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OxyElite Pro Review

By: slicedobservant

Many fat burners on the market are very similar in ingredients, but if you’re in search of a fat burner that uses quite a different approach than most on the market, then OxyElite Pro is worth looking into.

Often times when people try to lose weight or burn fat, the Alpha 2-Receptor in our body doesn’t allow us to, but instead it tells our body to store fat. OxyElite Pro is designed and formulated with ingredients to deactivate the Alpha 2-Receptor in your body that makes fat bind to your body.

When the receptor is deactivated, the fat is not going to stick to your body like it normally does and you’ll be able to lose the weight that you have always wanted. Not only that, but OxyElite Pro also increases thermogenesis and your fat-burning ability.

However, those methods, used by tried-and-true diet pills like Phenphedrine, are popular for a reason. Can this alternate route take us to the same destination?


OxyElite Pro is formulated with 100mg of Caffeine and a 119.5mg proprietary blend to help deactivate the Alpha 2-Receptor and help you lose weight and burn fat.

oxyelitepro supplement factsThe OxyElite Pro Proprietary Blend Ingredients are:

Thyroxine, a tyrosine-based thyroid hormone that regulates the body’s metabolism. It increases the rate at which you digest food, aids in cholesterol breakdown, and boosts serotonin levels in your brain.

Bauhinia purpurea increases thyroid hormones to maximize energy, mood, and fat burning. According to one study, this ingredient increased both T3 and T4 hormones at a rate of 83 percent

Bacopa monnieri is a natural extract that helps the body recover T4 levels and give more energy to help you burn fat

Geranium stems produce a constituent that resembles adrenaline, helping you to work out harder and longer.

Getting the Most Out of OxyElite Pro

OxyElite Pro, like any other fat burner on the market, works best when used alongside a low-calorie diet rich in fruits and vegetables as well as frequent physical activity. While you may be able to lose weight without making changes to your lifestyle, the surest method is to put it a little extra work of your own.

OxyElite Pro is meant to be taken on an empty stomach, typically before breakfast. You can take 1 or 2 capsules depending on your tolerance for the ingredients, and if you have no side effects with that first initial dosage, then you can increase that amount by taking another capsule 6 to 8 hours later in the day (though no more than 3 capsules total per day).

You should only use OxyElite Pro for about 8 weeks at a time with a 4 week break in between cycles.

Risks and Side Effects

OxyElite Pro is a powerful formula, and even though the ingredients are safe to use on a regular basis, they come at the cost of some negative side effects. The most common side effects include:

• Nausea
• Migraines
• Irritability
• Nervousness
• Jitters
• Insomnia

Note:, Geranium extract is also known as Methylhexaneamine, and it will test positive on a drug test.

If you are taking medications or birth control, you’ll want to consult with your physician first. Caffeine has been known to increase blood pressure, and some birth control pills slow the rate at which caffeine is eliminated from the body (increasing the risk of side effects).

Even if you are confident that OxyElite Pro will work for you, your safety should always come first, so double check with your doctor just in case.


• OxyElite Pro contains all-natural ingredients that shouldn’t cause any harmful, adverse, or toxic side effects.

• Designed to trigger the Alpha 2-Receptor in your body to shut off, the OxyElite Pro ingredients work together to help you reach the weight loss goals you have in mind.

• OxyElite Pro contains a good amount of caffeine to help boost your energy and improve your mood.

• The manufacturers claim that OxyElite Pro is a fast-acting fat burner and will exceed your expectations.


• The official website for OxyElite Pro lacks detailed information about the product and although it gives information about the ingredients it is difficult to sift through.

• They do offer a free sample of two capsules, but not enough to help you decide if it’s a diet pill that would work for you.

• Because of its potent formula, OxyElite Pro makers recommend that you only start with a one pill dosage instead of the serving size of two because your body may not be able to tolerate it.

• As with many fat burners on the market there are potential side effects that could include nausea, more frequent bowel movements, and stomach upset because most fat burners are designed to cleanse your system to help you burn fat.

Want a Free Sample? offers free samples if you share their page on facebook and fill out a short form.

Product Price

Surprisingly, OxyElite Pro is not sold on Instead, you are redirected to a different distributor where you can buy it for about $30 a bottle. Keep in mind, if you choose not to buy OxyElite Pro through NutraPlanet and opt for a different site, that there are many copycat companies selling tainted imitations of OxyElite Pro. Be sure that you’re getting the right product before you give out your credit card information.

Stacking OxyElite Pro

You can combine OxyElite Pro with other products such as PES Shift and USP Labs PowerFull to get even more powerful weight loss results.

Have a Question?

If you want to know more about OxyElite Pro, then you’ll have to visit USP Labs Helpdesk.

Overall Impression

Although we like the idea and different approach that OxyElite Pro use, the potential problems listed above make us less confident that it’s the best fat burner option for your specific needs.

Instead, we recommend you look to fat burners that produce better results like Phenphedrine.

Read OxyElite Pro Customer Reviews Below:

Have you ever used OxyElite Pro? Share your opinions here.

  1. oxyelite pro does have a money back guarantee if you order is from usplabs. you get 60 days and just send it back with a copy of your receipt. you guys should do more homework.

    cheslyn wilson January 31, 2010
  2. I’m new to oxyelite pro. By just trying it on a limb I’ve noticed from just the first day that I have tons more energy and not as much of an appitite for the greasy hamburger I once had. I felt the jitters at first but that went away very soon. I had increased heart rate. But I wasn’t crawling outta my skin like other weight loss pills I’ve tried. I like the energy. I have high hopes for this to conquer my hunger for pizza and junk. So far so good!

    Terrell March 4, 2010
  3. tired one pill today gave me ALOT of energy and took my appeite away which i loved i had a sip of protein shake and was full howeveri did intense cardio kickboxing workout and was able to keep up with class for first time now now im kinda tired so i think im going to try taking two pills instead next time but product seems to work great No side effects.

    jaqci March 10, 2010
  4. I started taking OEP last week and I have already lost 6lbs. Its a great weight loss pill and it gives me a lot of energy. No side effects. I usually forget to eat because it takes away my hunger which is great. OEP is the best weight loss pill I have tried. I love it.

    Trisha March 17, 2010
  5. I’ve been taking OEP for 2 months and it has worked very well. Before this my favorite fat burner was lipo 6 black. I believe that OEP is a bit stronger than lipo 6. i would reccomend OEP to anyone trying to loose weight fast.

    TAY March 21, 2010
  6. I started taking OxyElite Pro two days ago. Right when I took my first dose, I felt a ton of energy and my focus was better than ever! Having my job requires a ton of energy and focus! i definitley recommend this product. you will not be disappointed.

    Chris April 7, 2010
  7. second day on OEP. I love the energy burst it gives but im used to caffeen pills. I just wish it suppressed my appitite a little more. Ill try taking 2 tomorrow and see how it does. Other than that im excited to see what happens.

    Stacy May 1, 2010
  8. I started taking this pill and i do feel like i have more energy. The only problem is that it makes me throw up.

    Carla May 3, 2010
  9. carla,

    your tolerance is low. how you taken a thermogenic before? HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE. the number one reason i see for throwing up0 while on a thermogenic is dehydration. i’ve taken multiple thermogenics, OEP is the most potent i’ve come across.

    remember people – don’t skip meals, i hate seeing people who love the “appetite surpressant” if you have no food in your system your body goes into hibernation mode much like a bear. it begins to conserve energy instead of rapidly expending it. eat 6 meals a day

    joby May 4, 2010
    • aboslutely joby……so true…6 meals a day, certified aerobic inst./trainer. 20 yrs…so true, the only thing I feel alittle is acid reflux starts to bother me alittle..but doing it for about a month started last week. love it…combined w/ hcg drops…again only doing it for month…

      debbie October 14, 2010
  10. It seem to be working, only proplem i sometimes feel dizzy…

    Robin May 5, 2010
  11. thank you. I also felt like throwing up but drinking more has helped.

    Robert May 6, 2010
  12. also GNC has 30 day return policy

    Robert May 6, 2010
  13. i started oep today and i felt so much energy. my husband took it also we love it

    laura May 15, 2010
  14. I love this supplement! Energy, focus, no jitters, appetite suppressant, overall good mood enhancement. Workouts are better and more focused, cravings for sweet, junky food is gone. Started it a week ago and have lost 5 lbs. (working out and watching what I eat also). DRINK WATER with this one, you’ll need it. GNC and USP offer money back guarantees also.

    Martina May 16, 2010
  15. does anyone here know if oep will affect birth control ?

    jackie May 18, 2010
    • Hey Jackie,

      I had the some concerned too I take BCP’s and I asked my pharmacists if taking Oxyelite would interfere with my BCP’s they said no. Most fat burners would state if they would interfere with BCP’s. So far it is working while I take my BCP’s at night so I don’t take them close together with Oxyelite. Hope this is helpful.

      Nasya May 25, 2011
  16. I’ve taken this product up till Thursday of last week. I got injured at work on Wednesday the next day I had to take a drug test it produced a false positive had to go home and urine was sent to lab I got results finally today I produced a negative for amphetamines. But initially it showed I was using amphetamines I hate cause product has potential but it also has potential to get you fired. I was lucky the people I work with believed in me and sent sample to lab and now I can go back to work tomorrow Wednesday 5/26/2010. Take at your own risk but do some research on the 1,3 dimethylamylamine (geranium extract) it’s been banned by WADA.

    Luis May 25, 2010
    • Hi I was wondering more about how you proved that it was the oxyelite that made you fail please let me know! i failed a drug test and thats all that i have been taking

      Amanda June 1, 2010
      • I haven’t yet but im trying to find as much info as i can! This is the only thing i have been taking. Im talking to a lawyer soon because i was on probation. Ill let you know what i find out

        amanda June 3, 2010
        • Amanda, Have you found out anything? I want to begin taking OEP but I too am on probation and don’t want any problems.

          Onisa June 16, 2010
      • Caused my to have a questionable result on the meth portion of my drug test for the military. I immediately discontinued use and have had no problems since. I was borderline on my maximum weight even though I have a 30 inch waist. I thought it might cut in just a bit but didn’t. I have reverted to honest diet and excercise, just altering the exercise, and have had more succes.

        Eric July 19, 2010
    • I was taking oep for the 8 weeks i lost over 20 solid fat pounds..On the bottle it says you take it with the possibillities of failing test.You accept all responcibilities of taking it.I now am done with my 4 week break so i am going to start it back up again to get that extra jump on my training.Best product out there..And our GNC backs it 100%…

      Randy July 24, 2010
  17. I have been taking oxyelite pro and it caused me to fail a drug test.

    Amanda May 26, 2010
    • Amanda, did you ever get any reliable information. I also failed a drug test and was only taking oxyelite pro?

