Lipofuze Review

By: slicedobservant

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Lipofuze is a fat burner that is advertised as being able to help you quickly–yet safely–lose that unwanted body fat in the long run.

The makers of Lipofuze promise that this fat burner will curb your appetite; thus eliminating binge eating and cravings. They also say that Lipofuze will help you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

Lipofuze is also supposed to burn body fat, instead of just eliminating water weight. It should give you an energy boost and help you build your lean muscle mass for a slim, ripped appearance.

How can Lipofuze accomplish such amazing things? Does it actually work? Let’s take a closer look at its contents and find out.

The Lipofuze Formula

Lipofuze actually does employ a pretty impressive formula–one that contains clinically proven ingredients that experts have found to have a significant effect on your weight loss.

lipofuze supplement facts

One of our favorite ingredients in the Lipofuze formula is Tonalin CLA, an advanced form of the natural compound conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

CLA is one of the most effective all-natural ingredients to boost weight loss. It works by blocking new fat storage while encouraging your body to burn existing fat. The Tonalin form is the safety and most readily absorbed form of CLA on the market, passing the highest quality levels from the FDA. [1]

Another crucial part of the Lipofuze team is Phytosome Green Tea, a premium standardized green tea extract that actively targets your most stubborn fat cells. Like the other ingredients, Phytosome Green Tea has been clinically proven. [2]

N-Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL is yet another ingredient essential to Lipofuze’s effectiveness. Its value comes from its ability to increase fat cell transportation during metabolism. It boosts the rate at which your body burns fat, improving weight loss and energy levels. [3]

Most people don’t think about brain health during weight loss, but maintaining cognitive functioning is vital for remaining focused and alert to reach your goals. Lipofuze includes Phosphatidyl Serine, a natural compounds proven to increase mental focus and ability. [4]

Finally, Coenzyme Q10 works within the body’s cell to improve mitochondria function. This means you are able to burn more fat, faster, naturally. In fact, studies show Coenzyme Q10 supplementation boosts fat loss for both men and women of all ages. [5]

How Fast Does Lipofuze Work?

Because it is a powerful fat burner, Lipofuze works quickly. Most users report that they noticed a difference in appetite and energy right away, and they lost several pounds within the first three weeks. Your results will vary, depending on how your body responds, but there are things you can do to help.

How to Get the Best Results

Lipofuze is designed to complement a healthy diet and regular exercise, so if you want the best and fastest results, you’ll need to reduce your calorie intake, eat balanced meals, and exercise at least 3 times a week.

Consumers see the best results if they take one capsule before breakfast and one before lunch. Taking Lipofuze too late in the day may cause insomnia and restlessness.

Is Lipofuze Safe?

Only natural ingredients have been used in the Lipofuze formula, so it should be very safe. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may experience some side effects, but most people who use Lipofuze don’t seem to have any problems.

Potential Side Effects Include: Dizziness, nausea, upset stomach, headaches, insomnia, and irregular heartbeat. All symptoms are typically associated with the caffeine found in green tea.

Buying Lipofuze

We think the best deal for Lipofuze comes from the official website because that’s the only place where you can get a discounted price, fast shipping, and a 90-day 100% money back guarantee.

Currently, Lipofuze sells for the following prices (though these may change):

1 Bottle: $49.95
2 Bottles: $89.95 (receive 1 free bottle of 3 Day Detox)
3 Bottles: $129.95 (receive 3 bottles of 3 day detox and free shipping)

Our Opinion

All in all, we think that Lipofuze is a very impressive fat burning product. We love that its formula is full of ingredients that have been extensively researched and tested, and we also love the fact that so many positive testimonials from satisfied customers are readily available online.

We definitely recommend trying Lipofuze if you are in the market for a fat burner.
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[1] “Thom E, et al. “Conjugated linoleic acid reduces body fat in healthy exercising humans.” Jounral of International Medical Research. 2001 Sep-Oct;29(5):392-6.

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  1. Of all the pills I’ve tried (which has been many) I like this one the best. I didn’t have any side effects except for a laxitive effect the first day I used it and a headache once when I didn’t drink enough water. I only took one capsule instead of two each day because I didn’t want to get sick if that would have happened. I had lost 4 lbs in the first week and I’m 26, 5’8 and weighed 135. I plan to get back to my old rutine and this has been helping me. August 13, 2009
  2. Hoe can you even get on here and complain about your weight like that??? You are vain and should not have even made that post. Some are morbidly obese and they are the ones who really need weight loss….

    RD October 12, 2009
    • u don’t have to be obese to want to lose weight.

      rachael April 14, 2011
  3. I have no thyroid and had gained a huge amount of weight over the last 20 years. I weighed in one month ago at 244, I am a female, 5’7″. I ordered 2 botles of Lipofuze and weighed in today at 217. I have placed another order for 2 more bottles. I only take the 2 pills daily and am sure to drink at least 20 oz of water with each one. The pills have never made me feel sick, only the weight falling off has left me weak at times! I have a really bad foot and HAD to get the weight off so I could walk without horrible pain. I can now walk with endurable pain. Yes, folks, I lost all that weight and haven’t been able to exercise because of my lameness. My goal is to be down a total of 50 pounds by Christmas! This is a miracle drug for me and it has literally saved me from a lifetime of pain and I might even be able to not have surgery on my foot. And even if I still have to have it, I will be able to get around so much better!

    Kay October 12, 2009
  4. I have started taking lipofuse and I started seeing the inches flying right away. I never though the pounds would come off so quickly. I feel fine for 5 to 6 hrs between meals. Not full but not hungry either. I eat healthy and am also working out. I will for once in my life become who I want to be…and not overweight with this WONDERFUL product. I couldn’t be more pleased.

    marie October 17, 2009
  5. Kay: This is so great to hear! I just placed the first order, and I am hoping for the same affect :)

    VaNylla October 17, 2009
  6. I am interested in trying this product my concern is does it make u dizzy or any ephreda like symptoms? I am 260pds and need to lose the weight..should I try this product?

    Jem October 25, 2009
  7. Lipofuze is great! For me, the best thing is that I don’t feel hungry. I don’t overeat with lipofuze. My responsibility is to exercise more and stop drinking the wine. This is great and I am going to order more. This is perfect for any woman who has an appetite like a man.

    Nora October 31, 2009
  8. I’ve been taking these pills for a over a week now, twice a day with 16oz of water each pill. they’ve made me nauseous, given me stomach cramps and not to mention, I’ve gained five pounds.

    Jane November 3, 2009
  9. I actually found her post QUITE useful. I am building lean muscle and need more energy for my workouts. Just because you are not OBESE does not mean you can not take energy enhancers or fat burners to build LEAN muscle. She is doing what she needs to do to be proactive before she gets to that stage… obese… I am in her same position and her review helped me more than you know. Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t ASS-U-ME you know her situation.

