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Mega-T Green Tea Chewing Gum Work Review

By: slicedobservant

Mega-T Green Tea chewing gum was designed by Dr. Stephen Hsu to give you all the health benefits of green tea in a chewing gum to help you lose weight and even prevent cancer. The main point of this chewing gum is to get your body full of EGCG antioxidants which are shown to help prevent atherosclerosis, help with weight loss functioning, prevent cancer from forming in your body, as well as help with arthritis, diabetes, and anti-aging.

The idea behind this gum is to make sure you get these benefits through a simple piece of chewing gum. Two Pieces of gum a day is the equivalent to drinking 2 cups of green tea every day. Gum may be more affordable and practical then drinking two cups of tea every day, but does Mega-T Green Tea Chewing gum work?

Why gum and what is Green Tea?

The idea behind the green tea gum is really ingenious, let’s make a convenient way to ensure that our product is used so that our clients receive all the health benefits of green tea, it’s a lot easier to chew a piece of gum for 15 minutes than to prepare an herbal blend of tea twice a day, and since it tastes good, it’s more likely to stay a sustained behavior than taking pills. Most people already chew gum so this is just an incentive to keep up that behavior.

Green Tea is an herbal supplement that has become the new “it” product among many health consumers over the past couple of years. It increases oxidation in fat cells and thereby decreasing their density, making them easier to lose. It also eliminates many of the carcinogens that attack our cells on a regular basis and lead to cancer. However green tea does contain many of the side effects that come with caffeine such as anxiousness, restlessness, and even irregular heartbeat. If used in excess, it can cause a potentially fatal iron absorption complex. Be aware of the potential side effects before you use this product, especially in excess.


This product is super easy to use and relatively cheap, so it should make losing weight both convenient and cheap. The benefits of the EGCG antioxidants are potentially life-saving. It should also help you stay more alert and aware of the world around you. It could help you lose weight, lower blood pressure, avoid cancer, and might even prevent Parkinson’s disease.


If you use this gum in excess, it could have serious consequences down the road. So chewing 2 pieces for 15 minutes should be all the gum chewing you do during the period of a day. If you aren’t that disciplined or if you just like chewing gum more than that, it might just be better for you to use a pill to get the same benefits down the road.


This website is more of a dedication and memoriam to Dr. Hsu than an actual supplement website, however this gum could be an easy way for you to receive many of the health benefits associated with green tea, so if you feel like you can maintain a stable use of the gum, this product could have major benefits, but overuse could cause fatal side effects from caffeine toxicity. Just be aware of this and you should be fine.

This Product can be bought of the official website of the company for $2.99 a pack, and comes with a 6-8 week money back guarantee.

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