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Green Tea Fat Burner Review

By: slicedobservant

Having been clinically studied as a fat burner, green tea is often included as the main ingredient in many other fat burners on the market, so a fat burner that is built solely around Green Tea Extract is definitely worth a look.

Green Tea Fat Burner has been shown to help increase thermogenesis and the ability to burn calories, increase your fat oxidation, and provides important antioxidants.

However, does it rank among top fat-burning products like Phenphedrine?

Or does it provide results that are just as valuable, but different?

I’ll help you find out by looking at exactly what Green Tea Fat Burner does, the ingredients it uses, and some pros and cons to consider before you try this product.

Why Green Tea for Weight Loss?

Green Tea contains concentrations of caffeine, which can interact with the central nervous system to trigger thermogenesis. By increasing the body’s core temperature, caffeine can help you burn more calories throughout the day, even when you’re at rest.

However, according to a study conducted at the University of Fribourg, researchers observed, “green tea extract stimulates brown adipose tissue thermogenesis to an extent which is much greater than can be attributed to its caffeine content per se, and that its thermogenic properties could reside primarily in an interaction between its high content in catechin-polyphenols and caffeine with sympathetically released noradrenaline (NA).”

What does this mean for you?

Green Tea’s catechins, polyphenols, and other antioxidants could be the real reason why this ingredient can help you lose weight safely and effectively. The interaction in the central nervous system is the perfect spark for burning more calories and shedding those stubborn fat stores.

Green Tea Fat Burner is formulated with 400mg of Green Tea Extract, and most experts recommend 300 to 400 mg green tea extracts in order to stimulate weight loss – not bad for starters.

How Does This Concentration of Green Tea Compare?
Since Green Tea is one of the main ingredients in a wide variety of supplements, let’s see how much you’re getting compared to other supplements:

Apidextra: Contains unknown amounts of Green Tea – ingredient concentrations not listed on their website.

Phenphedrine: This supplement offers 100 mg of Green Tea – which you’re supposed to take 1-3 times daily, for a maximum total of 300 mg of Green Tea. Green Tea Fat Burner offers 100 mg more than this leading supplement.

SlimQuick: Contains unknown concentrations of Green Tea, also a proprietary blend.

LipoFuze: 200 mg of Green Tea per 2 capsule serving – for a total of 200 mg a day. Green Tea Fat Burner offers double that amount.

Additional Ingredient Details

Green Tea Fat Burner is also divided into a 100mg Antioxidant Boost Blend, a 86mg Vitality Boost Blend, and 160mg of Caffeine.

The Green Tea Fat Burner Antioxidant Boost Blend Ingredients are:

Bilberry Powder (fruit) is derived from a low-growing shrub that provides an added boost of flavonoids with antioxidant properties. They’ve also been shown to promote night vision.

Blueberry (Vaccinium Angustifolium) Extract (4:1)(fruit) contains the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit, boosting your body’s immune system and neutralizing free radicals that can cause aging and disease in the body.

European Elder Powder (fruit) is a black fruit long used to fight colds and flus because of its strong anti-viral properties.

green tea fat burner supplement factsGrape Skin Extract)(5:1)(fruit) actually promotes the health of your skin, protecting the body from sun damage and fighting free radicals from pollution, cigarette smoke, and stress.

Pomegranate Powder (fruit) keeps levels of LDL, or “bad” cholesterol low and keeps blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots, much like aspirin.

The Green Tea Fat Burner Vitality Boost Blend Ingredients are:

Eleuthero Powder (0.8% Eleutherosides) (root) was shown by a study in New Jersey to increase the body’s ability to burn fat through exercise by 43 percent over an eight-week period.

Holy Basil Extract (2% Ursolic Acid)(herb) originates in South Asia and helps to reduce blood glucose and triglycerides. It also lowers lipid and cholesterol levels, and helps
normalize the stress hormone cortisol, which can fly out of proportion during weight gain.

Mate (Yerba Mate) Powder (leaf) is an herbal extract that is believed to help burn fat, but studies have come to indecisive conclusions and it has been linked to numerous adverse side effects.

Schisandra (Schisandra Chinensis) Powder (fruit) regulates depression and stress that can be attendant with weight gain.