    Bliss November 4, 2009
  10. I’m wondering what effects this pill has on your sleeping. I am sensitive to caffeine and diet pills have always made me jittery and therefore lost sleep. Can anyone comment?

    Sunshine November 14, 2009
    • I am very very sensitive to cafferine, I even take a cranberrry pill everyday for the last 3-4 years, I ‘ve started taking this diet pill, and have had no side effects so far, have taken for 3 days now.

      Cindy May 11, 2011
  11. How old do you have to be to use this? :)

    Lore November 16, 2009
  12. I guess this product’s the bomb! How old do you need to be to use? I am 14 …
    How long did it take you to lose all that weight? :P Thank you!

    Lore November 16, 2009
  13. i have the same issue…..i have an appetite like a man lol……do u reccomend this product forme?

    akii November 22, 2009
  14. hey. i like your sorry. and it could help me. so did u take it like 30mins before breakfast? OR HOW DID U DO IT CAUSE OF THE SIDE EFFECTS.

    Nicole December 1, 2009
  15. hey. i like your story. and it could help me. so did u take it like 30mins before breakfast? OR HOW DID U DO IT CAUSE OF THE SIDE EFFECTS.? can i eat then take it or no…somone with success please help

    Nicole December 1, 2009
  16. you shouldnt take this if you are under 18….being 14 your body and immune system hasnt matured enough and you dont want these pills to ruin your health!……sunshine maybe start taking just one pill in the am that way it has time to wear off so you can sleep

    amanda December 1, 2009
  17. Is the pill big,and has anyone cut it open to take it?If so how did you do this, mix it in with your water or food?Thank you

    amy December 1, 2009
  18. Hi can you give me an update on how your weight is going on this diet pill. You were hoping to lose 50 lbs by Christmas. Have you achieved your goal? And any side affects?

    Maria December 5, 2009
  19. My question above was for Kay.

    Maria December 5, 2009
  20. Hi, I really want to try this pill. I have tried so many and nothing ever works. I am curious about the ingredients though. I have to take random drug tests for my work and don’t want any false positives. Can anyone let me know if this product will be safe?

    Melissa December 28, 2009
  21. I need to lose weight badly. I plan to start the first of the new year of course. Does lipofuze cause headaches? It seems every diet pill I have ever tried causes head aches and I cannot cope with them. I do drink lots of water so that would not be an issue. Do they really keep you from being hungry. I have tried everything. I am desperate.

    Janice December 29, 2009
  22. I’m interest in buying this pill and I would like to know if you are still losing weight as promise up to-date?


    Erica January 10, 2010
  23. This comment is for anurre 5 and Kay.

    Erica January 10, 2010
  24. I have been taking the Lipofuze for three days I love everything about it but the “purfumey” smell which make me gag when I am trying to swallow the pills.

    Rachel January 10, 2010
  25. i agree the smell makes me want to gag. I’ve been taking it since monday. and started to work out. I hope i see Results soon.

    Idalia January 13, 2010
  26. how can some one who doesnt know how to spell get on this, if you cant sound strong and firm and spell correctly, you should keep your opinions to your self. You do not know the situation and self worth of every individual…any way im sure that is not what this comment section is for. My weight is 110 of wich most of it is fat so thats how i came across this I hope it works!

    ELVIRA January 14, 2010
    • Your grammar is horrible. Why are you posting?

      I would like to try this product; however, I have epilepsy. I have not discovered any information regarding potential side effects to people who are epileptics.

      I have often read warnings on other diet products that caution against individuals with a history of seizures using their products.

      I will continue to research Lipofuze.

      Blondebrainstorm March 5, 2010
  27. I’m with rachel, the perfumey smell definitely makes me gag and I get a little quesy. Other than that it’s working pretty well. I’ve only been using it for a week and have already lost 3lb. I’m wondering if i pour the contents of the pill into my drink would it be easier to take?

    tarisha January 14, 2010
  28. I have lost about 5 pounds. But, I haven’t exercised like I should, and I still need to cut back on alcohol and sweets. I have not gained weight in months. I am gettng ready to order more Lipofuze. This works for me. Everybody is different. Try to see what works for you. I needed an appetite suppresant. I get energy from coffee and other sources. Good Luck, and please be safe!!

    Nora January 14, 2010
  29. I just ordered a bottle of Lipofuze and it should arrive any day now. I will be exercising and eating healthier along with taking the pill. I weigh 186 pounds and am a 22 yr old 5’11” male. I hope to lose 26 pounds of fat and gain lean muscle by the 1st of June. I’ll update after taking the pill for 2 weeks.

    Jas January 20, 2010
    • How did it turn out for you man? Im 24, 185 and 5’11” too….we seem to have similar bodies so I am curious.

      Jon March 25, 2011
  30. I have ordered this pill also. I started working out and eating better last May I lost 45 lbs and then since end of Oct I have not lost anything. I am 29 femail 5’4 and 192. I want to be at atleast 160 by JUNE. I will keep updating just hopes this can get my body back on track.

    Teach1 January 22, 2010
  31. Taking Lipofuze for 3 days now…peeing alot and some loose stool, which I never ever have. I am drinking lots of water, but I got a headache today that won’t go away. (Maybe not enough water as I also drink alot of caffeine)It has really helped me w/ appetite, but not too much w/ energy.(I was hoping i would gain lots of it!) The first day I took it, I could not sleep that night. However, The last 2 nights, I slept fine. I have not changed my diet/exercise program as of yet. I have about 25 lbs to lose and have tried everything!I did not lose any weight yet, but i am optimistic as it has only been 3 days, and also i do think it will help if I work harder at diet and evercise. I don’t think anyone can just pop a pill and be skinny!

    ali January 26, 2010
  32. Has anyone stopped taking this pill? Would I gain the weight back if I ever had to stop taking the pill?

    L February 2, 2010
  33. I have been taking this pill for 3 days now. I have gained 2 pounds but I think a lot of it is water weight. I am not good about drinking water but I have really made an extra effort while taking these pills. The only side effects I have noticed is a slight upset stomach about an hour after taking my first pill in the morning. Today I drank a protien shake with it and did not have the same problem. I’m also optimistic that these pills will help me get my weight back in check.

    Millie February 2, 2010
  34. I have read alot of the reviews but no answers to the question asked about the size of the pill. I have difficulty swallowing large pills. Can some one tell me please?

    Shar February 6, 2010
  35. Caffiene makes me very jittery. Is any one experiencing any problems with this?