      Suz March 11, 2011
  18. ive been taking these pills for about 2 weeks. i do see the result. to me i look slimmer and feel great. at times the pills makes me feel sick to my stomach. when i feel sick i drink even more water and eat. highly recommend it.

    amy May 29, 2010
  19. Yeah, I’ve been on this product for a week or so. When I do take the pills I notice a slight increase in energy (notice I say “slight”. If I workout an hour or so post pill-ingestion I sweat about double what I would had I not taken the pills.
    After a week and eating under 1700 cals while performing aerobic activities 1-2 hrs per day, yes, I did notice a decrease in body fat particularly around my stomach, arms and thighs.
    Like Jesus – you do all you can in this life and He will do the rest. You do all you can with your diet/training program and the pill will do the rest hehe. That’s the best analogy to sum up any diet pill really :)

    Legitimate Reviewer June 7, 2010
  20. I’ve been on OxyElite Pro for the last week or so. I have had a problem losing those ten extra pounds no matter what I did. I’m in the military, so working out on a regular basis isn’t a problem for me, but no matter what I did, or how hard I pushed myself and dieted, those last few pounds never left.

    Once I started on OxyElite Pro, I noticed an increase in energy, which in my line of work was wonderful :). I normally have really bad side-effects from diet pills, so I started with only one a day, then I moved to one in the morning and one in the evening. I also noticed I filled up a lot faster. I started setting my alarms on my phone to remind myself to eat a meal or else I forget cause I’m never hungry. So far I have only lost a few pounds. I’m not sure if it is from me taking the actual pills, or from how the pills make me fill up a lot faster, but whatever it is I am glad it is working.
    The only thing I can say to people using this product is to REMEMBER to eat. Don’t starve yourself or the minute you’re off the pills you’re going to shove your face with anything edible around you, and all your hard work will be ruined. Even though eating will make you lose weight a little bit slower, it is also healthier to lose weight slowly. Too much too fast can harm your body. Just take your time with it.

    Overall, I am glad I have started taking OxyElite Pro.

    Monica June 7, 2010
  21. Amazon sells OxyElite Pro for cheap, $31.00 including free shipping for 90 capsules. They have a 30day return policy as well.

    Just started takign OEP a few days ago and I feel great. I’m a female, 130lbs and I take one capsule in the morning and one at 3pm.

    I have lots of energy, no crashing at work, decreased appetite and very intense workouts.

    I would not recommend to take this supplement too late in the afternoon, I’m afraid it will affect the ability to sleep at night. Other than that, I don’t feel any side effects of OEP especially compared to other supplements I have tried earlier such as Hydoxocut.

    Great Product!

    Swegirl June 11, 2010
  22. Oxy ELITE Pro is USP Labs latest metabolic booster. Once again USP labs does not disappoint! I will be honest, just about every metabolic booster I’ve used I’ve either given away to someone or just tossed in the garbage because of the ill effects they gave me. The majority of these products would make me light headed, jittery, hungry, or sick to the stomach. Oxy ELITE Pro did not give me any negative side effects what’s so ever. In fact, this product really boosted my energy levels, suppressed my appetite, and really seemed to help improve my mental focus. It may sound goofy, but I feel like my cognitive ability is enhanced and I can think faster when I take this. After just 2 weeks I can notice an increase in muscle definition and an overall improved feeling of well being. Out of all the categories of supplements that exist, the metabolic boosters/fat burners have always impressed me the very least. I’m glad to see finally a company developed an impressive and effective product to add to this category! I would most definitely recommend this product to others looking to drop body fat and gain extra energy!

    thenaturalone79 June 11, 2010
  23. After reading alot of these reviews< it seems we all have similiar effects, in one way or another. I started OEP about 2.5 months ago. Im 6'5'', and at the time, I was 258lbs. I started working out in March of 2010 after a 4 year lay-off. I started keeping track of my body fat from day 1 of taking OEP. I was initially at 22.8% bf, and after taking OEP along with a strict diet and exercise four days a week, as of two weeks ago, my bf is now at 10.5%! I have been absolutely amazed by the results of this product! I have never used any type of enhancers or body fat burners, mostly because college basketball kept me in shape, but I recommend this product to anybody that wants a better midsection. I go to a large gym, and I get asked everyday what is I do to have burned so much fat. TRY THIS !

    Big O June 12, 2010

    man o man June 14, 2010
  25. Man o man- it did for me too. It does go away. I tried to drink more water. It’s something in the urethra because its not just urine that finds it tough to get out. It does go away. I lost 60 pounds in 2 months. I made sure to eat 6 small meals a day. This did include slimfast (sad to say) but in my job, its very hard for me to get proper nutrition at work. So I pack a RTD and wheat thins. My wife took it as well, she doesn’t exercise like I did for the 2 months and she still lost 20. We are very impressed, and we will be taking it again after the 30 days off cycle. We went to GNC first because of their 30 day money back, but price wise I will be going to or If anybody has questions or side effects, shoot me an email, I will ask Jacob what’s up, or let you know if I have experienced or heard about it. If you write me and tell me it didn’t work, I will defend this product. I have gone line by line and reviewed the ingredients, and they are impressive. The side effects are minimal compared to other products. I suggest you go to GNC first due to the 30 day money back, just in case it doesn’t work. But for every 100 happy reviews I see, I see one person write in, that they are not happy. Give it a shot, Jacob made a good product.

    Mark Powell June 19, 2010
    • I just started taking OEP yesterday. I must admit yesterday it gave me a lot of energy and jitters. I’m constantly burping and I have to breath extra breaths. I’m in perfect health so I’m not sure what the issue is but instead of taking 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening I’m just going to stick to one a day until I begin to tolerate more. So great for the energy, but it did concern me after I started coughing to get breaths. (This may not be for me) I’ll keep everyone posted on additional effects.

      Must say it does suppress your appetite and seems to give you the energy you need. I couldn’t sleep last night that’s for sure…I’ll have to take the pill prior to 6pm.

      Houston June 23, 2010
    • Can you explain to me how oep works. Like why do you have to stop taking it for 30 days?

      kim July 9, 2010
  26. I took oxyelite pro about 2 months ago and I lost 13 lbs. I would have lost even more i’m sure if I had actually worked out alot. when I did work out i had plenty of energy to work out. I took a month off and decided to take it again to drop some more in the last 4 day’s I’ve been taking it I’ve dropped 2 lbs already. and am feeling great each day. I will continue to take this till i’m looking good..I think I’m going to check into other places to buy because even with my fire dept. discount at GNC it’s still $49.00 (ouch)

    Anderson June 26, 2010
  27. I started taking OEP about one week ago. However, I have stopped taking it because I seemed to crash in the afternoon. I was told to start with one pill (which I did) and I would know when to start upping the amount I was taking. After about 4 days of doing that I tood 2 caps in the am. I felt like I was dopped up! I was very dizzy and jittery. I have now stopped taking it because I am scared to do so. I currently take 100 mgs of Zoloft. I was wondering if taking that with the OEP was the reason I had such an adverse reaction. Does anyone have any information about taking SSRIs with OEP and if there are dangers in doing it?

    Amy July 6, 2010
  28. Amy, The bottle’s warning label says not to use the product if you are taking any SSRI. I would talk to your doctor about continued usage. I just bought my Oxy Elite today and plan on starting it in the AM =)

    Jessica July 6, 2010
  29. Have a question, not a review… Can anyone tell me if they have taken this while on medication. I wouldn’t take them together but a few hours apart. Has anyone had any weird side effects in this situation? Thx

    Colleen July 7, 2010
  30. I bought OxyElite yesterday and started taking it today. So far the only effects I have had is the jitters, burping, and it did make me use the bathroom after 20mins. So hopefully this will work. I have a high percentage of bodyfat and was recommended by drug rep from Vitamin Shoppe that this does work. He said he saw the difference in 2 weeks so I’ll see what happens and keep you all updated on my progress.

    Alex July 9, 2010
  31. The is a good product, but if when i took two pills a day i would never fall asleep. So, i only take one now.

    Ricky July 14, 2010
  32. I don’t have a review but I do have a question I bought OEP yesterday & I wanted to know if it effects birth control? Plz let me know thanx

    Terri July 16, 2010
  33. I love it! I got recommended it from a guy @ GNC, 8 months ago. I am so thankful! OXYELITE PRO killed the desire to over eat, had good energy & lost 50lbs! I also have a strict diet & work out. I am convinced that I would’ve still lost the weight if I didn’t diet/workout as much. Just not nearly as fast! I did 2.5 cycles of it. Came off of it because I hit my target weight of 175lbs. I love the before & after pics of me! GO FOR IT! BUY IT!
    -Aloha & Mahalo OXYELITE PRO!!!!

    richie t. July 16, 2010
  34. I started taking OEP about a month ago. I noticed the increased energy and all. The only bad thing was when I first started taking it I would get really nauseous when I exerted myself. Other than that it is great. I have lost 16lbs so far.

    Mason July 16, 2010
  35. What is all the talk about having to take thirty days off? This seems important…can someone clear this up for me?

    Sarah July 17, 2010
    • The bottle states you should only take it for 8 weeks at a time and stop for 4 weeks before resuming another round. Hope this helps :)

      Michelle July 19, 2010
  36. A personal trainer at GNC recommended I try OxyElite and I love it! I have a low tolerance for supplements and vitamins, so I was a bit nervous. Thanks to this site I felt more informed and decided to try it! This is day three and from day one my appetite was suppressed. I love sweets, however I had no desire to eat even a cookie for the pass three days. The first day I was alitte jittery, but it only last about 10 mins (until I had a banana). I’m full of energy, which is helpful because I just started working out 6 days a week. I only have to take one in the morning and feel the effects all day. The only side effect I don’t really like and is the sweating. I tend to get alitte sweaty under my arms. My mood has actually changed (surprisingly) I’m usually a happy people but I have really been in a great mood everyday. Overall it’s I haven’t had any negative affects…however I will keep you posted if I DO!!! :)

    Michelle July 19, 2010
  37. I dont have a review but a question! I am 5″4 and weight 135, However I am very petite a size 4. My body is super sensitive to fat burners, i get the jitters and then i get anxiety and its all downhill from there ha ha. I work out 6 days a week doing cardio for 40 mins and I eat a fairly well. I want to try OEP but I am scared! Any words of encouragement, should i try this product?!

    Ndeana July 20, 2010
  38. I started taking this fat burner two days ago. The first day it was fine because I ate something right after I took them and then waited a while to go running. When I got back, I was soooo dizzy and lightheaded. I stayed hydrated alll day. Today though, I took ot without eating and I’ve been throwing up all morning. That’s the least of my worries right now. I lost feeling in my hands and arms for like 15 mintues. I wonder if its from the fat burner.

    nicole July 22, 2010
    • Hmm, sorry you’ve been sick. I haven’t experienced any of those symptoms. Today is actually the 7th day I’ve been taking OxyElite. The only thing I don’t like about it is the sweating (but I know it’s good, definitely burning more calories). For example, I wear a heart monitor during my workouts and I have burnt an additional 400-450 weekly calories. (I just started back working out 6days a week) Are you taking any other supplements? If it’s making you feel worst vs better you should probably try something else… Honestly every body is different,things that work for some don’t work for others :(

      Michelle July 24, 2010
  39. I have been taking oep for a few days now and I am just curious…once I end the bottle I plan to not use fat burners again (atleast for a good while), will these pills affect my metabolism and ability to lose weight on my own again without needing a pill???

    ang July 25, 2010
  40. Just started OEP & my appetite is slashed. No side effects–lots of fluids. Drug test randomly bit not yet while on OEP. I’m a bit concerned.