Asian Ginseng Extract (80% Ginsenosides)(root) is believed to be highly effective for weight loss and diabetes control, but most studies have been performed on mice.

How to Use it Effectively

Green Tea Fat burner comes in fast-acting liquid Soft-Gels for rapid absorption. You can take two liquid soft-gels in the morning and one or two in the afternoon – both servings should be accompanied with a full glass of water and meals.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you’ll want to avoid taking Green Tea Fat Burner too late in the day, as this may cause restlessness and insomnia. Additionally, you’ll want to limit your consumption of caffeine from other sources, including coffee, tea, and soda.


While Green Tea is definitely considered a safe ingredient to use on a regular basis, it’s known for causing a wide variety of negative side effects due to its stimulating nature. Potential side effects include the following:

• Dizziness
• Nausea
• Rapid/Irregular Heartrate
• Irritability/Mood Swings
• Insomnia
• Jitters/Anxiety

To keep these side effects to a minimum, it’s best that you start with a smaller dose first to see how your body tolerates the ingredients inside Green Tea Fat Burner, then as your body adapts to the stimulants, gradually increase your dosage. warns that Green Tea Fat Burner contains “a chemical know to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm,” so you’ll want to avoid taking this supplement if you are pregnant.

If you are on birth control pills, you might want to consult your doctor before using Green Tea Fat Burner, due to the fact that some birth control pills slow down the rate at which caffeine is eliminate from the body, increasing the risk of negative side effects.

Do You Have to Exercise?

Like any fat burner, Green Tea Fat Burner works best when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. While you might be one of the few lucky individuals who can lose weight without making a few changes in lifestyle, most of us will need to work in order to lose those stubborn pounds.


• The ingredients included in Green Tea Fat Burner, specifically Green Tea Extract, are backed by clinical trials and scientific studies where they were shown to help aid in weight loss and burning fat.

• Because the ingredients in Green Tea Fat Burner are all-natural no adverse, harmful, or toxic side effects should occur while using Green Tea Fat Burner.

• Green Tea Fat Burner is a relatively inexpensive option for a weight loss supplement and can be purchased from a number of different online retailers.

• Besides helping you lose weight and burn fat, Green Tea Fat Burner will give you a boost of energy and will help curb your appetite.


• Because of the amount of caffeine included in Green Tea Fat Burner, it’s recommended that you don’t add any additional caffeine to your diet from food, medication, or beverages.

• Green Tea Fat Burner should not be used if you are pregnant, nursing, or considering pregnancy. It’s recommended that you first see your healthcare physician before beginning the use of Green Tea Fat Burner.

• It’s also worth noting that while antioxidants are beneficial, they are not necessarily in a weight loss formula and may mitigate the effects of green tea.

• It may help to give you a good idea of the kind of fat burner that will be effective.

• Many consumers complained that Green Tea Fat Burner left an awful taste in the mouth – avoid chewing for best results.

Product Price

Green Tea Fat Burner is extremely affordable, selling for about $8.99 on sites such as for a 30 cap box. Currently on, you can buy a pack of 3 for about $26.69 – so if it doesn’t work for you, you won’t be breaking the bank. If you don’t feel comfortable shopping online, stores such as Wal-mart have it for less than $10.

Overall Impression

Green Tea Fat Burner starts off on the right foot by including clinically-proven amounts of green tea to burn fat and help you lose weight with the right diet and exercise plan.

However, other ingredients like the antioxidant blend step on the toes of fat burning and may dilute some of the power of green tea. While you’ll probably lose weight with this product, there are better options in terms of ingredient effectiveness.

If you want to compare Green Tea Fat Burner to a well-rounded product like Phenphedrine, it may help to give you a good idea of the kind of fat burner that will be effective.

Read Green Tea Fat Burner Customer Reviews Below:

Have you ever used Green Tea Fat Burner? Share your opinions here.

  1. Is GreenTea good for people with hypothyriodism, and diabetes: and who are on medication for these diseases.

    lenora williamson January 27, 2009
  2. Will green tea block the absorbtion of prescribed medication. or inhance medications such as synthroid?

    lenora williamson January 27, 2009
    • I am 5ft 4in. and I used to weigh 155. I used to drink five to seven 16oz. cups of cold water daily.