    Shar February 6, 2010
  36. I have been on Lipofuze for 4 days and have lost 3 pounds so far. I have lost most of my food cravings and hardly ever feel hungry…the bad side to this is I have been forgetting to eat and yesterday around 6:30pm I got shaky and needed to eat bad! As soon as I ate I felt better and have been fine since. I notice that when I take my second pill I need to make myself eat something or I get a little shaky. I love it though and plan to keep taking the whole month to see how much I loose…I need to loose 15 pounds (12 now) by May 29th!

    Oh! The first day I took my second pill at 3:00pm…yeah don’t do that…I couldn’t fall asleep until 2am…take it before 1:00 for sure!

    Pauli February 9, 2010
  37. I’m 5’4 125 pounds looking to maybe lose 5 pounds but get ripped in the process. I’ve been working out for a long time even though i’m only 25. I have used these types of products once every year for about two months each time. I drink lots of water, stay away from carbs/sugar/sodium etc. I eat mainly protein like salmon, grilled chicken….lean meats. This product is the only one i really like and would recommend. Decaslim is another pretty good one but i like this one best. If you do hard cardio, weights, eat clean and take your vitamins, your gonna look and feel great. To the heavy set people here who are being hateful because we are not heavy, just because your thin doesn’t mean your in shape and healthy. Everyone has different goals and i know what i’m doing. The problem is alot of times heavy set people don’t know and don’t care what they’re doing and often times this lands them in the hospital. Don’t use this bottle as a crutch, go to the gym and kill it! Push your boundaries because if you don’t, you’ll never know what you could have done! Remember, muscle weighs more then fat! If you don’t lose weight, you might be losing inches and look better! Cut out carbonated drinks, alcohol and sugar and replace all of this with water. I guarantee that will help also…

    iIsabella February 13, 2010
  38. Hi,
    I made an order online two weeks ago but I still didn’t receive the products yet. The 1-877-641-9564 number posted on its website is always busy and no one ever picks up the phone. I sent an email on its website but there’s no answer either. Did anyone have the same problem with receiving products? Is this a real or spam company? Is there any other ways that I get in touch with the company?

    Ayi February 22, 2010
  39. Just took my first Lipofuze….dizziness, numbness in my face and left arm, palpitations…thought I was going to faint….any suggestions? Would like to lose a few pounds but the side effects I experienced with this diet product is not worth it!!!!

    Sharon February 27, 2010
  40. DO NOT PURCHASE! IF YOU CANNOT REACH THEM ON THE PHONE NUMBER PROVIDED ON THE WEBSITE< WICH IS ALWAYS DISCONNECTED IT SAYS ALOT!!! i been tryi ng to retun my pills that did not work and the number is disconnected!

    Eli March 1, 2010
  41. I have purchased Lipofuze. And i have just started to keep up with the pills and times before meals. Im just wondering what i need to do while im on lipofuze. of course im sure Diet and exercise are required for anything. But im just wondering do i need to exercise any more then usual or diet any harder? I have a very hectic schedule and i never know when im going to eat next or when i will have time to work out. So far i work out 3-4 times a week. Is that sufficient?

    Sierra March 14, 2010
  42. i have been waiting 3 weeks formy delivery of liprofuze nothing yet am beginning to wonder about this compney as people have said it is a rip off, time will tell, they havent heared the last of me yet.

    susan tierney March 14, 2010
  43. So i ordered lipofuze last tuesday i believe. I recieved it yesterday(5 business days if you count saturday). i ordered it off the website “” not ebay or anything. I started it today. I took pill one at 9:10am with 2 9oz water bottles. Drink the water as fast as possible! I didnt have any side effects except for nausea which lasted for about 20mins. I had one pickle 30mins later and it was enough to fill me up. I worked out for about 3hours and was ready for a nap at 12:30. I took pill number 2 at 3:30 again with 2 9oz bottles of water. Ate a small meal at 4. No side effects at all,not even nausea this time. It gives positive thoughts, a good energy rush to get you through your workouts and somehow it makes your workouts more intense. I peed a LOT, no bowel movements at all yet. I’ve lost 2 pounds so far. not eating after 5, much excersising, and remember water is key! I am pretty tired, probably from working out so much, so i think i’ll be able to sleep tonight. I would definately recommend this product. Good luck! Sharon, try drinking more water with the pills. I drank 18oz of water within 15minutes. gulp it down as fast as you can once that pill hits your mouth. If more water doesnt help, i’d stop the usage. I wish you the best! And for the people not getting the pills in respectable timing, remember lipofuze is in high demand right now. Its probably on backorder. But if you didnt get a confirmation email, it may not have gone through. Oh and Shar, the pills are about the size of a centrum vitamin or if you’re a mom, the size of the prenatal vitamins. They’re not too big and they’re smooth so they’re easy to swallow. Do not cut it open and mix it with drinks/foods. I have heard horrible stories about that! Goodluck everybody!

    samantha March 23, 2010
  44. I’m 250 lbs in great shape and muscular. I have always had an issue with losing allot of weight and have tried other fat burners before. In the pass the other once would tell you to take up to 6 a day sometimes(that is allot of pills) and after one month don’t take for ad least another month. Lipofuze (which I have been taking for 4 days now)seem to be different. It is really making me feel good. No nerves and the whole bad feeling thing on the other pills haven’t been an issue (so far)I eat like two horse usually. This is really controlling that nicely. It really taking the hunger away. Doesn’t leave you feel full but does let you over eat. I really like this product so far

    Chadwick March 25, 2010
    • I’ve been taking Lipo 6 and I just bought the “black” version yesterday. I just found out about Lipofuze earlier and it got me interested. Has anyone tried both products and compared which is better?

      Raymond April 8, 2010
  45. Did anyone know the company’s address?

    Xizhe Wang April 18, 2010
    • I was given the company address as ENR, 96N 1800W12, Lindon, Utah, Zip Code 84042.

      Agnes July 8, 2010
  46. I love these pills. In less then one bottle I have lost 27lbs I went from 155 to 128. It’s been like a month and a half. I havent changed anything I have done other then how much I eat which is thanks to the pills. I drink mountain dew all day no water (I know thats bad) I only take one pill a day and am absolutly happy with the results. I ordered mine off of ebay and didnt have any trouble getting them and the price was great to. Just ordered the second bottle today. My first clue to them working was sore muscles. I wasnt working out the same things as always but I was sore. After having two kids and trying to lose weight for 2yrs I didnt think it was possible. I am so glad I ordered these. I hope everyone else is able to see results to!

