but thanks any way full bars!!!!

    Sarah Rash June 15, 2010

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