    Mike July 25, 2010
  41. Does anyone know if this product will mess with my birthcontrol?

    Hannah July 27, 2010
    • Consult you doctor… From what I have read there is nothing in OEP that will effect birth control… Double check w/doctor…

      Samantha July 30, 2010
  42. I just bought the OxyElite Pro Product but have not used it yet. The salesman at GNC recommended I do a total body cleanse first and then start the OxyElite. What kind of diet is recommended to use along with this product. I’m constantly working out and trying to eat the best I can, however, I’ve tend to let myself go and gained 10 lbs. I would like to lose that plus another 10 on top of that. Can I do the slim fast diet on these pills. Please advise. Very eager to get started.

    marian July 28, 2010
  43. So I have been taking OEP for a couple of weeks now. I am just concerned about the warning about not taking caffeine with it. I love my cup of coffee in the morning. I am wondering is it safe to have some caffeine with this supplement. Also what about alcohol? Is it safe to have an occasional drink with it?

    Nat's July 28, 2010
    • I have been taking OEP for about 6 week, works great for me I aslo enjoy coffee couple times a day and green tea as well I did not stop drinking either but and the flip side I am not getting a lot of sleep…I’m not that tired either so. I am 46 years old and have not had a sixpack in ages, well it’s here now and I enjoy every minute of it (can’t stay away from mirrors, lol) I lost about 30 pounds over the last 4 month started by just walking 3 to 4 times a week for a couple hours and recently turned things up with OEP going to the gym 5 times a week I recently run 7 miles non stop on treadmill. Monitoring my food intake is also a inportant part of weigth lost so my suggestion to all of you out there is to not rely on one thing only to do the work for you. You will get out what you put in! stay hydrated.

      LP March 23, 2011
  44. 2nd week going on 3rd week on oep and I feel great. The first day gave me so much energy. It really help me not over eat when I was hungry. Since being on oep I have lost nine lbs. Thats about two and a half week with a balanced diet and exercise. I recommend this product to anyone.

    wendy July 28, 2010
  45. Was 252lbs at 6’1″ knocking on a 40 inch waist. Tried to play soccer with my 7 and 11 yr old and coundn’t. So I decided to change my life style (eating habbits). With OxyElite Pro in 4 months I’m now down to 206lbs and walk at least 5 miles a week. It has curved my eating habbits and give me more engery during the day. Cant say it’s the best product out there because I have not tried them all BUT OxyElite Pro has work out great for me.

    Scott July 30, 2010
  46. i just started taking OEP last sunday! 7/25/2010 i am 5’2 and i started out at 245.8lbs yea once i saw that it hit me that i needed to do something im to young to be at that weight. but i have been taking the pills for almost a week now and the other day i got on the scale and i was 2at 240. i was so happy. i havnt been to the gym yet but i do walk to and from the bus stop i take the stairs and i am on a FIT active meal plan. the only symtoms i have had was the jitter the fist day. i drink nothing but watter which made me use the bathroom like crazy the first couple of day. but i am glad and so excited i was introduce to this pill. To be continued……….

    Keyonna July 30, 2010
  47. I bought OEP yesterday and am not sure if im going to take it just yet. Im in the military and not sure if this will effect a drug test or not considering theres lots of grey areas around Military banned substances. Does anyone have any knowledge on this or answers concerning if it has banned ingrediants?

    Mandy August 1, 2010
    • Yes, actually I read that people at work have random drug tests and shows use of amphetamines.

      Ryan August 3, 2010
      • Please anyone with any information, help… I was taking OxyElitePro and had a random drug test and came up positive for amphetamines. I was only taking OEP. I lost my job today…

        Suz March 11, 2011
        • @Suz
          Hi, I just bought a bottle of OEP and the store I got it from actually posted a label on it warning that it contains stimulants that appear on the world anti doping agency list.

          Lubz April 12, 2011
  48. I bought OEP a 1 month ago, and I started to take today. When I bought at GNC, the seller said a lot of good things about OEP. I hope it works as well as she said…

    Henrique August 3, 2010
  49. why do you need to wait 4 weeks inbetween starting a new bottle? I have lost 8 lbs on first bottle. I have been eating GREAT for years and never able to move the scale. I would like to lose another 8 lbs and already 2 days off, I feel hungry and tired. I am afraid the weight will come right back on. Someone please tell me if I HAVE to wait and if I do, is there something else I can take in the meantime. Of course my health comes first but hate to gain back the weight!!

    Idnar August 3, 2010
  50. well i been oxyelite pro and with in 2 weeks i lost 17 pounds. i would run 5 times a day and have small meals every 2 hours. so about 6 meals a day. i would lose about a pound a day. so i am going to keep on this diet of mine and hopefully i will get down to 170. already at 215 so 45 pounds to go.

    ryan stroad August 4, 2010
    • I am in the same boat. I JUST started taking this and am already on a 1350 calorie plan so I am hoping this helps me meet my 174 pound goal. Don’t see why the military’s weight for a height is so far above the national.. they say i only have to be 191 lbs but everything i look at says 174 so 174 here i come. 15 more lbs to go already lost 10 since i started.

      Scott October 2, 2010
  51. ops not a day a week sorry.

    ryan stroad August 4, 2010
  52. I just started taking OEP this past Wed(Sun now) so take this for what its worth. I read nothing but great things about OEP, so I decided I had to test it out. So far it has been great, I have noticed some of the weight that I have never been able to loose slowly coming off. I have stepped it up in the gym too, which plays a role as well, but the pill seems to really supress my appettite. This stuff really makes you sweat. I havent had a ton more energy but have noticed that im not as tired throughout the day. It does upset my stomach a little bit, and cause me to stay up later then usual, but it really does do what it advertises. Anyone just considering it really should give it a try..good luck all!

    Jason August 22, 2010
  53. I have always wanted to lose my pregnancy weight but it is very difficult to do so. I started using a product called supper slim and it has really help me shed the pounds off. Now I am looking for something else to add to it and with all the research I have found OEP. I absolutely love this product not only does it help you lose the weight it also increases your energy. The only thing that I notice about it is that it has my heart beating faster which only means that I need to move at a faster rate. I went from from a high 180lbs to 160lbs, after trying OPE I dropped down to 130lbs in two months. Inorder to see faster results an intense workout is recommended along with a suitable diet. OEP is great and I would suggest anyone trying to lose wieght to give it a try. It is a bit on the expensive side but it does work and I love it.

    Febes August 24, 2010
    • jus wanted to say that if it makes ur heart beat faster then u need to do less work because a super high heart rate can be very dangerous to burn the target heart rate to burn fat for a 21 year old is 140 on alot of thermogenics that can be reached jus by walking fast to get in better physical shape or “cardio” u want it around 160 working to hard can kill you on if u dont pay attention to that…be careful

      clint September 14, 2010
  54. What about people who are on medication like Paxil?

    Nicole August 28, 2010
    • Hi I work in the medical field and I would defiantly talk with your MD who prescribed your Medication. I know from past history taking these times of fat burners with anti depressants can cause one to become more agitated. So i would talk to them first. Also not recommended with some one with high blood pressure. Good Luck.

      latinaheat September 18, 2010
  55. I am a 54 year old female. I started taking OxyElite Pro 3 months ago and have lost a total of 28lbs with no workouts, I have bad knees. So far I have had no side effects. After taking OxyElite the first few days I noticed that I did not have hunger pains so now I don’t over eat and I eat only small meals about 4 times a day. I have tried other fat burning pills but did not have any weight loss with them as I have had with OxyElite Pro. Good Luck

    Jackie Collett September 1, 2010
  56. You are full of CRAP!! I have takin OEP and havve dropped a total of 40 pounds!!!!!!

    Mike September 1, 2010
  57. i like the ope im on my 3rd bottle and i lost about 70 pounds…

    tracie September 3, 2010
  58. OEP makes me extremely hungry all day long. Don’t know where all the reviews that say it SUPPRESSES appetite are coming from, because it makes me starving!!! Haven’t noticed any good changes yet… first week of trying it.

    Randa September 10, 2010
    • Randa, these pills make me hungry as well. I don’t know what people are talking about. I do feel like they give me energy, but they definitely make me hungry. I feel like I’m starving!

      India October 10, 2010
      • Been on the pill for 5 weeks so far, and i have noticed that i’m hungry more often, but when i start eating, i lose my apatite faster, aka i eat less with every meal. Been great, lost 25lbs so far.

        Oahu October 13, 2010
      • I just got this product and I was feeling what I thought was hungrier as well. It turns out I was just really thirsty. I used to act on my thirst by eating. Try drinking more water and see if this satiates the “hunger.” Let me know how it goes…

        Ed October 15, 2010
    • I am the same. I thought it was hunger at first when I found out all I needed was water. It makes me super thirsty. After I drink a bottle of water, the thought of even eating food makes me sick.

      AMB November 1, 2010
  59. I started taking OEP and I am about to finish my first bottle in two more days. I use to be a hardcore weight lifter because of high school and college sports so I have tried a lot of different supplements throughout the years. But once I started taking OEP I felt a big difference in my energy levels throughout the days. It does keep me up longer in the nights but I believe it is worth it. I was at 12% body fat and now I am at 7% BF. I am 6′ tall and 194 lbs. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. So people give it a shot it is worth it, but make sure you put in a good cardio to get the best results.

    Brandon September 12, 2010
  60. I just started using thi product, and OMG It’s great! It also gives u super energy, it does make u a little more thirsty than usual, but it OK. Anyway 2 thumbs up for this product!

    yasmeena September 12, 2010
  61. I have been taking this for only 5 days. I have already lost 9.5 lbs however my blood pressure has gone up to 158/114 it’s not worth the risk!

    jules September 12, 2010
  62. I started about 3 weeks ago. and 3 weeks ago I was still wearing my 16 jeans and now I am in my 12 jeans again. I love this product. i walk each evening as well so I am dropping punds and inches like nothing. Only prob I can’t sleep at night when I take 3 pills a day. but i look good tho! lol

    sha September 14, 2010
  63. Well folks, just purchased my first bottle of OEP. Will let you know my results after one week.

    Demi September 16, 2010
  64. Me and my friend started taking these pills on Monday and we love them. We purchased the bottle with a bigger supply and was recommended to go in half and half to cut down cost so that helped alot. Although, I don’t mind paying the cost if its going to work. I have been really tired lately but since I started these pills I have more energy but at night I feel that my body slows down. Unlike others, I haven’t had problems sleeping however my appetite has decreased which is always great. Today is Thursday, but I am afraid to weigh. I mean I hear alot of people saying the saw fast results but I don’t want to be let down because everyone’s body is different. Despite, whatever I loose this week I am going to continue trying for a month because the long-term effect should be beneficial to me. People trying to loose weight be encouraged.

    Latoya September 16, 2010
  65. i have been taking it for about a week and havent lost a single pound? I have no clue what im doing wrrong? i only eat once a day,and i stopped drinking soda and only drink water or lemonade.i had my 3rd child 5 and a half months ago and am bigger then i was when i was pregnant. it does give me energy and take away my hunger but no wieght loss as of yet? any advice?

    joanna September 20, 2010
    • It helps with a lot of exercise!!