      I replaced the water with diet green tea about 4 months ago. I am still 5ft 4in., but now I weigh 132.

      I ate/eat whatever I want and the weight just sorta melts away. Make sure you buy the diet tea. Otherwise, you will consume 17grams of sugar with each cup.

      Good luck!!!!!!

      Sharon March 6, 2010

    Jimmy Simonson February 9, 2009
  4. As long as it is all herbal you should be fine with any diet aid. Just space it three hours from your Synthroid. I ask my pharmacist this question. If you are ever wanting to try something like that you can call ask over the phone. Just give them the ingridents off the label. I know how frustarting it can be to wait fro a next Endo. appointment.

    Kimberly Simon March 6, 2009
  5. i wholeheartedly agree with your take on green tea. when i substitute it for coffee, the weight just falls off. that’s my problem though, i just like java too much. but, you are right on about green tea!

    daniel mitchell May 23, 2009
  6. Is it safe to use Liiquid Soft-Gel Green Tea Fat Burner after you have had Biactric Surgry five years ago?

    I think this Green Tea Fat Burner was put out by Applied Nutrition, Los Angeles, Ca.

    Mary May 26, 2009
  7. My question is if you are taking ferrous sulfate (iron pills) and caffeine detours the absorption of it. Can I take them hours apart and both be as affective as they should be?

    L Smith September 14, 2009
  8. I have been taking green tea fusion tablets for (1 tablet 3 times a day) 10 days now and I have starting walking for an hour three times a week, but I haven’t lost any weight in fact I have gained 1/2 kilo. When do I start losing weight with green tea tablets?

    Linda Reda October 20, 2009
  9. what store can i purchase the green tea fat burner?

    leticia November 14, 2009
    • I get my tea from the local Walmart, in the pharmacy section.

      green tea beleiver February 14, 2010
  10. estoy bebeiendo synthrid, cuantas pastillas de grren tea puedo beber para bajar de peso. padezco de hipotiroidismo

    diana December 13, 2009
  11. can you just go to the store and purchase green tea to drink. what i am asking is it the one that you can purchase in the store along the the other types of teas they sell to drikkl

    barbara bozzolo December 16, 2009
  12. I have been scammed by this Riverton,Utah green tea company. I have been trying to contact them they do not have an address only a PO box there is no phone number to call It started by a free trial for green tea bags a supplement came with 1 tea bag they were from China 3 times I refused delivery the next thing I know I am being sent these supplements from Riverton, Utah money is being taken out of my banking acct this is my final attempt to contact this company before I involve the POLICE in RIVERTON,UTAH in order to have my money returned please respond

    L Dowd December 23, 2009
    • Contact your credit card company/Bank and complete a fraud report. This will stop any new charges and the credit card company should give you a credit back for money already charged. Most credit card companies require that you report fraud within 60days of the first charge.

      Sherry May 13, 2010
  13. Does is matter if the green tea is hot or cold if you drink it?

    Lois December 28, 2009
  14. My Question is;
    Can I still take Green Tea without it messing with my Medication>??

    donna January 9, 2010

    BETH WARE January 10, 2010
  16. how long hve you been doing this.

    jazmin January 15, 2010
  17. Can a green tea supplement be used daily or is it best used for a certain time then take a break from it?

    beth d January 17, 2010
  18. I’ve taken green tea pills every day for the last 2 years. I take one in the morning and one about 3 in the afternoon. They give my energy a boost, and on days when I wake up sluggish they rev me up. The only side-effect I’ve ever had was the first 3 days I took them, I had a headache. That went away and I’ve had no problems since. I get a 30 day supply at my local drugstore for 4.99 to 6.99. Sometimes it’s BOGO. They are the cheapest, safest supplement I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried them all. You probably won’t loose weight on the pills alone, but you will have more energy to ‘work out’ so you can loose weight.

