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Lipolyze Review

By: slicedobservant

Is Lipolyze the Best Fat Burner?

Lipolyze claims it is “best categorized as a caloric wasting supplement”. They don’t go into detail about how there supplement is a “caloric waster” but they do say over and over again that stimulants don’t promote permanent weight loss and can actually cause you to lose muscle. This may be true but the Lipolyze formula contains green tea, a natural caffeine stimulant.

Lipolyze Active Ingredients :

Daily Dosage: 1 capsule 3-6 times per day (with meals)

How Much is Lipolyze?

A 90 capsule bottle of Lipolyze retails at $49.99, but can be found discounted much cheaper online. I couldn’t find a retailer that offered a money back guarantee.

Lipolyze Conclusion

The bottom line is Lipolyze contains a few good weight loss ingredients, but not in high enough doses to get the job done. The Lipolyze formula is too weak to promote significant weight loss. I would like to see the makers of Lipolyze increase their current ingredient amounts and add a proven appetite suppressant. I don’t recommend Lipolyze as a top rated fat burning supplement. Below are weight loss supplements that have been voted the best by customers and experts alike.

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  1. I think if green tea is your only complaint you have issues. read up on green tea here:

    i would rather put green tea in my system than these dangerous stimulant based alternatives. I lost about thirty pounds using this, got pregnant, had a beautiful baby and the weight is coming right back off. Not only does species offer the best products they also offer you knowledge so you can live a healthier lifestyle.

    Dave Palumbo knows what he is doing!

    ellen lopiano February 13, 2010

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