      Lani girl September 24, 2010
      • Instead of 1 meal a day, have 6 small meals. When you eat once a day, your body thinks you are starving it and holds on to the fat. Eat 6 small meals through out the day and you might just see a difference.
        Hope this helps….

        Jackie September 29, 2010
    • well your problem is that your only eating once a day and taking these pills. your body is trying to hold on to as much fat as possible to maintain homeostatis. you need to eat 6 small meals throughout the day to maintain a good metabolism.

      shawn October 13, 2010
    • Just a thought on that, the main thing that has helped me when trying to drop some LBs are just simply eating 4, 5, and sometimes 6 small meals a day. I play college football and noticed that when I ate 1 big meal a day my metabolism would shut down and store the food that I was eating cause my body was only getting 1 meal a day. As i have started eating smaller meals more frequently, I have lost weight and fat. But they have to be good meals!! Also with drinking Lemonade, just be careful with that cause a lot of times they have just as much high fructose corn syrup (sugar) as a soda! That to me has been the biggest key, drinking only water and naturally flavored beverages with zero sugar! Hope this helped a little!

      Mike October 14, 2010
    • When you only eat once a day your body thinks that your starving it and will fight the pill to maintain the weight. Try small meals throughout the day and I bet you will start to lose the lbs.

      Samantha November 12, 2010
  66. So I bought the OEP on 18th of this month, today is the 20th I started at 177 am now 174! Wow is all I can say! I love my purple pills

    angelina1760 September 20, 2010
  67. Started first bottle today. My first workout after taking and I was sweating like crazy. Appetite “I definately” forgot to eat! Hopefully I have great results

    Lauren September 21, 2010
    • Hi lauren!
      I just recently got off of Oxyelite about a month ago…Seriously, I wish I didnt have to…I just love it! I lost 40 lbs! after 15 yrs. I finally found something that helped me to lose weight. I got about 20 more pounds to go. I was like 187 and dropped down to 147. my goal is to drop to 1

      Lani girl September 24, 2010
      • continue-
        My goal is to drop to 135-125lb…The only bad thing I did was use the Oxyelite longer than I was suppose to. Thank God nothing went wrong. Now Im currently on the Gnc womens active vitapak. I’ll be purchasing one more bottle of the Oxyelite very soon. All in all, I love this product!! This is the most weight I’ve ever lost after having for children and 15 yrs. later…..

        Lani girl September 24, 2010
  68. I have been taking OEP for about 7 weeks and I dropped 8 pounds by the end of the first 2 weeks. I have not weighed since but do know I am losing inches as well. My clothes are fitting differently. I make myself eat 4 snack sized meals daily. I reverse my dosage.I take 1 in the morning around 5am before eating then I eat a small snack around 9am then at 1pm take 2 before lunch,by around 4:30 I eat a snack and then my last meal around 7.
    it is working for me and I think eating helps speed it up. At least for me. My results have convinced 3 ladies I work with to buy some and they are happy with it too. It is not keeping me up at night either but I have no other caffeine source in my diet . I have not had results like this from anything since they took ephedra off the shelf. I lost my baby weight after my first child and couldn’t seem to after my second child until now. Those of you thinking about OEP just try it. Just give it a good 2 weeks before expecting results. And yes the more you work out the better it works. Keep in mind exercise should become a relaxing life style change not something we srtess about doing. I love to exercise but if my day does not allow for a quick workout I don’t fret over it. I just do it when I can.

    Susan September 25, 2010
  69. I am 187 pounds I just started taking this product. I will update you in a couple of days.

    Michelle September 25, 2010
  70. Is it possible to find positive reviews of a product not written by someone who sells a competing product? Of course if you sell Chevy’s you’re going say Ford’s are junk and vice-versa. Just the facts please, if you know what they are!

    Reg Thorston September 26, 2010
  71. I love oep!! Sweating like crazy with workouts and have super energy. Weight is coming off. I love it.

    Destiney September 27, 2010
  72. Well, this is my 1st full week on the product and I can say that I like it thus far. I just recently renewed my gym membership, and went to GNC looking for a good appetite suppressant. The chick and the guy behind the counter both immediately suggested Oxy Elite Pro. She said she was currently taking it, and it definitely cut her craves. So I got the bottle and the other stuff they suggested hahaha Protein and a shaker bottle. They did suggest I start with only 1 pil 1st because they were pretty strong. Well, I went to the gym the following day and had taken it about 30 mins prior. As I worked out, my energy was slightly higher, and I was really sweating and really thirsty. The monitor on the treadmil had my heart rate at around 172-78..I thought that was kinda high, so I slowed it down abit when I saw my heartrate in the RED zone. It never got out of that zone so I stopped with the cardio. As far as the appetite suppressant goes, I think it really works, I havent had the urge to eat, but I still kinda do cause I think its more mental than anything, and others were eating around me. I have adapted a healthier diet tho, that kinda excludes bread and table sugar. Im starting out at 178lbs, and when I weighed at the gym the scale said 168. I knowits basicaly water, but It made me smile :) I will give the entire bottle a try tho. I think I may just take 1 a day, I dont want my heart to blow up :( Besides I have the drive now..I want to be healthy, so Im just susing the pills to curb my appetite and a lil energy boost. Hopes this helps someone…

    Bread Lover September 28, 2010
  73. This product is awesome. I am a regular at my local gym; I run for an hour at around a 5.5 clip, and I lift weights to keep toned. My regular workout plan, combined with Oxy* has proven to be just right for my weight loss needs. My appetite has been dampened, but not to such a degree that I’m unintentionally starving myself. I have definitely noticed that I sweat more, but that’s great! Sweating expels harmful toxins that build up in the body, not to mention it helps with the reduction of water weight accumulated through too much soda and high sugar juice consumption. I just LOVE this product. No crash, no erratic heart rhythm, no stomach irritation, and most importantly, fast results!! For those of you out there searching for info on this product that isn’t intentionally misleading due to alternative product endorsement, check out bodybuilding websites. They are designed specifically for people who care about physical fitness, and they also provide customer reviews and extensive info on each product to help you make the best choice for your specific body type and needs. Best of luck to you all. Cheers.

    Vanna September 28, 2010
  74. I bought this Monday, Sept 27. I’m trying to lose 10-15 lbs. I’ve had a baby and between school, work, and the little one, I hardly have anytime for exercise. The guy at GNC told me this was the best thing to suppress my appetite. I took it almost immediately after I bought it. It WORKED!!! The day I bought I was having a passion party at my house and forgot to eat lunch bc of school and getting ready for the party. I ate nothing but breakfast that day bc I wasn’t hungry. And it’s been that way for 3 days now. I love it. Eating was my problem with the weight. And I was always craving sugars, I crave nothing now. Have to make myself eat supper. GNC guy also recommended taking Maximum Greens for a vitamin. They help the jitters i have. It doesn’t hurt my Stomach like other diet pills I have taken.
    I’ll keep all up to date on my weight lose. As of Monday, I was 157. I wanna just fit back into my pre-prego pants. Weight doesn’t bother me. Good luck to me and everyone else!!

    SaraB. September 29, 2010
  75. I am a 26 old mother of a nine yr old and a two yr old. I gained weight after my pregnancy. I was miserable. My husbands military so you know he looks good and is in great shape. I was so envious of him and for some reason a bit bitter (I know its not his fault). Why not exercise right…I did and even joined 24 hour fitness in Fort worth TX. I lost a little weight every other week but mainly seemed to maintain my already 195 pounds. I tried alli (which made me shart oil). Stopped that and moved to hcg injections (btw 125.00 for a 26 day supply) worked real good but 500 calories a day wit my appetite was not gonna cut it so I gained the weight back quickly and more. You can add slim shots, slim quick, slim fast, hydroxy cut and hoodia pills to supress my appetite which helped but horse pills aren’t very practical on a daliy basis. Now I’m at 200 h pounds; hating life along with skinny bxtches lol. My girl tells me about OEP but I skeptical cause she has a bottle that collects dust on her fridge… and has the nerve to recommend them to me. She wasn’t the last recommendation though. So I went to gnc on the naval base and grabbed a bottle. Started them immediately and dropped 10 pounds in 2 weeks. sounds unhealthy right but check this out…I’d take two first thing in the morning about an hour and a half later start feeling nauseous so I’d eat breakfast like an egg white three slices of turkey bacon and a serving of fruit w/ a big glass of water ( don’t care for water…its boring but its good for you so I had to switch up my diet completely). I have so much energy during the day. I can sweat just sitting on the couch so I figured why not start walking 2 miles at 5 am. Also I almost feel like I’ve had gastric bypass the way my appetite has decreased. I drink water before every meal (six small ones a day and can’t finish one to save my life). Lots of lean meats and vegetables every day. This stuff is great and it works. I see results and it gives me motivation to keep up the diet and exercising.Don’t want to stop at the required six weeks but I will so four more weeks to go but by then I’ll be bringing sexy back. Thanks for reading my post hope I inspired whoever you are.

    A real person, Tiffany September 29, 2010
  76. I started taking this product 2 days ago on the advice of a salesperson at GNC. I do have more “awakeness” can’t say energy because I still have my midafternoon yawning fest.
    However, I have noticed that it makes me feel hot with taking 2 pills. Guess that’s the thermogenics effect, but then the rest of the day I feel chilly. I have noticed I don’t snack alot and I am working out about 4 days per week. I guess my point is, is that it does work for making me feel awake and able to function. To early to tell about the weight loss but GNC has a money back thing. So if it doesn’t work I can take it back for a full refund with 30 days. I figure I should know if I’m keeping it or not within the next 2wks.

    dbc September 30, 2010
  77. I just purchased this product on the advise of a saleman at the vitamin shop. I have 10lbs. to lose and up till now the last 10 has been a huge brick wall. I started 4 days ago, I have energy and it some what surpresses my appetite. So far I havent lost anything but it’s only been 4 days. Will post in a week.

    Lisa October 1, 2010
  78. I take the OxyElite Pro and as of today, I have lost 3 lbs. I walk 3 miles every morning and that seems adequate. I am a 58 year old male and diabetic. There have been no ill effects or unwanted side effects of any kind. Regarding a guarantee: there are no guarantees. Who cares? If it works for you, use it. If it doesn’t, stop using it, don’t whine about it, move on. So you spent 30 bucks or whatever, again so what? People spend more than that on foo-foo coffees every month. Anyway, follow the directions on the bottle and you’ll be ok. Just remember: Everything isn’t for everybody! Remember the Atkins diet? Worked for many but not all. Same with this. Be sensible, think about what you’re doing, and work to achieve your goal. Nothing’s free. Good luck and don’t give up!

    Reliak October 2, 2010
  79. Been taken ope for one week started out at 161. down to 155.8 . I have been taken 1pill in morn before eating workin out 45 min a day. A little trouble sleeping at night but it gave me tons of energy i love it.

