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Levorex Review

By: slicedobservant

Will Levorex Help Burn Fat?

Levorex claims to be an all natural, stimulant free, fat burning supplement. That works by “enhancing your natural thermongenic action”. Levorex contains Acetyl-I-Carnitine which has been rumored to increase your body’s ability to burn fat. However, studies have yet to prove that Acetyl-I-Carnitine has any weight loss benefits at all.

Levorex Concerns

– Levorex does not contain a proven appetite suppressant.

– They brag that Levorex is a stimulant free weight loss supplement, but what about the caffeine in the green tea their formula contains?

– Users are reporting diarrhea. Which is a known side effect from the ingredient Acetyl-I-Carnitine.

– Levorex increases your body temperature making you noticeably sweat more.

– Recommended dosage is 2-4 capsules three times daily. So maximum dosage is 12 capsules a day, what a bother!

– Levorex does not have an official website and makers have not conducted any research studies to prove its effectiveness.

How Much Is Levorex?

A 15 day supply of Levorex at maximum dosage is $40.00. This is one expensive diet pill when you realize a months supply is going to be $80.00 and it doesn’t come with a money back guarantee.

Levorex Conclusion

Levorex is definitely not one of the best fat burning supplements available. With Levorex being so overpriced and lacking a money back guarantee it’s simply not worth the risk of buying.

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