    Christina April 21, 2010
  47. I ordered Lipofuze on Wednesday and received it on Saturday. Very quick shipping! I took my first pill about an hour ago and ate 30 minutes afterwards. I practically had to force myself to finish my meal and I’ve had a sudden burst of energy so far! I haven’t tried many other diet supplements. I’ve only tried Hydroxycut and AcaiBurn, but neither one of them did anything for me. I’m hoping Lipofuze will work for me, because I’ve heard great things and I’m getting married in September of this year. I’ve gained at least 40 lbs since I started dating my fiance 3.5 years ago, and I’d like to be back to what I was comfortable at before I’m married. I’m currently 172 lbs and am 5’8″. I’ve been trying to lose weight without help for the last few months and was able to lose 10 lbs by just watching what I eat, but then I stopped losing weight. I don’t have a lot of time to exercise, and I’d like to be at 140 lbs before my wedding. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress!

    JacqueLea May 2, 2010
    • Hows it been going for you so far did you lose any weight from when you first started, Curious because I am also thinking about trying this product!

      Envy May 28, 2010
  48. I just took my first pills today! I am very hopeful that this will be as good as it sounds- im blogging all of my results here

    katie June 30, 2010
  49. I am skeptical about trying it so I would like to hear and find more info before trying, how about real people Not (PR’s) give before and after pictures with their testimonies!

    Melvia Thompson July 2, 2010
  50. Its been about 2 weeks since i started using lipofuze, before i started using this product i weighed myself at 195lb. I wasn’t comfortable with my weight so i started working out and eating right. When i started using lipofuze i wasnt hungry as often. I’m not sure if it was my diet and exercise or lipofuze that made me lose 10 pounds, last time i checked i was 185lb, i try not to weigh myself too often. I check once a week, so im not sure how much i weigh now but i can say that i gained a better physique, and my abs are starting to look more noticeable. I feel more and more comfortable taking off my shirt at the beach now…

    Mitchell Vizcaino July 6, 2010
  51. i was thinking of trying it! i was wondering is there any side effects? i dont want to run to the bathroom every ten mins or feel like im about to pass out or a burst of energy out of nowhere!!! let me know what you guys go there out the day with it?

    sam July 6, 2010
  52. The first time I tried this number I was kept holding for more than half an hour and I gave up. The following day I tried much later in the night (am in UK) and it was picked up straight away and sales person who answered me was very helpful. I would like to believe its a genuine company. I also would like to try lipofuze from what I have read in the reviews.

    Agnes July 8, 2010
  53. Hi this is my second day on lipofuze. My first day was great i felt really good I wasnt hungry. Today was really bad, i feel sick to my stomach i feel nauseous and I feel like I have to force myself to eat. I made an online blog to anyone who wants to check up on it and see my day to day lipofuze diet.

    Cindy July 12, 2010
    • I’d like to see if LipoFuze works for you…what is your blog?

      Jennifer Lynn August 21, 2010
    • I was just wondering about your experience with Lipofuze?? Any good or bad…

      Sue Roman December 27, 2010
  54. i’m 5’2 and weigh 154. i’m disgusted with myself, and all of my friends have great bodies. i can’t live like this any longer, especially during the summer time! should i take Lipofuze?

    lizz July 13, 2010
    • There is nothing wrong with you. I know how it feels to be uncomfortable in your body…I am the same size and weight. All it means is we both need to eat better and exercise a little more. We are not so grotesquely overweight that we should feel bad about ourselves. Chin up, you can do it!

      Kristen September 24, 2010
  55. Hi, I dont really post things on these websites since I usually feel they are fake, but I have read this one and feel that everyone is pretty “real”. My experience with Lipofuze was nothing short of amazing.
    I started taking it when I got engaged, on May 2009 I was 155lbs and 5’5. I had never weighed that much in my life, so I told myself I would do anything to get my weight down by the time the wedding came around.
    By December 2009 I had dropped down to 130lbs, No exercise at all, but had to remind myself to eat.
    Long story short, when my wedding came around in June 2010 I was 125lbs and went from a size 9 in jeans to a size 3-4.
    I did get some side effects like the nausea, headaches, the burning sensation in the belly area and I even had a difficult time sleeping if I took it after 2:00pm.
    I have to say it is nothing short of amazing, I had rolls before and now I can barely grab a fat roll on my belly. it was just FANTASTIC.
    I did have about 6 months that I stopped taking them before the wedding (stopped in January) ANd I have still managed to keep the weight off. Thank you Lipofuze.
    If any of you have any questions please feel free to ask away

    AlisaG August 4, 2010
    • Hi AlisaG!

      I’m 5’2″ @ 160 lbs after having 2 babies back to back starting in 2007. I started working out and I already eat healty but I hit a wall and only lost 10 lbs since having my baby in April 2010. I’m use to being about 120 lbs and my body disgusts me. I want to shed the weight yet keep an active lifestyle but I’ve spent over $200 dollars on supplements that I feel just never worked. Is LipoFuze really good? I need an honest answer :(



      S2k August 10, 2010
      • How many times a day did you take a pill? Are they big pills and hard to swallow? Did you exercise? On average, how many pounds a month did you lose?…THANKS!!

        Annie November 2, 2010
      • Yes, it really works, try it out for about a month, if you dont see a change then just stop. One thing I can tell you is that the side effects are very real, and unless you take the pills with lots of water you are going to be miserable all day.
        Let me know how it goes and good luck…

        AG January 7, 2011
      • What you really need to do is change your workout routine regularly… at least once a month, change every workout you do, even if its a slight change in angles (ex: if doing doing regular curls for biceps all the time, try doing hammer curls, or in and out curls, or congden curls). the human body is a miraculous thing. the more you do the same workout, the more your body becomes familiar with the movements, hence no more gains, no more weight loss. the program i use (P90X) uses a technique called muscle confusion. Work out different parts of your body, 6 days a week for 3 weeks, then one week recovery, then completely changes the workout routines to make your muscles unfamiliar with the movements. Its def worth looking into, p90x that is

        matt January 26, 2011
    • How long did the side effects last for?

      Latoya September 7, 2010
      • Hey, my side effects lasted as long as I took the pill. the nausea and the sick feeling would go away if i drank 2 bottles of water (normal size) right after i took the pill. It makes a huge difference. The sleeping issue was bad if I took the pill after 2pm
        the key is to make sure you eat something (that also makes the nausea and sick feeling go away) and lots of water!
        Good Luck to you!