    Chanski October 2, 2010
  80. Well I am not a weight lifter or even what you would call an athletic person. I am however very overweight. I have been since I had my first son 22 years ago. I have been yo-yo dieting for years and right now I am at the heaviest I have ever been – even heavier than when I was pregnant! I’m miserable. So I went to GNC after some gentle nudging by my hubby and the person behind the counter recommended OEP. I did not purchase right away because of the expense. But finally went back and got it. Today is my first day and I have noticed I’m not as hungry today (coincidence perhaps). I am also starting back to the gym today – I only do cardio when I go. My problem is no will power. I love to eat – so I’m hoping that this will suppress my appetite enough that I can finally get in control of that habit. Most products in stores like GNC or at my gym are geared towards those who seem to already be in shape and just want to get “cut”. I just need to lose weight. I’m trying this for a month and hope to see a difference! I hope to post again soon with excellent news of weight loss!

    Betty October 4, 2010
    • Betty,
      Hi, my daughter swears by this product- she has lost 42 lbs in less than 3 months, but she is also 24 years old. I am not and don’t know if this can work for me. How is it working for you? I feel like I am similar to you. Who wouldn’t want to look ‘cut’, but I would be happy with losing this weight!! I need to lose nearly 70 lbs, and it really sucks, cause all I want to do is eat ! I spent my 20’s and 30’s without any weight issues, my 40’s ignoring the problem, and here I am at 50, fat, miserable and lazy! Hope to hear from you.

      Sharon December 6, 2010
      • Hi Sharon,

        I’m sorry to report that I no longer take OEP. It worked kind of for the first couple of weeks and then I started to get high blood pressure and nervous anxiety. I even started having really weird depression bouts so since that was the only thing new in my life – I cut it out immediately. All has come back to normal now. No more high blood pressure or anxiety issues or depressing bouts. I did read that some people actually have suicidal thoughts on this so that was another reason for me to quit it. Now my husband, who is nice and trim and only needs to lose about 10 lbs – if that, decided to finish my bottle. He felt it had great effects on him, but he is also in a manual labor job and basically works out for 8 hours a day…

        At this time I am contemplating other OTC products. Haven’t made a decision on which one yet.

        How has it been going for you? Have you lost any weight or have you had any side effects like I experienced?

        Can’t wait to hear from you!


        Betty February 2, 2011
  81. Just bought a bottle today. Took 2pills @2pm and I was bouncing off the I washed my car, dang near cleaned the whole house,did yard etc… loving these pills. My weight is 191.0 10/3. will update in a few days. Oh took 1 more pill @7pm (I work nights)

    Kyri October 4, 2010
    • well I couldn’t resist not getting on the scale today. I’m down to 188.5!!!!!!

      Kyri October 5, 2010
  82. i started to use oxy two months ago with diet and exercise and i got such good result that other members in the gym i attend have been asking me how they can get this product but its not aviliable in the country where i live.

    elijah October 5, 2010
  83. I have been taking OEP for a while now. I have to say I LOVE the stuff. I have lost a total of 120 pounds of body now and while I was not on the OEP the entire time, I have been on it for the past 4-5 months and it has been a HUGE help. I do stack it with the Jackd3D and love the combo. I am now a triathlete and would not even try to imagine my nutrition and workout regime without it.

    Shawn October 6, 2010
  84. Thought I’d weigh in on this. I started my first bottle of OxyElite Pro Sep 10th, and have thus far lost about 6 pounds. That may not sound like a lot, but I’m already in that “last 10 – 15 pound” area, and the weight was just cemented in. I only got the blast of energy on the first two mornings, and I’m not exactly forgetting meals, but I have a noticeable improvement in both of those two areas, and have already ordered my second bottle. I’m interested to see how following this through a second month will change things.

    Eric October 6, 2010
  85. My daughter is wanting to strat taking Oep. I want to make sure its safe for her because she did have a bloodclot from some presciptive medicine before. Is it safe? I have called the doctors office but they say they cannot say without knowing the ingredients.

    danacarol October 7, 2010
  86. This stuff made me very jittery and I did not sleep the first day I tried it. Worse than drinking a gallon of strong coffee and hour before bed. Not worth the effects.

    ROBIN October 10, 2010
  87. Popped my first two pills on 10/10/10. Currently standing at 188lbs, want to get down to 170lbs. Ideally want to lose 2inches in waist and keep everything else the same as that is my only pain point. Life 4-5times/week, cardio 3-4times/week. Diet is generally healthy.

    Will post if and when I see results…

    Rara183 October 10, 2010
  88. Just bought OxyElitePro Saturday, started to take one pill in the morning and one pill eigh hours later, like the back of the bottle says to do. There is really small print on the back for the ditrections, it says don’t take this product with other products that have caffeine in it. I am an avid weight lifter that takes Super Charge Extreme (NO PRODUCT) before a workout.
    My question is this, can I take a NO product with the OEP???

    David October 10, 2010
    • Hey David. Today is my second day taking OEP. I took one @ 6am, and then I took one scoop of Jack3d (NO Product) a few hours later. I am still pretty revved up but I’m ok although it’s pretty uncomfortable. I’m pretty used to taking Jack3d and NOExplode. In Fact, I will be cycling off Jack3d for 3 weeks before my next half marathon. However, I will continue taking OEP and probably add another pill in the morning.

      Ed October 15, 2010
  89. 246 now got a lot of work 2 do 10/13/10 cardio/weights i will see how it works

    robert October 13, 2010
  90. im going to start this pill monday as well as start but up at the gym.. I had lost weight by going to the gym but was always hungry though out the day so i hoping with working out and not being so hungry i can dop off the extra pounds.. im 182 now and hoping to get to 145 or 150! WISH ME LUCK and ill keep you all updated….

    kristinav October 15, 2010
  91. i got o e p a week a go. tried to do the 3 pills aday but was not working for me the first week droped to 2 pills aday. i feel great and have alot of energy through out the day. i haven’t had any problams sleeping. i’ve loss about 10lbs in the the weeks with little exercise. trying to hide from wife is the hardest to do when she notice the differance. this is a great fat burner i have turned my friends on to it and they said they love it. one of my friends quit smoking and it helped her loss the wieght.

    butter milk October 19, 2010
  92. I am on my 3rd day of taking OxyElite Pro and I am exhausted. I do not have any energy, I want to just lay down and sleep. I was hoping with all the good reviews that I might have some success with this. I am going to continue to take it and weight periodically. But it seems that if I am so tired, it isn’t working like it should. I am taking one in the morning and one in the afternoon as recommended. Nowhere on the bottle do I see you should take two in the morning. But I might try it just to see if I can get a boost. Has anyone else had this problem?

    Alaina October 20, 2010
  93. I began using OEP 6 weeks ago and have lost 30 LBS!! Of course i changed my eating habits and am running 2-3x a week for about 20 min. I am always on the run and put in 60+ hrs at work. I don’t usually eat breakfast so i got a low protein meal supplement GNC’s Lean Shake. I take this for breakfast 4x a wk. Though my appetite has been suppressed i try to snack every 3 hours. a small sandwich (2 pieces of ham 1 cheese), fruit and granola bars, and of course tons of water. for dinner I cut my regular intake by almost half. Snacking every few hours never leaves me hungry and at the same time I am never completely full. Of course you do need some will power and exercise but I think this pill definitely helps. I have taken hydroxycut before and have never had results like this. 230 with 39% body fat down to 200 and 27% bf after 6 wks. I did not experience jitters or any side effects from this, so far.

    ed October 21, 2010
  94. I’ve taken oxielite pro the last two days now just for the sole face that I was exausted and needed the caffeine to keep me going. It’s honestly pretty much a drug. I’m having with drawl symptoms. When I’m on the pill my pupils dialate, and my eyes glaze over and get blood shot. I get so hyper tht I literally can almost not speak. I shake, my heart beats really fast, and my body tempeture rises. But I’m 5’3 and weigh 100 lbs so I’m like 15lbs underweight soo I probably just shouldn’t take the pill

    Mary-Kate davis October 24, 2010
  95. I bought OEP today 10/24/10, i will start tomorrow with one pill a day and if needed go to 2 pills, im currently at 215lbs and hope to get down to at least 175-180!! i will post my first results in a week!! Wish me luck!! and good luck to everyone who is taking this!!!

    April October 24, 2010
  96. i have been locked up for awhile so the last thing i want to do on probation is ever show up dirty for a ua. with that said i have been taking oxyelite pro now i’m not bashing the product by any means its a great product for those who are trying to lose weight helps alot but at the same time it can cause a false positive on a ua for meth. i know cause if god is my witness i tested positive for meth and went crazy doesnt look good in front of your po makes u look guilty so he sent to the lad for a toxic screen luckily we have a good relationship. and he believed me and didnt put me in jail till the test came back. the active ingredient dim —whatever cause false positive if you are on probation STOP taking them eventho the lad hopefully will show i been taking oxyelte pro it aint worth the stress and leaving some way for error at the lab cause it has happen to people on probation. but those not on probation buy follow it and u will see a massive transformation with the body 2 bad im on probation cause im oxyelite biggest fan.

    brad halton October 25, 2010
  97. I used OxyELITE Pro for a month along with a 3-4 day per week workout program. The results were impressive at first with an 8 lb loss in week 1 and 4 lbs in week 2. My body then started to get used to it and the “Law of Diminishing Returns” kicked in. In all 15 pounds in the month with a combo of 30-45 minutes of cardio and weights. I MUST WARN YOU. THIS RAISES YOUR HEART RATE AND BLOOD PRESSURE. So always monitor your HR, lower the level on the treadmill and extend the duration. I didn’t drink ANY caffeine while on this. Take it in the morning with water and NO food until noon. That helps the chemicals absorb in your system. DONT take more than one in an 12 hour period.

    shaun October 28, 2010
  98. Just started taking these pills today, a little nervous. But will post next week the results.

    Fwank October 30, 2010
  99. I started this diet pill over a two months ago and I have droped 24lbs and I am taking a 4week break as the directions suggest. I love this pill becasue it takes away you appetite and you do not have teh jitters at all… I would only warn when working out watch your heart rate mine has hit 173 and one time 192 ..

    Juanita Cooks October 30, 2010
  100. I just bought my first bottle today. I heard it
    could increase anxiety has anyone had that problem?

    Nick Shelton November 1, 2010
  101. Hi i have just purchased a bottle of oxy elite pro but i am planning on having kids with my wife i am a healthy 30 y.o male, does anybody know if it will affect me while i am taking it and trying to have kids

    brad79 November 16, 2010
    • I took Oxyelite Pro for about a month. I started with one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon, then moved to two before breakfast. I would always feel sick to my stomach before I could even finish my meal. My wife begged me to stop taking it, and when I finally traveled home, we couldnt even have sex. Needless to say, I stopped taking the pills.

      CWHarrison January 27, 2011
  102. Hi I’m a 22 yr old female. Just wondering if it will affect me later on when I plan to get pregnant. Will it be safe for me to use?

    Caza November 26, 2010
  103. I hit a plateau on my weight loss (on my last 10 lbs to top things off) and my friend recommended oxyelite pro. I’m on my 2nd week already but i finally passed my plateau. So yeah I think it works great! :)

    Raquel December 2, 2010
    • so it is safe for women to use without any side effects long or short term?

