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Liquid Lipo Review

By: slicedobservant

Liquid Lipo is a liquid product from Hoodialyte that uses South African hoodia as its main ingredient.  Liquid Lipo is said to be able to control hunger and burn calories which is a pretty impressive promise but it is a promise that I am fairly doubtful can be kept by the company.  

The website is very breif and there is almost no explanation about how Liquid Lipo actually works, and mostly the website just tells you where you can buy the drink.  

Generally, when a company does not give you much information about their product, it means that they know that the product is not that great.

Liquid Lipo Ingredients

There are three ingredients in Liquid Lipo; hoodia gordonii, green tea and oolong tea.  Hoodia is essentially an unproven and worthless ingredient.  About five years ago, hoodia was a big deal ad was the new miracle cure for weight gain.  

But in the meantime, hoodia has been unproven and debunked time and time again.  Green tea is a good ingredient but it is present in just about every weight loss pill on the market and it is nothing special.  Oolong tea is another unproven ingredient and it is not guaranteed to give results.  Speaking of guaranteed…

Liquid Lipo Guarantee

There is no guarantee offered on orders of Liquid Lipo.  No guarantee means that the formula is probably not going to work for a lot of people.  

When a company knows that they are selling a product that is going to work, they will offer a good guarantee because they know that no one is going to want to return the product.  When no guarantee is offered, your money is not safe.

Liquid Lipo Conclusion

As far as I can tell, there is no good reason to buy Liquid Lipo.  Liquid products generally end up being a little more expensive and they often have a weird taste to them as well.  

Liquid Lipo only has one or two marginally effective ngredients and they do not offer a guarantee on the formula either.  I should not need to tell you this, but a weak formula, no guarantee and an poor website is a recipe for disaster and wasted money.

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