        AG January 7, 2011
    • I guess Im the same way Im 4’11 and now weigh about 145 lbs! This is the biggest I have ever been in my life I am normally around 115-125 max, but after having my son in 07 I cant seem to drop this weight.. Im in the military and workout at least 3 times a week but nothing is working and its really getting pretty annoying. I have tried so many different pills, I need something that really is going to help can anyone please give me the “truth” on these pills are they worth my money n time.. how bad are the side effects I keep reading about terrible stomach pains

      Judy October 24, 2010
    • hi i have just read your measage about lipofuze we not fare from the same size before your weeding. i work out 3 times a week on weights and i do 2 days of cardio so i class my self as fit but cant get rid of my belly would these help me burn the fat of around my abbs thank you

      wayne folan November 8, 2010
    • Hey there! I am one of those girls that has always struggled with scam diet pills and fluctuating weight, and pretty much continue to gain! i was just reading your post about lipofuze and im excidedly curious if you are a real user and if you really did get results from this product! i would like to hear back from you!!!!!!!
      i hope to hear back from you,
      lenna from sd

      Lenna S December 11, 2010
    • Just saw your review… Was wondering if after 1 year now you still think Lipofuze is a great product? did you keep the weight off? did you have to change the way you live to keep it off? Thank you

      JK January 27, 2011
  56. Emma
    The reason you feel hot is probably because of the thermolean that burns the fat. I used to get it too.
    Please remember to eat after you take the pill and drink a lot of water.
    Try taking only one for about a week or two and then if you can handle it go up to 2 pills a day.

    AlisaG August 4, 2010
  57. I’ll admit, I was skeptical when I first read about lipofuze. I live in a world where “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is”. A few years ago I tried hydroxocut (horrible side effects) and just kind of gave up on supplements and focused on eating right and working out. Remember, consistency is key. I am 24, was weighing in at 185 and im 6’0. I know im going to get a lot of push back and say “you don’t need this, get out of here” but I felt itd help for faster results (going on vacation in 2 months, looking to shed the beer belly). When you first start taking it you do feel a bit lightheaded (30 min before meals) but once you eat it goes away. One thing I can vouch for is it trains your body on portions and when/how to eat. I take it in the AM, eat a bowl of oatmeal. Ill get hungry around 2 and eat a small lunch. Its help me cut back on food intake, I don’t have cravings for sweets during the day and it gives me a ton of energy during my work outs. Now given, I watch what I eat and work out 4x a week… ive lost 11lbs in two weeks. I no longer have light night cravings, I don’t eat until im “full” but has trained my stomach to eat until im “satisfied”. This is no miracle drug by any means. It WILL work if you follow the instructions, eat right and work out. Its all about consistency in your routine. I will order another bottle (I ordered one from Amazon as a test trial) but I am very satisfied with the results. To those who said it didn’t work, try following instructions. You cant take this supplement then hit the fried chicken buffet line and order a large soda. Lipofuze will only fight half the battle, you have to have the self-control to do the rest.

    ryan August 19, 2010
  58. I bought a bottle and it should arrive tommorrow. Any advice on what routine works best with this product?

    Crystal August 26, 2010
  59. Hi, I am 5’2 and 135 lbs – I have always weighed about 115-120 my whole life so 135 is OK but not what I feel comfortable at.
    I started taking Lipofuze because I didn’t seem to say anything bad on any website I had checked. I have tried several different diet pills throughout my life – only because my sister was always a health nut – But I have liked this one the best even though I have only been taking it for 5 days. We’ll see if i lose any weight – I haven’t checked yet and I haven’t excised. But if you’re worried about crazy side affects I would say I haven’t had any.
    The very 1st night I took them it was kind of late and so I made it hard to sleep.
    -I never ever feel Hungry really but that just makes it easier to eat smaller portions.
    -I don’t ever feel nauseated.
    -I don’t feel wired.
    -I actually feel really normal, I’m just not hungry.
    -I don’t have to poo every sec or constipated – it’s pretty natural/normal.
    -Sometimes I forget that I am on diet pills at all- it’s like taking 2 vitamins a day. 1 in the morning 30mins before breakfast and 1 in the afternoon 30 mins before lunch
    – AND they don’t taste nasty.
    And I honestly feel they aren’t pricey at all.
    I will really like to see if I lose any weight so I’ll check it out this weekend and we’ll see….
    OH but I do have a question – I have the 3day Detox pills that came with my pills (for free :)) but I haven’t tried them – has any tried those yet?

    Ali September 2, 2010
    • Hi Ali
      I am thinking about lipofuse and just read your entry. I am the same height and starting weight as you were, 5’2 and 135. I look and feel the best at 125-129. Looking at your posting you should be about 1 month into doing this. Would you mind sharing with me your experience so far. Of course I want to know if it really has worked for you.

      Thanks jane

      jane October 3, 2010
    • Hi Jane,
      Yes I am very close to your weight as well-I am 5’2 133 and was thinking of purchasing but would like to know how do you feel after 1 month.
      Thanks a bunch.

      Rossana December 8, 2010
    • Hi Ali,
      I am about the same build and weight as you were when you posted this. I was wondering about your results and if you had any suggestions.
      Thanks, Shree

      Shree February 17, 2011
  60. I just turned 17 and I’m 5’2 and 162 lbs. I don’t look like I weigh as much as I do because I play competitive softball and my body is mostly muscle. But I go to meet my Air Force recruiter on Tuesday for the first time and he says I need to be around 145 because the weight limit for my height is 150 and he wants me to have some room for bloating and what not. Does anyone recommend this to lose weight in my situation? Thanks.

    Gia I. September 9, 2010
  61. Hi,
    I have been thinking about trying lipofuze for a while now, from what i have read in the reviews its pretty positive. I wouldnt consider myself fat but I wouldnt consider myself skinny but i do feel really unhappy and self conscious with the way I am at the moment. Having thin friends doesn help and i would like to lose a little weight. The thing that im wonderin is if i try it does it have any bad side effects in that im only 22 and i dont want it affecting things like having a baby in the future or anything like that. Would really appreciate feedback, thanks.

    Danielle September 23, 2010
  62. I just received my bottle of Lipofuze today. Took the first pill 15 minutes ago. I’m 58 years old, 6’2″ tall and weigh 190 pounds. I want to get down to 180 pounds. I eat a healthy dielt. I work out at the gym 5 times a week for an hour and hike at least 5 miles or ride my bike 20+ miles on the weekend. With this routine I just can’t seem to drop below 190 pounds. Maybe it’s the 12+ beers I drink each week? Lol. Anyway, I am going to follow the Lipofuze directions for a month, keep eating healthy and exercise and will add my comments after 30 days.