      Marly December 3, 2010
    • i am contemplating on taking this weight loss supplement need your feed back is it still working for you Raquel? thanks in advance

      vanessa February 1, 2011
  104. I started taking stacker2 and switched to OxyElite Pro and have been taking it now for about 3 weeks. I love the way i really dont have a craving for foods any more and the energy because i work out everyday but i dont really feel like i’ve lost any weight

    fancy December 2, 2010
    • Now this comment really don’t make any sense, because if you don’t have a craving for food then you don’t eat therefore you lose weight. So how can you say you have not lost any weight if you are not eating. Don’t eat, lose weight, common sense.

      angela February 12, 2011
      • The human body is alot more complicated than what most people think. Every bodies bodies are different, some people have conditions such as intestinal yeast infections which do not allow a person to lose Fat what so ever, this does not include muscle and water weight. sometimes too when a person is trying to lose weight by starvation, their body goes into survival mode and holds onto the fat and water more. Now you should lose muscle weight as your body will eat it for energy, but some peoples bodies will eat the fat instead. Also for your body to work optimally your body needs calories to burn calories, energy to burn energy. As well as nutrition, if you not getting the right amount of nutrients your body won’t burn the fat. Of course this doesn’t work for everyones body like I said. aggravating isn’t it.

        David February 26, 2011
  105. i started taking oep about a week ago and felt short out off breath and pain in my rib cage has anyone had this side effect

    lois December 8, 2010
    • yes, i experienced slight chest pains. my 4th day of OEP hours after my workout, I was lying in bed and woke up to sharp pains in the middle of my chest, on the left and right side of my ribs. It was slight discomfort in breathing. So, I went into the bathroom to try and catch my breath & although my abs looked great, I felt horrible. The only thing I could attribute it to is this pill. My workout is amped up a bit, my diet does not include red meats, smoking, or drinking alcohol of any sort. Once I weened myself off the pill, I haven’t had that pain again. Weird.

      grace January 4, 2011
      • You are suppose to eat red meat. It has protein which your body needs. Iron is what keeps your body full of energy and transferritin is another protein that helps keep iron flowing through your blood, so red meat is a good source of iron. If you don’t take enough iron through your diet daily then your iron will drop causing your transferritin levels to drop and your body isn’t going to have enough iron flowing through your blood which sends oxygen to your brain and other organs. This can cause strokes and heart failure so it is very important to eat red meat, but you shouldn’t eat tons of it because to much iron can cause liver failure or other organ failures. So I would eat it at least twice a week.

        holden January 14, 2011
      • i am currently on Oxypro and it is 100% giving me shortness of breath

        Heather February 10, 2011
    • Lois
      I had the same issue, eat. I was not eating or drinking near enough water. Once I ate a little something and started drinking more water, the pain in the ribs went away. Same thing with the shortness of breath. I noticed I would take deep breaths every so often, which is ok… but the breathlessness went away with food. This pill makes you forget about eating, which can be a problem…

      traci mcguire January 6, 2011
    • Hey yeah im 23 i started using it yesterday 1-21-2011 and i felt pain around my left rib is like a lil sharp pain i doea give u tremendus amount of energy dough but about the pain ye it was there

      Raul January 22, 2011
  106. i started taking this about a month ago as an energy supplement. it works great. three pills will last about 8 hours. thats after using stacker 3 for who knows how long and those not working anymore. the only problem i have with them is the crash. after its all said and done you are doing great then it kicks off and your like ok i need to sleep right now. but again that crash is about 8 hours after taking 3 pills. i had to be up for about 2 and a half days a while back and so i spaced the pills out and i managed all the way through. the end i was getting kind of loopy but otherwise it worked great.

    Robert December 13, 2010
  107. Hi I have not yet started my oep yet, I will start them first thing tomorrow morning. I have tried many different weight loss pills, exercise equipment, and even prescribed pills and nothing has seemed to give me the results that I want. So I am hoping that they work on getting me to my weight goals and also give me more energy. But I am around 175 and I’m about 5’2″ so I need and want to get down to about 130. Ill post again in a few weeks with how things are going.

    crystal December 18, 2010
    • I feel the same way. I am 170lbs and 5′. I need the energy to actually get up and do exercise. I have bought 4 different work-out videos and I end up sitting there watching them.

      Cher January 9, 2011
    • i am getting ready to start please give me an update asap if possible thanks

      vanessa February 1, 2011
      • ok – took one today – feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed – ran for 3 x 20 mins on the treadmill at gym tonite – so lets see if i can sleep ok – ps does anyone know what happens if you drink whiskey on a friday night after taking them – can always report back tomorrow!!!

        margie March 4, 2011
    • Hi Crystal,

      Was just wondering if the OxyElite Pro helped you lose weight? I am also looking to lose weight and was thinking of getting these pills but wasnt sure if they work. Any feedback would be appreciated.


      Yesi March 7, 2011
  108. hi
    i started to use this tablet i feel beret i ma sure you can reduce you weight

    hamzeena December 28, 2010
    • what??

      ambrosia January 27, 2011
  109. I read all the review I just purchase a bottle. Im 170lbs 5.2 height I feel so overweight. I try many diet pills I hope is as good as what I read.

    Evelyn December 29, 2010
  110. I literally just started an OxyElite regimen and I was wired for sound within a few hours of my initial consumption of the supplement. The effect is quite mind drilling at first, but as long as it is taken as is recommended, all will be well. I was just surprised by the intensity of the physical effect. It is not sickening, nor does it deprive appetite, though it should certainly be taken only when awakening and with a balanced meal before an hour later. Common exercise should also be self-administered while ingesting this supplement.

    I also advise that no one EVER exceed the recommended regimen of this dietary supplement.

    BK December 29, 2010
  111. My daughter recommended it to me, I used to be more active but after my fellow employees dropped a patient on me it slowed me down cause of the back injury that I will always have. I gained 30lbs. I feel just like any other medication you have to use with caution. My daughter said one a day in the morning helped her and if she had a long day she would take another 8hrs. later. Dont use if you plan on being lazy… get up and work/do a project. I dont think anyone should need anymore than 2 pills in a day. The caffeine to me is the same as two starbucks coffees. The monster drinks have even more caffeine. Eat lots of fruits n vegetables, be safe and listen to your body. I personally can say it helped me.

    radquiff January 1, 2011
    • Yes drink lots of water!!!! you should have a gallon a day. Small 5-6 meals, and activity.

      radquiff January 1, 2011
  112. I just purchased OEP today. After some serious research, i’ve decided that at 5’6 and 164 lbs i am only going to be taking 2 pills a day for 30 days to test out the effectiveness of weight loss. I am taking OEP stricktly as an increased weight-loss suppliment. My personal goal is to loose 20lbs in two months. I understand, that OEP helps to weaken the attachments of fat cells to the body, essentially creating more surface area, and therefor making it easier to burn off the fat. Also with its thermeogentic abilities, the slight increase in average calories burned during the day, also boosts one’s heart rate and therefor metabolism. I have high hopes for this product and deffinitally will let this forum know where i stand two weeks from now.

    sunsoakiiier January 3, 2011
    • Hi, I’m 5’6″ and 160lbs, I’m trying to lose 15-20 pounds in two months as well. I just started the OEP today. I would really like to know how your results turn out. I’m not a terribly active person but i have to stay in shape for the military so I can’t be lazy either… Updates would be great! Glad to finally find a post with someone around my size.

      eswind January 7, 2011
      • @eswind I’m in the same category as you. I’m in the military and I’m 5’5″, I currently weigh 169lbs back in Oct I was 189lbs. Since taking OEP I have lost 20 lbs. It gives me so much energy through out the day and during my workout.

        rere January 12, 2011
        • That is so great to hear!
          I was on it for about 2 weeks then got sick and went off of it, I’ve gained 15 pounds since! I’m hoping next pay day to purchase a big bottle cause I’m sure it will work well as long as I stay hydrated and workout, keep me posted.

          eswind February 10, 2011
  113. I have been taking OEP for 5 weeks, 2 a day and am about wrapped up on my first round.
    BY FAR, this is the best diet pill I have experienced, overall. I lost 10 lbs in the first 2 weeks and am now at a stand still. OEP does give you energy , but I was not figity at all. Be sure to eat… you tend to forget to do that on these. You just dont think about food.
    If you dont eat, you may get that nervouse energy, which isnt productive. I had no oill effects… lots of positive ones and plan on giving myself a 15 day break and then hitting another round.

    Traci McGuire January 6, 2011
  114. I went on a diet with nothing but a Wii fit and 1500 calorie a day intake. I lost 60 pounds and have seemed to hit a plateau. I have been taking ope for 6 days now .. I dont really feel anymore energy, just more awake in the morning and definitly feel happier (or just seem to be in a better mood). I have noticed that I also feel more cold then normal. Could this be from the increase in my body temp from the pills? I dont seem to have cravings for food anymore, but if I dont eat about 30 mins to a hour after taking the pill I will have a stomach ache. As in for weight lose it is hard for me to tell at this point.. I dont have regular BM’s and dont have an accurate scale at this time. Last weight check 149lbs. 5′ 3″ tall .

    Nisha January 9, 2011
    • Nisha
      You should take a lot of fiber I had this problem until I started to taking a multi vitamin for men and fiber. You will go reg.

      moe February 5, 2011
    • The cold feeling is because of the significant weight loss you have had u dont have the extra fat to insulate your body anymore, i too have been through the same i have lost 142 lbs in the past 1 1/2 years on weight watchers i only have about 5 more stubborn lbs to go I recieved the OEP free as a trial from my local GNC and I am on my 2nd day I have high hopes this will take care of those last stubborn lbs…. good luck!!

      Lauriann February 21, 2011
    • Hey, I’m also 5’3″ and 142lbs. and I’m really hoping to lose 20 lbs at the least in 2 months. I’m on a 1200 calorie diet and do cardio 3-5 times a week.
      Anyway, do you have any updates? It’d be great to know how it worked (or didn’t) for someone with the same body type as me…


      Briteni March 20, 2011
  115. oxyelite work great fro me. i have that burst of shakes and jitters like 30 mins after i take it. to me its worth the outcome ive have had. i havent gotten on a scale but i know and see a big difference. i weighed 250 and the beginnin and have a few more pills to go then ill weigh up. i know ive lost weight because my clothes fit different and people can see it. all in all….imma take another bottle after i finsh this one. IT HAS WORK FOR ME!

    ducedobber January 12, 2011
  116. this is day 3 for me of taking the pill. I feel great and very energetic. Tomorrow i will start taking 2 in the morning instead of one. I was just curious to know if im taking it right? First thing in the morning i take one and dont eat breakfast. 30 to 45 minutes i have an hour work-out, shower, then have a balanced breakfast. I wasnt sure if i was supppose to eat before i work-out, this is my first time taking anything to help me loose weigh?

    mona22 January 18, 2011
  117. IT ABSOLUTELY DOES WORK!!! I am the first to doubt every single product I find. I don’t care if the saints come down from heaven and say it works, I have to see it to believe it. But this one, it actually works. First, you have to literally force yourself to eat small meals. Your appetite is better than under control, it’s barely there. 2nd, your energy is great. You have energy for days and days without the crash. Is it perfect, nah. But so far, I haven’t had a valid complaint. I lost almost 20lbs the first month with diet and exercise. In fact, it could have been more except I wasn’t exactly die hard with the exercising part. I have to give it a thumbs up. :)

    Tina Perez January 20, 2011
    • Good – have you ever taken it then like on a friday night had one 2 couple whiskeys (with water of course)?

      margie March 4, 2011
  118. Oxy Elite Pro is an AMAZING supplement.

