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HCG Platinum Review

By: slicedobservant

HCG Platinum is a fat burner that uses a natural human hormone to initiate the mobilization of fat.  It is made with human chorionic gonadotropin which is a hormone produced in the hypothalamus during pregnancy. HCG is what tells the mother’s body that it needs to start directing energy towards the placenta in order for the baby to grow.  It draws energy out of fat stores to bring to the placenta.  

The idea is that by introducing HCG into the body (in either men or women) you can trick the body into thinking that it needs to use fat for energy instead of something like carbohydrates.  Now I’m trying to remember from biochemistry classes, but the brain uses glucose for energy and, in cases of severe depletion of glucose, it can use ketone bodies.  

Your brain cells use twice as much energy as other cells in your body.  So when you deplete your brain of the necessary fuel, imagine what you are doing to it. Your brain cells cannot store glucose so they constantly need to be fed glucose in order to function.

HCG Platinum requires that you decrease your calorie consumption to only 500 calories a day.  This is not enough to sustain life functions and could backfire on you.  Meaning that when you deprive your body of what it needs then your metabolism actually slows down to hang on to any fat or energy that you consume because it doesn’t know when the next is that you will feed it.  

They have guides on their website about how to eat that few calories but it is not safe because you cannot be getting the necessary nutrients that your body needs in order to keep you healthy and function normally.

HCG Platinum Ingredients

The main ingredient they use is HCG. L-carnitine appears to be the only ingredient included that could actually make a difference in weight loss but you could purchase it separately or in a different product and save a lot of money.

HCG Platinum Guarantee

There does not appear to be a guarantee offered with HCG Platinum.

HCG Platinum Conclusion

We want you to be cautious of using a program such as this.  It is not safe to deprive your body of the necessary fuel.  Most people that use HCG Platinum report that they have such bad hunger pains that they eventually break the diet and binge on all sorts of unhealthy foods which makes the whole diet worthless.  It is pretty expensive at around $90 a bottle and since you likely won’t be losing a pound a day you are paying a lot and getting very little.

The actual pill doesn’t seem to be too dangerous.  However, when you add the restrictive diet it becomes a dangerous plan.  There have been people who have lost weight following this plan.  But you could lose weight with other plans and feel better and be more healthy.  Because this is not a safe program to follow we would strongly encourage you to look elsewhere and find a program that allows you to keep your body healthy and functioning.

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