    Bill September 28, 2010
    • Hi Bill, I am looking forward to your review as I am currently on more or less the same regime as you however not hiking on the wkends. Hats off to you. I will try it and get back to this comment in 40 days.

      s October 12, 2010
  63. I’ve read the reviews on Lipofuze, although there are plenty of negative, there were also plenty of positive, so i thought I’d give it a try. I’ve been on it for about a week and a half. The thursday before I started taking it I weighed 184. The Thursday, a week after I started taking it, I weighed 174.4. Now, with taking it, I’ve quit drinking diet cokes. I used to average about one a day, so that wasn’t TOO big a change, and I’ve been 3 liters of water a day for a couple of weeks prior to using the Lipofuze. I also started exercising. Using an Elliptical and walking, and watching my calorie intake, keeping it between 1200-1550. Some days lower, some days a little higher, but definitely watching it. I also missed at least one day of taking the pills when I left my bottle at work on accident.

    So I didn’t exactly take the pill, sit on the couch eating bonbons’ and wait for the miracle. Whether the lipofuze had anything to do with the near 10 lb weighloss in 2 weeks, I don’t know for sure. But I do know that I haven’t had any of the side effects, i’m sleeping fine, and I do feel like I have more energy but that could be the water. I will continue to take it for now, and see what happens. but for now, I’m pleased with the results of that, and my work. I like to think that the changes I’ve done wouldn’t amount to quite that much in so short a time, but who knows. I’ll at least take it through the end of this bottle and see where I’m at then.

    Me, the caffiene addict, could drink an entire pot of coffee in a day. And drink at least one diet coke, some days more, but 1 was average. I am now down to drinking a cup first thing, then one when I get to work, maybe a half of another one and then a cup of iced coffee, that I barely finish and usually end up throwing half away, and that’s all the caffiene I’ve been having in the last week or so. If the lipofuze is what is resulting in that, then it’s worth it to me for now, b/c it helps me drink more water!

    Leslee October 2, 2010
  64. I’ve tried SEVERAL weight loss pills over the past few years, solo slim worked great for me last year but I wasn’t able to keep the weight off, and the pills didn’t seem to work as well the second or third time around, plus it’s been taken off the market now.
    I’ve been taking Lipofuze for about a week now. When I first initially started taking it I did get the nausea, and headaches but I quickly learned that I need to drink at least a bottle of water within 30 minutes of taking it to keep from getting these side effects.
    When I started last week I was 135 lbs, and I’m 5 foot nothing. This morning I weighed in at 130 lbs. My clothes are starting to fit much better, and I can really tell a difference. Being only 5 foots, 5 lbs makes a huge difference on me!
    I’ve really noticed a difference in my eating habits when taking the pills, I definitely have to remind myself to eat.
    I recommend keeping a bottle of water with you at all times when taking this product, drink plenty of water and you shouldn’t have any problem with the side effects.
    I have not worked out at all since starting these pills, however I very much intend to start my regimen today, hopefully I will see some very drastic results quickly when I combine working out, eating right, and taking Lipofuze.

    Tessa October 4, 2010
  65. The first time I tried this number I was kept holding for more than half an hour and I gave up. The following day I tried much later in the night (am in UK) and it was picked up straight away and sales person who answered me was very helpful. I would like to believe its a genuine company. I also would like to try lipofuze from what I have read in the reviews

    Gordon October 4, 2010
  66. i have a verry hard time swallowing big pills i want to know the size of lipofuze before i buy it. in the past i’ve payed for somethings i cant evan swallow.

    nicole October 9, 2010
  67. I started the detox on 10/8/10 – Stopped it the morning of 10/10/10. The detox made me feel VERY VERY sick. I got the shakes, nausea, sick/flu feeling. Monday, 10/11/10 – I started taking the Lipofuze diet pill. It is now Thursday afternoon. I forgot to take my pill this morning with breakfast but usually (before taking Lipofuze) I could eat A LOT of food for breakfast. This morning, I ate a Nutri-Gran Cereal Bar and a Granola Bar totaling only 220 calories. Also, I took my first pill for today 30 minutes before lunch. I drink a whole bottle of water with the pill each time I take it. I never get sick feeling. I don’t get headaches either. The key here is WATER. Drink WATER! So, 30 minutes after taking my diet pill I had sushi for lunch. I love sushi, I could eat sushi like CRAZY!!!!!!!!! I only ate about half of what I could eat. I have lost 12 pounds this week.

    Thanks, xoxo

    Hilary October 14, 2010
  68. im about 5 feet and 180 lbs…its alot im way overweight…i had twin boys 3 years ago and to this day cant get the weight off….i need help ive dieted and worked out for a while now and a few pound here and there but always gain it right back….im thinkin about tryin out lipofuze any suggestions anyone???

    LakinM October 18, 2010
  69. After all reviews i have read i can’t wait to try it! with everything comes side effects but if the results are what i have seen i’m willing to put up with it. after the first child i haven’t been able to get back to my original weight and its starting to get to me, i walk i run, i swim it just won’t disappear so i ordered this today and will be hanging out next to the letterbox waiting for it to arrive lol

    Nikita October 25, 2010
    • hey nikita,

      did u try this product? does this really work ? any side effects?
      plz gimme ur feedback? help…

      neelu March 18, 2011
  70. I have used them for 2 weeks and already lost 13lbs. They simply stop you getting hungry, however I do feel dizzy on them and often forget to eat because im just not at all hungry. I would reccomend to anyone they are really good just dont fall into the trap of not eating anything because its a sure way to get very very ill.

    adam October 26, 2010
  71. When I started taking Lipofuze, I was nearly 300lbs. Within 3 months, with diet and exercise, I was down to 255lbs.

    matt October 30, 2010
  72. Hello I am currently 230 lbs and at 5′ 5″. Not something I am proud of at all but have been struggling with depression and went off to college and gained a bunch of weight. I just got engaged so I would like to be anywhere from 130-150 before my wedding in summer 2012. Any pointers on what I should do if I do get the pills? I’ve read all of the reviews here and it seems like a pretty good thing to try. I do have my depression to worry about though and I have trouble sleeping at night so I’m not sure how my body will react. I really hope to lose this weight and to start being happier with myself and loving myself.

    Anna November 2, 2010
  73. Im 24,5ft4in and weigh 173lbs.I ordererd lipofuze about 4 days ago and after hearing all the positive feedback on it i cant wait to get them.

    LINA December 2, 2010
  74. so i recevied my pills three days a go ive been taking them for two days and ive lost 3lbs. I dont get hungry at all but i make sure i eat three meals a day to not slow my metabolism. i drink lots of water all day and make sure to burn 450 calories.i will weigh myself again on the 7th day and keep you guys posted.

    lina December 5, 2010
  75. Does it truly work? Im 15 and need to loose about 10-15 pounds as FAST as possible, somebody help me!

    izzy December 6, 2010
    • you’re 15. why do you think you need to lose that much weight?

      gemii December 20, 2010
      • @ Gemii: What does her age have to do with her wanting to loose weight? Have you never seen a 15 yr old or even younger that are overweight? It’s a good thing that she wants to take charge of her body and health.