    I was looking for fast and/or immediate weight loss and this did the trick. I have only been taking it for eight days and already I have lost over 10 lbs. No Joke. Granted, I have been on a borderline starvation diet, combined with rigorous daily excercise… definetely not the healthiest way to loose weight. If you have the time, stick with a solid diet of 4-6 meals a day to help boost your metabolism. Add this supplement, which will boost calorie burn (plus block fat from forming), along with DAILY excercise you will hit your target weight in a healthy fashion.

    Now if you have a deadline, like me, take the pill, lower your calorie intake, and sky rocket your excercise. BOTTOM LINE: Burn MORE calories than you CONSUME. I was taking in only about 600 calories a day: two meal replacement shakes a day, 340 calories, in total (1 at breakfast, 1 at dinner ) and a healthy lunch of 1/2 tilapia or chicken with stir fried vegtables. I was burning 700-1000 calories at the gym (based on the calorie counter on the cardio machines, I am not quite sure how accurate it is), I ran 1.5 miles a day (on the pavement), and walked thirty minutes a day with my pregnant wife.

    I dropped weight like it was nothing.

    Now for the Cons:
    I started taking the supplement like the bottle recomends, one for the first four days, then up it to two. then three (not to excede three within 24 hours). I immedietely felt very jittery. My hands were shakey, and that was due to the 100mg of Caffine in each pill. After day three that started to fade away and I felt normal.

    All in all I feel like it did its job. My only concerns is that after reading many of these previous reviewss, the possibility for causing a false positive on a urine analysis far out-weighs the benifit of rapid weight loss. I am stopping use of the supplement, and will stick to good diet and extra excercise.

    Good Luck out there.

    Jo Shmo January 20, 2011
    • I have been taking OEP for the 7th day today. Yesterday I had to take a random drug test and it came back negative. I am not sure how it effects different people, but i had no issues.

      Pete February 17, 2011
  119. First day of first round. 6’3 and 252…I’m currently happy with the effects of my first pill. I took it at 11 in the morning on thurs and at 137am on friday I’m still full of energy. I work night audit at a hotel so it’s hard for me to keep going if I have been up all day. I’ll be taking another one when I get home today and it will most likely keep me up until my wife gets home to watch the kids. Yes I work at night and watch my children during the day. Suprisingly I’m still over weight. So maybe this will help me get my weight as I’m considering joining the NAVY and I need to get down to at least 22% body fat.

    Justin January 21, 2011
  120. I have to say that it works for me so far too! I was very skeptical a first because I have tried everything out there, I am a night shifter and it does a great job of keeping me awake all night and I am able to sleep as long as I dont take it too close to bedtime! I have been taking it for 3 days now and have lost 4 lbs and my mood, energy, stamina etc are all great!! Only time will tell, i have a 30 day supply so il check back in after I finish!

    Angie January 21, 2011
  121. i been taking OEP for 2 weeks. i really dnt feel like is doing anything to me but changing my emotions. it does give me some energy. but just in my 2nd week and i have had 3 people tell me i lost weight i dnt see it my self but i guess it is working and is just my 2nd week. im going to continue to use it and see what results i end up with…i will post again in about 2 more weeks.! January 21, 2011
  122. Hello! I am 27 and a real person I promise! I don’t typically write reviews when I see them, but I saw a review on this pill one time that made me want to try these pills. Anyhow, I started them on December 29, 2011. (Wanted to start my new year’s resolution early!) I immediately started seeing results!! It was crazy! I’ve tried a gazillion diets! and because I have a hypothyroid, it’s completely impossible to lose weight! So far I have officially lost 15 lbs since starting the pills. So a little under a month! I’ve gone down 1 pant size, and it almost seems like what I lose mostly is belly fat which I like. I can HONESTLY say, I do not have any side effects. I sleep well, I’m not jittery, hungry, starving, tired.. nothing! I feel just like I do every other day. I also exercise a few times a week and eat healthy. I highly recommend this product. I just started my mom and cousin on it so I’m hoping they have great results too!

    Jeanette January 24, 2011
    • Hi!, I just started the it today. I am also Hypothyroid and take Armour everyday. Have you noticed any issues with your thyroid since starting? Thanks! -K

      Kristen March 29, 2011
  123. I’ve tried everything from Snappin gaggers to yankin tubes to crash diets. In fact I once went on a strictly itchy diet. none of it worked like OxyElite pro.

    Wham bam Sammy January 24, 2011
  124. My husband and I just found out about OEP. We just started yesterday. I am loving it! My husband is in the army and he has to make weight and tape. His buddy said that this stuff really works. So we’re trying it together. I’m 5′ 5 about 180 pounds so I’m well over the average bmi. I will check in every two weeks until I hit the 8. I have already lost 9 pounds. I know this may not be from the pill but I am feeling more energetic and happy :) Its hard when you’re a woman but this stuff seems to be helping just with my attitude. My husband and I have noticed that our body heat is unusually high, but its not uncomfortable. Consider trying it. I’m hoping this does not have any negative side effects on me as a woman, but I may never know. It is worth a shot. Good luck everyone. I’ll be checking in soon.

    Alexandria January 27, 2011
  125. the only reason people lose weight is because the pill causes them to starve themselves, and the energy that they lack they make up for in short bursts from the pills. Its anorexia in a bottle. The best way to lose weight is to diet and exercise. All you have to do is burn 500 calories every day and you will lose a pound of fat a week. Its that simple, people are just too lazy to do what it takes to lose weight naturally. I tried taking these pills and I hated the results because not eating means not getting the natural supplements from food that you cant get from a pill.

    CWHARRISON January 27, 2011
  126. I love OEP. I started July 2010. And since then I lost 35 lbs. I take it for 3 weeks then off for 2 then get back on. Its not addictive and it cuts craving and how much you eat. EOP give me a boost of energy when I work out. Don’t think of EOP as a miracle drug. It helps you lose weight as long as you diet and exercise too.

    Girlygirl January 28, 2011
  127. I started taking this pill to loose a few pounds before I get married, however after a few days of taking it I have gotten episodes of uncontrolible coughs, to the point where I cant really breathe. I was wondering if I could have a allergy to OEP or if anyone else had this side effect, and if so how did you treat it?


    katie January 29, 2011
  128. I started taking OEP from a sample bottle. The first week I noticed an incredible difference on my target areas. I liked the result enough to try a month supply and am on my third week of it. I have never noticed as much of a difference as this product has made. Short term results are definitely there which is what this product is developed for. Next time I need to trim down i would likely purchase again.

    DT January 29, 2011
  129. just read CWHARRISON’s review. i dont agree. its not starving. OEP actually allows you to plan your eating a lot better so as to not over eat, or crave foods that arent good for you. on OEP i can plan my days intake for what ever work out i’m doing, how much energy and protein i’ll need, then eat at the right times. perfect.

    Aaron January 31, 2011
  130. OxyElite Pro really does work, but does not work alone. You really have to want to lose the weight and work for it. It is not a magic pill. I started at 240 lbs and now I’m at 213 lbs in just 2 months. But it wasn’t just the pill. I have a good diet and a lot of exercise.

    Brandon February 1, 2011
  131. I have tryed everything and oep is like WOW! I did notice how happy it made me and hell yes I fogot to eat “about time! The only thing I notice is the come down, I feel alittle withdrawn and can’t fall right asleep. But overall I love it!

    Amber February 2, 2011
  132. ok so i was looking for something to give me this extra motivation to get my but to the gym so i wen to GNC for some guidance so the rep ask me some questions i told him im 27 yr old and 5’5″ and 183 lbs and im in the NAVY and i have to drop the weight and i need a boost he told me his story about oep and how he dropped 40lbs in a month so he got in on it and i said i would give it a try so i took my first pill this morning so if i can drop 20-30lbs by the beginning of March then im sold ill keep you guys posted this is day 1 see you guys in 7 days with a update.
    183lbs day1

    luvenia February 5, 2011
  133. Hey! I just bought a month supply of the product. I haven’t taken pills before for weightloss/energy so I hope it helps. I just started teaching and I was looking for something to keep me energized even after school so I can have the umph to workout. It seems to work pretty good so far (in my first week) but I was wondering about what happens once I stop using the product? Everyone talks of what happens while taking but if you stop does it have side effects? Would I gain any weight loss back afterwords?


    Daniell February 5, 2011
  134. I started taking OxyElite Pro on January 23 along with dieting and exercise after hearing about my sisters success. I am 6’2 and on Jan 11, I weighed 297 pounds. I have lost 26 pounds as of yesterday, weighing in at 271. This is by far the best pill that I have ever been on. It makes me not want to over eat and makes me feel energized to work out whenever I want. I’ll update in the future weeks about my progress.

    Jennifer February 5, 2011
  135. I took my first pill this morning of OEP and wow is all i can say. I took it with full glass of water then a good healthy breakfast. I was full of energy I moved my daughters room around and cleaned it :) I just ate lunch and is going to work out now. Im on a roll and loving it sooo far. You should try it

    Samantha February 5, 2011
  136. I’m 300lbs diabetic I take 500mlgs of metoformen and Ivan for blood pressure is it okay to take and will I experience any side Effects my height is 5’11.

    Bigdaddy February 6, 2011
    • that would be a great question for your physician

      Rene March 9, 2011
  137. i just bought it the oep bottle and i started 2 days ago, and i can say as far the the appetite suppressant goes u dn’t feel hungry at all, just make sure u drink loads of water and def feel good when on the pills(euphoria), and I’ve noticed not jitters or anything and as far as the side effects i haven’t experienced anything, today’s my 3rd day and im going on two pills one in the morning and the other later in the day, forgot to mention no insomnia or anything , i’m actually very excited & i have i expectations for this product, im actually trying to loose 22 lbs within this month and i hope it goes well ill try to stick to a diet, and ill do 50 min cardio on the treadmill and my weights ill workout on the super set program .

    maurice February 7, 2011
  138. so i just bought a bottle of oep today! :) after all the great reviews, i thought i would give it a try. I am 5 feet tall 147lbs. since 8/2005 after i had my daughter my wieght has plateau & cant seem to move at all i wiegh in around 146 -150 all the time. so lets see if it works for me…. I will check back in in two weeks with updates! :)

    Celia February 10, 2011
  139. Well…I started taking OEP 2-4-11. I’ve been on just one pill in the morning for just over a week. I was actually very scared to try a ‘diet’ pill, since I have never used one before, but after talking with my husband and the GNC guy saying that it is supposed to give you more of a mental focus rather than ‘jitters’ I decided to go ahead.

    I notice a burst of energy within the first 20 minutes of taking the pill, which has helped me stay on track with my exercising. I have also noticed that if I don’t eat within about 1/2 hour my stomach aches, but is fine once I have breakfast. I haven’t started taking the 2nd pill a day yet, but plan to incorporate it at my next weigh-in. I am averaging 1400-1500 calories per day broken up in to smaller meals, however I do notice hunger pains if I don’t eat regularly.

