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HCG Drop Review

By: slicedobservant

HCG only used to be available through medical procedures and expensive spa treatments that involve injections.  HCG Drop is a relatively inexpensive alternative to getting HCG injections and it is a liquid drop that you can place under your tongue.  

The website that sells HCG Drop is convinced that it is the secret to weight loss that we have all been waiting for and it seems as though they are putting all of their eggs in one basket as there are no other ingredients in HCG Drop.

HCG Drop Ingredients

HCG Drop only contains one ingredient and that is HCG.  HCG is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body and while it supposedly has a lot of medical applications, the one that we are interested in is weight loss.  Supposedly HCG will help your body metabolize fat into energy.

Is HCG Drop Guaranteed?

HCG Drop is not guaranteed, not at all.  The website clearly states that they will not accept any returns and they do not offer any guarantees on the product.  No guarantee generally means that you are buying a product that does not work as any company will happily offer a guarantee on something that is effective.

HCG Drop Conclusion

HCG Drop is better than getting an HCG injection, but I am not convinced that HCG even works for weight loss.  The research is spotty and there does not seem to be any clinical proof that the product actually works.  If a guarantee was offered on HCG Drop, then I would say to go ahead and try it, but there is no guarantee so I would not recommend it.

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  1. if any one say that hcg do not work , you are very, very wrong. i have done this program two times losing at lease 20 pounds in 21 days. tou are on a 500 cal. diet aday.the drops helps you, this is the best and remember you can lose with the cheaper hcg. i also hope you will try the hcg booster with it god bless all of you who will stick with it

    gloria August 4, 2010

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