        @Izzy: You should start off by analyzing what you eat and how you eat as well as the frequency, intensity and length of exercise activities you take part in.

        nornat December 29, 2010
      • @izzy>>>15 years old and concerned about weight loss. not a good sign. focus on your inner beauty at this age and eat healthy. after years of battling an eating disorder (which started at your age,) I am more concerned with you hving a potential self image issue where you feel you need to lose weight (at whatever cost) instead of eating a healthy diet and exercising.

        twotimer March 18, 2011
  76. I did very, very extensive research on diet supplements online and Lipofuze seem to be one of the pills with the most positive reviews from consumers and experts. I decided to give it a try. I was still skeptical after ordering online. The pills arrived on-time and they came with a three day detox bottle. After taking the detox pills, I didn’t feel or see any result. Once I started the Lipofuze pills, four days after, I had lost 6 pounds!!!! I was shocked. There are a few side effects though. I got nauseous at times and had a mild burning sensation everytime I took the pill maybe 10-15 minutes afterwards. It was nothing that I couldn’t deal with though. These side effects may vary with different people. Bottom line, Lipofuze is getting the job done so far with little to no exercise. I play basketball a few minutes twice per week. I would recommend Lipofuze any to people who could handle these mild side effects. I will keep you posted as I continue to take them. But overall, so far…so good.

    Tamica December 7, 2010
  77. I’m 15 years old, 5’4 and I weigh about 122 lbs. I don’t want to lose a lot of weight, but I do want to get rid of some fat…just about 15 pounds. But I want to keep it off . Should I take a 1 month supply of this? Am I too young?
    Id really appreciate it if I could get some feedback! Just don’t tell me I don’t need it, I really want to be fit :)
    Thank you

    Julia December 20, 2010
    • julia,

      you are too young to lose any more weight. when i was 20 (keep in mind, i am 5’4″ too), i was 120lbs, with chickent legs. you already are a good weight. leave it alone and be a kid. any weight for you will regulate naturally because of your metabolism and young age. just watch out when you go to college because that’s where people tend to gain too much weight. i think it’s called the “college 10 or 20″.

      jessica January 11, 2011
    • If you lost 15 lbs you would be 5’4 and weigh only 107 lbs which is much too skinny. I am 4’11’ (much shorter than you) and I weighed 105 in high shcool (many years ago) and was at an ideal “bikini ready’ body. At your height I’d say you may want o loose only 2-5 lbs maximum.

      Now for anyone else reading this. I am hitting the big 40 this year and after 3 kids want to be what I was when I was 20! I am 4’11 and weigh 123 lbs with lots of belly fat. I want to loose about 15 lbs to weigh about 107. Is this realistic? I just ordered 2 bottles today. I also started working-out 5 days a week (2 days of Zumba, 2 days of Hip Hop Abs and free weiths, 1 day Pilates).

      Jennifer January 24, 2011
  78. AlisaG

    I would really like to try this diet pill, however I am concerned about what happens after you have reached your goal weight and stop taking them? How do these pills effect your body long term?

    Meagan December 22, 2010
  79. I used Lipofuse 1 month in October and lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks. I had sick feeling and I got mild headaches also. I didn’t exercise though. I renewed using Lipofuse again and I have sick feeling and headaches again. I completely agree that it works and advise to drink plenty of water. Just please be cautious regarding side effects

    Hanna December 22, 2010
  80. I was fat. I took Lipofuze. I got skinny :)

    Maroc December 26, 2010
    • Lmaoo Wow Thats It.Jus Take It Nd Get Skinny.Gosh I Wish It Was That Easy
      Bt Didnt U Have To Do Nothing Else? >=-]

      Raisa January 15, 2011
  81. Hi Im 19 yrs old 5’2 and weigh 150 lbs :( This is the biggest ive ever been im used to weighing 120 easily my whole life but w being unemployed and inactive this last year ive gained 30 lbs! i guess it just creeped on me… Im curious if the pill makes your heart beat fast?? Does the pain feel like an upset stomach?
    And if the weight loss is long term. Thnx!

    AD1 December 28, 2010
  82. I am interested in trying this product. I am 19, 5’7 139lbs. i wouldnt say i am fat, i just want to lose a few extra pounds in my trouble areas. i am a smoker, i am wondering if lipofuze combined with cigarettes would have some side affects on me. Thanks!

    Brenna January 1, 2011
  83. Hi everyone, from what i have read lipofuze seems to work, however I am SO worried that once I stop taking it all the weight will pile back on :/ I understand that we have to learn healthy eating habits and exercise but I’m terrified about putting back all weight. Any comments/ advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Diana A January 2, 2011
  84. I am 5′ 8″ and weigh 220lbs, I just ordered my first 2 bottles a couple hours ago. I have read mostly positive reviews and I am hoping that I am just as happy with the results as most of you seem. My main question is one that wasn’t answered in anyones reviews, do you gain all the weight back once you quit taking the pills? I don’t want to have to be on diet pills the rest of my life.

    elizabeth January 5, 2011
  85. I have taken lipofuze for a little over two weeks and have had an 8 lb weight loss. I have been on a reasonable diet as well with splurging 2 out of the 14 days or so. So far I have noticed a decrease in appetite which has been wonderful. I will say the first three days I had bad side effects from it though, nausea, dizziness and that out of sorts feeling. I decided to decrease it to 1 pill a day and take 30 mins before lunch. I eat a small breakfast first thing but it÷as helped coat my stomach and I don’t get the side effects now. I am aware this has changed my results but I can tolerate to take it and I feel like it is working. I am satisfied with the purchase.

    Angela January 11, 2011
    • I just started today! Seems like everyone is losing around 10lbs the 1st 2weeks. Is it mostly water weight?

      Shantel R. January 25, 2011
  86. I am 44 years and weigh 289lbs with a history of diabetes and heart dz in my family. With this family track record I definitely need to lose the weight. I have been skeptical to try the newer OTC weight loss products since there have been so many negative side effects, however, after reading the reviews here, I am going to give Lipofuze a try. Will keep you posted.

    DJ January 12, 2011
  87. I am 39 and 5’7″ I weigh 195 and I am ready for a change. I have ordered my first month worth of lipofuse because of all of your reviews. I exercise and eat right but I have been a size 16 for 15 years so we will see if this produce will work on me. I have tried a variety but I haven’t had many results so lets see what happens. I will keep everyone posted on progress. Thanks for your reviews.

    Jennifer R January 15, 2011
  88. Heyy
    Um Really Worried About Lipofuze.Since This Is My 1st Time Trying A Dieting Pill.
    Like Does It Really Work.Nd Is It Right For Me?
    Nd If I Do Try It How Do I Take It?
    In The Morning,After Eating? How In 1 Day & More!
    Can Anyone Help Me?