    tartlescapri January 20, 2010
  19. It’s no wonder why about a two months ago I went on a green tea morning ritual. Starbucks, (2)venti, bold, no syrup. I have since been losing stomach fat. I have resently added a lrg., bold coffee, a lrg cup of oatmeal, a bananna, pomagranit juice 6oz., 8oz. orange juice, lrg. shot of wheatgrass, lots of water to my daily regimen. I am male 44 yrs. young, Mexican, 165 lbs. 5′ 8″, and losing! Weekly, I try to eat tuna and salmon, plenty of greens, spinach, is my favorite. I have gone from a size 36 waist to 34. My waist line has not felt so slim in over 10 years! I had given away my,”skinny jeans,” to my cousin, who fortunately could not use them, and I asked for the jeans to be returned, and OMG, they fit! But of course I also walk my dogs uphill 2-3 times a day. I gave up,”soda,” as a daily drink. I have yet to let go of raw cane sugars, white flour and candy in general. One step at a time. Acupuncture, chiropractic care and meditation as a dialy, weekly maintenance, is also very essential to mind, body and spirit.

    Juan Carlos March 1, 2010
  20. i just started taking it this month on 3-7-2010 do it work people say it do.

    shanetta March 10, 2010
  21. a friend recently watched dr phil on tv,he is stating that there are side effects to taking the green tea,such as your hormones,i am just concerened,i am a 58 female and would like to know these things,i don’t usually believe what i see and hear on the tv,so please give some insight to the green tea side effects

    debbie perkisn April 28, 2010
  22. this is my second time doing the green tea diet i lost a lot of inches and a lot of stomach fat the first time and i only used the green tea belly fat burner.and hiking three times a week. this time i have started on the mega t gr4een teaq with hoodia and acai berry in it and im drinking diet green tea with critius in it im also starting walking 2 miles a day until i get my body and legs built up again so everyone that is trying it it works if u stick to it. it takes wilpower.

    annette May 14, 2010
  23. I take synthroid everyday, but would like to start on a green tea regime to lose about 15-20 lbs. What brand is the best & where do I buy it? I mostly have belly fat to lose.

    Hettie May 17, 2010
  24. Well green tea fat burners effect my birth control in any way?

    Rebecca June 29, 2010
    • you better ask your doctor about the birth control sense it may effect harmones

      Pam Morgan May 22, 2012
  25. I started using mega t green tea fat burning capsuals i want to know how long it takes to lose twenty pound and how fast it starts to work?

    amber August 5, 2010
  26. does it have to be green tea fat burner, or any green tea? i just bought some pure green tea, i’ve heard about it that you could lose weight. so this will be my 1st time using the green tea.

    sylvia August 8, 2010
  27. which is higher in caffeine green tea or black tea?

    laura September 2, 2010
  28. I drink a Venti Iced Green Tea from Starbucks every day. My wife likes their black tea. I have always heard that green tea is beneficial in preventing prostate cancer. I had never heard that it was also a fat burner. Starbucks also sells it hot, and it ‘s really strong. My weight remains the same although I eat whatever I feel like. Maybe the green tea is keeping me from gaining weight.

    Art September 7, 2010
  29. Both green tea and Black come from the same plant so does white and camamile,it is just the time they pick it and how it is dryed and cured.if you want to lose weight with tea the point is to Drink it before any meal and after it so you fill up on the liquid and the tea would/will work the system to push food faster through, the system, people with low blood sugar should check with there doctor before drinking any store bought greentea drinks because it can and will effect the sugar level which in turn counters the break down of food by making more sugar.. BUT the best is greentea/or Black tea with a spoonful of honey this works great and you should start every day with a cup and alittle lime juice or lemon they also increae the digestion of food and will increase the system also.thank you for reading this I hope I can help anyone thanks again enjoy LIFE……Bart.C.

    Bart.C. September 7, 2010
    • I am diabetic,and the reason I even got on the page at all was to see it fat burner gels made the sugar high or if it was the hoodia- I feellike giving up, but you smart thing, You have just mentioned the connection that I have been looking for! By the way, my pro-time is 1 hour and I have a plasma meter, could this affect that? Talkto me, you sound Very smart. Thank you for this article,I will QUIT RIGHT AWAY!

      Thank you !

      Janey April 8, 2011
  30. I like to lose 20 pound

    sarah fowler September 8, 2010

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