    Raisa January 15, 2011
  89. Hey, Um, I’m 20 years old and weigh 207 or 208, How many months do you think will get me down to 140 130 with LipoFuze?

    ANnie January 23, 2011
  90. Hi everyone! I just took my 1st pill 30min ago. Feeling a bit nauseated…but its 9am and I have not eaten yet. About to eat oatmeal. Ok so I am 5’5 150…I have a 8mo old so I am trying to lose the baby goods. I have lost 10lbs in the past month with diet and I am excited to see how this will help even more. They also sent me the 72hr Slimming pill. Has anyone tried it? Im going to try it out soon. Ill check in next week =) Wish me luck!

    Shantel R. January 25, 2011
  91. i’m 5’7″, 250lbs. I’m so tired of being over weight, I just feel gross! I’m concerned about any risks associated with these pills. I can handle nausea and headaches, but i don’t want to risk my health (any more than being over weight is). Anyone heard of any more serious side effects? How long can you take these pills? Any interection with birth control?
    Thanks yo anyone who knows the answers!!!!

    LAS January 27, 2011
  92. Hi everyone I am 29years old and am 5’6 and weigh 187lbs. 2 weeks ago I weighed 197. I have been eating a lot healthier other than cheating once a week. I also started working out.i have battled with my weight after having 3 kids.I just got my lipofuze in the mail today and I plan on starting it tomorrow. My goal is to loose at lease 30 more lbs before I go on my trip March 12th.I will post weekly to let you know my results and side effects. Good luck to everyone and please share your results with me I think it would help keep me motivated

    melissa January 29, 2011
  93. Can you take Lipofuze with other vitamens and supplements?

    I have a vitamin pack that has a fat burning pill in it as well, should I exclude that pill from my intake if I am on Lipofuze?


    Alex January 30, 2011
  94. Can this be taken with other fat burners?

    Im currently taking a vitamin pack that has a fat burning pill in it and Im not sure if the 2 will work together or cause problems.


    Alex January 31, 2011
  95. Got my pills in the mail yesterday. It came with the detox pills, but Im not going to do those until later, hopefully thats not a bad idea.

    I took my first pill this morning. I started to feel the burn that some eluded to but I just drank my water like it recommends and it went away. It has defiently curbed my appetite. I ate about half of what I normally eat for lunch and I am full. Im 6’4 260. Im hoping to get down to where I used to be, 220, with the help of this product.

    I will try and keep everybody updated.

    Alex February 3, 2011
  96. I woke up at 6am took one pill and drink one full glass of water. I felt heat in my stomach and bowel movements, a little bit of headache not too serious and a little acid reflux but when I drink water they’re all gone. I eat 3 vienna sausage for breakfast and drink half glass of orange juice and half glass of water. I felt dizzy and jittery and I palpitate and head towards the bathroom as soon a I’m done stool all side effects was gone.

    I felt so energetic. That was odd. Because I still have flu. I was able to do all housechores and even repair my jackets in less than 3 hours. I will drink the other pill 30 minutes before lunch with vitamins and calcium pill. I’m planning to have fruit snacks maybe at 3pm and drink another glass of water. I am planning to have midnight snacks like oats granola bar and avoid eating chocolates I will weight tomorrow morning.

    Channel V. February 3, 2011
  97. soooooooo i have been over weight all my life…and yes i did used to weigh 397 lbs and i am 6’0 and an age of 24.. i know i am young.. and yes i am a big boy LOL.. but after a year of hard work and life hiting repeatedly over the head with hardship… i was doing the gym for 1 whole year working out monday- friday and sometimes saturday… i lost about 116 lbs give or take…. now.. my question is i would like to enchance my wieght to lose a little more.. even after i changed my gym habit and doing different work outs.. im not bruning as much as i did… and i eat pretty good… i was wondering if lipofuse would help me lose the wieght i want …

    i can keep it off once i achivie it.. thats not problem… i just donto want to be dependant on these pills but enchanced my wieght loss a little….. whoever reads this here a little of what i do….
    8-10 miles on stationary bike @ 95-110 rpms for 35 mins
    , eliptical 30 minns(when i donot do the bike)
    regualr weight lifting.. not to heavy i at least do 4 sets of 15…. everytime i lift…
    abs i do everyday with the exception of wed… 100 reps at 115 lbs 4 sets of 25 reps…
    3 sets of 15 reps pushups…
    on a goood day i take my bike and i do a 12 mile ride

    who ever has certain info of the lipofuse, or sujest its a good idea for my to take it… please let me know…
    oh one more thing… i have not past medcail history, only gastritis which is why i cant eat faty and fast foods… kinda sucks when u go out with friends everybodys having a whopper and you have to eat a chiken sandwich with out bread LOL but thats life…
    thank you for reading… and in advanced thank you for responding
    ;) – Big John

    Big John February 5, 2011
  98. I am 47yrs old good shape. I way 160p. Like most men i have a little belly. I don’t drink. I am a veg. On a good diet and workout 5 days per week. On less I go down to at least 140p you can not see my abs. Will this work for me?

    Joe February 22, 2011
  99. hi,after reading all these reviews im thinking of using this product,does it really work? and if it did,where did u buy it?shop/online/what website. Thankyou,please get back xxx

    katiie March 12, 2011
  100. I have been taking this product for a week. I take one a day and I take it with food because I read about the stomach issues.
    So far in a week along with 30 minutes of exercise a day, I have lost 5 lbs. Now let me tell you I have been exercising 30 minutes a day for 2 months and only lost 2 lbs. So yes, I think these pills are helping.

    jacque April 2, 2011
  101. I bought Lipofuze I would say about a week and a half ago and with the Insanity Workout and this pill i’ve already lost about 8 pounds so far I would definitely recommend this pill to anyone with weight problems.

    James Flake May 8, 2011
  102. I started Lipofuze about 4 months ago along with walking in intervals for 20 to 30 minutes a day and only taking half the recommended dose I have lost a total of 21lbs. The very first time taking Lipofuze I could feel it working. I am 54 years old and would recommend this fatburner to everyone who needs to boost their metabolism.

    Dee September 21, 2011
  103. awesome product really helps

    shanya December 22, 2013
  104. Newer testimonials, please! Can you take with high blood pressure?

    Catherine Grant January 17, 2014
    • Catherine, if you’re taking medication for high blood pressure, then you’ll want to talk with your doctor before trying Lipofuze.

      slicedobservant February 4, 2014
  105. would like to know if it causes problems in the future by not having kids since im not yet married ?!

    maram March 31, 2014

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