    So far the actual weight loss has been minimal…only 3 lbs. But I am also toning muscle everyday so I am going to give it a full month to determine effectiveness.

    Wendi February 12, 2011
  140. I’ve been taking it for a week now, and I noticed that after i take a one in the morning I start feeling sick, I also get pains in my lower back. I’m debating if I should continue, and yes even alittle chest pains.

    Oregon10 February 15, 2011
  141. Stuff is amazing. I work out every day and just could not get below 145pounds… I started taking this and lost 10 pounds the first month and a half. I highly recommend this!

    Michelle February 16, 2011
  142. Hey Bigdaddy… you may want to do what the bottle label suggests and see your doctor first. Refer to the warnings listed on the bottle.

    To all others… I’m a 39 year old male. I started a diet and exercise program about 9 months ago. I weighed 212 pounds standing 6 foot tall. I stopped drinking pop and started drinking a lot more water and oh by the way… no more fast food, not even on my cheat day. Nothing hard core though, just gradual changes to my diet. I’ve been taking OEP now for three weeks. But I only took one pill before breakfast. I felt extra energy for most of the day. Starting today I’m taking two pills before breakfast and man do I feel jittery. As far a weight loss… I have lost nearly 25 pounds since the start of my diet and exercise plan. I feel that I’m at an ideal weight now but still had belly fat. But now with the help of OEP I can see that hard to shed belly and love handle fat shrinking away. Rediscovering my abs I had 20 years ago feels great! Good luck to everyone and don’t give up on you goals.

    Lonnie February 18, 2011
  143. been using oep for months now this is the closest thing to ephedrine from years ago. but all i can say is trust me it burns body fat like no other, BUT BEWARE ITS STRONG, you will get jitters and it will effect your stomach as well, stay close to a bathroom. cleans out your sysytem daily lets say, please dont exceed recomended dose, good luck be safe dont abuse and youll have very low body fat

    rgm February 22, 2011
  144. I’ve been taking this product for a month, and I love it. It gives me the energy I need with working to jobs and in school. I take two pills in the morning and 1 more around 4:30 (sometimes I take the third one at noon). I prefer to take second one later, because the energy it gives me for my second job. I lost 8lbs in a month, using Oxy Elite Pro. It’s affordable, and it really works. It curves my appetite, so that I don’t get as hungry as I use too. I also, every since I’ve been taking it, I don’t crave sweets like I use too. Anyone trying to loose weight should give this product a try.

    Kia February 23, 2011
  145. I just brought a bottle yesterday and started off taking them today. Usually I am starved in the morning but after taking OEP I felt no sign of hunger. I am 4”11 and about 220. And I needed some help with energy and a fat burning boost. So far I feel more awake and full of energy, I do feel my body heating up every now and then. I don’t feel sick and no jitters. So I’ll keep everyone posted on my weight loss. My goal is 10 pounds in 2 weeks ~*Wish me luck*~…

    Lex February 24, 2011
  146. Do not take OxyElite Pro. My son took this product for only 6 days and ended up in the emergency room with elevated liver enzymes & he had to have 6 liters of fluid because of dehydration. He was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, which is the breakdown of muscle fibers resulting in release of muscle fiber contents (myoglobin) into the blood stream.

    swheeler March 1, 2011
  147. I have been taking the pill for all most a week. It doesn’t give me energy. Instead it makes me really tired. It does not decrease my appetite either. I did get the jitters but that’s about it. It didn’t make me hot like most people said. So I don’t think its working for me. Any suggestions??

    nicole williams March 3, 2011
  148. I am 30 yrs old and have been taking oxyelite pro for a week. I have not experienced any of the side effects mentioned by others. no shortness of breath or pains in the ribs or side area. I also take a super mega vitamin with it because your body will absorb it better. The major thing I do is make sure i’m not starving my body. I eat lots of small meals a day and drink lots of water with it. I think it’s a great product so far!

    tera March 5, 2011
    • I also think its a great product. Im not as tired during workouts and feel I have more energy. Key is to drink lots of water and exercise.

      Genaro March 10, 2011
  149. This product is one of the best diet pills I have tried so far. I started OEP about three months ago at 5’2 216lbs. I am a 26 year old female. I am now 170lbs and dropping. I have tried numerous diet pills, but this one takes the cake. I stack OEP daily with fish oil, cla, green tea, multivitamin and Recreate. I also live in the gym, averaging an hour to two hours of cardio at least five times a week. My goal is to get down to around 140lbs. Wish Me Luck Guys!!!

    Miss Courtney March 7, 2011
  150. hello i just started taking oep and i have a question. i only take it once a day and was just wondering if i drank whine or liquor at night time will it affect me?

    MAY March 9, 2011
  151. I was skeptical that this product would work. I started at 188 Lbs and within 16 Days I had lost 9 lbs. I got the warm sensation and a nausea sensation for a few days then my body began to get used to the pill. I took one pill a day for 1 week then added a pill at noon for a week. I’m now up to 3 a day 1 at 7am 12 noon 4pm. I drink lots of water with it. I have seen the fat leaving my body around my chest waist, and legs. This product works but the key is lots of water and a vitamin supplement. Ox elite will strip vitamins away. I eat 2 granolas bars for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch and a regular small portion dinner and I drink water when I feel Hungary and this curves the appetite.
    I also cut out soda pops, sport drinks and high fructose corn syrup foods and sugars. I will treat myself to a nice snack one in a while but the key is cutting out all that sugar intake.
    My exercise routine has been 3 miles run 3 times a week and swims 3 times a week. I don’t weight lift and I’m seeing the results.

    I felt the warming of my body I was sweating in my chair one day. I feel my body warm up. I also notice I was getting more chilled about week 3 on the chilly days. So I Know I have lost fat around my body.

    Everyone is different but you have to maintain a routine and remember your going to hit a plateau where the body is going to have to be pushed harder to see more results. I’m at that plateau and I have to increase my exercise to keep this weight loss going. I have been bouncing around 178-179 now for about 5 days so I need to increase my exercise routine.

    I hope this gives peeps motivation it can work for you if you really try and push yourself to do it.

    Snow Hunter March 10, 2011
  152. I was seeking a fat burner because i was working out regularly but seeing no results…I am one of those people that can eat good all day but at night i munch out… NO MORE! i do not crave junk food at all and actually have to sometimes force myself to eat because I am just not hungry. I started exactly on month ago and since have lost 14 lbs. i took a before pic and a pic at the 3 week mark and the results are unbelievable…i have sent 3 people to GNC to buy OEP because they came up o me at the gym and asked what I was doing>>> Also I have more energy during my workout and through out the day…I did cut back on my 4 cup a day coffee habit in which i am not drinking all the high calorie cramer so that is helping to…

    Melissa March 21, 2011
  153. Just finished my first bottle of OEP and I am down 18 lbs. In 2.5 months. I have been working out for about 4 days a week and not really dieting much, just eating when I want and just avoiding the bad foods and I am very happy with the results. I did not experience any side effects and had a ton of energy in the beginning but that slowed as I approached the end of completing the first bottle. Will take the recommended 4 week break before I start it up again. I can say it worked for me and very happy with the results, because before using it I had a very difficult time jump starting my metabolism.

    Julio March 24, 2011
  154. I haven’t bought any yet, but am going to. I have lost 20lbs on my own, but still have a lot to lose & can’t seem to lose anymore. As a matter of fact I’m at a stand still & have been for two months. I’m 225lbs & 5’7″ female on low carb diet with weight training & walking everyday except Sundays. I am in full keytone, but this diet dosen’t seem to be working for me like it used to. I also have went to doctors & they just look at me like I’m lying about diet & exercise. So that being of no help, I’m gonna try these pills. The only thing I’m concerned about is that I had to have my gull bladder removed after I had my son, & now I have acid reflux. I hope the pills don’t flare that up. I’m at my wits end at this point, but I don’t want to give up & gain the 20 lbs back. It’s also upsetting when I gain 2-3 lbs back for no reason?? I really hope these pills work.

    Leann March 26, 2011
  155. I have been taking OEP since Feb 22nd. It Rocks!!! I have tons of energy and I am already seeing changes in my body. My abs are looking more defined and i can actually see a lot of muscle tone in my legs, thighs, and calves. I am really excited about the results to come. this product is awesome. I have lost 4 pounds… granted I only weighed 112 to start but I am trying to fit back into my clothes from when I was 100 pounds.. in this economy a gal can’t afford a new wardrobe.

    Rachel Russo March 29, 2011
  156. Hello my name is Sadie and i am the proud mother of two wonderful children that are a blessing but have wreaked complete havoc on my figure. Prior to getting pregnant in 2006 I weighed 98 pounds. I had put on 30 pounds with my last child and had been really depressed about it. I started working out with a trainer and I had tried every diet known to man. i came across Oxy Elite one day at GNC and thought I would give it a whirl.. I mean what could it hurt I have tried everything else on the market and to my surprise this product was different. from day one I had a a ton of energy as you know taking care of two kids under the age of 5 requires a lot of that. After about 2 weeks I started to notice the scale said I was losing weight. i have been on it for6 weeks and I am already down 10 pounds. I still have 25 to go but I finally feel motivated to accomplish this mission, not to mention that it is nice to have so much energy to play and take care of my kids.

    Sadie Schmitt March 29, 2011
  157. I have been taking Oxy Elite Pro for 3 mos and I plan on staying on it for 4 more weeks. When I started I had 35 pounds to lose and with the help of this awesome product I am 15 pounds away from my goal. I am getting married in May and i have my last dress fitting on May 2nd which is the day I would like to reach my target weight of 120 pounds. This last 15 pounds has been the hardest but i have energy, drive and with OEP all the motivation I need. i have seen what it could do for me so far and i know i will reach my goal. this has been a wonderful help. The pill does not stand alone. I have been working out 6x a week and taking one day off. i have taught myself how to eat better and in smaller portions throughout the day. I am very pleased with this product.

    molly serlin March 29, 2011
  158. I am taking OEP and I am very happy so far. I have lost 8 pounds in only a month and it has really helped with my munching. I feel like I have a lot more energy and I work out harder. this stuff really makes you sweat.. hence it is a thermogenic. I am really happy and I look forward to reporting more positive results in time.

    Stephanie March 31, 2011
  159. I’m just wondering if anyone has taken oxyelite pro with zoloft. If so did you have any side effects?

    sarah April 1, 2011
  160. I have been taking OEP for a week and a half now and have lost 5 pounds. I barely have an appetite anymore. I am working out 6 days a week for about 45min each day….mostly cardio, a little strength training.
    I am on Lexapro and haven’t noticed any side effects. It’s always good to consult with your doctor first though. I am 20 pounds away from my goal weight.
    I did notice that if I take it later in the day, I have a little trouble sleeping…so if you are going to take it, try taking it once in the morning and then early afternoon rather than closer to the evening.

    TC April 25, 2011
  161. I just want to say this is the best thing around.. I have never been overweight but I carry my weight in my back (love handles) and stomach this stuff is amazing I have been trying to loose the last ten pounds I have done it and kept the weight off. Another reason that I love this is that I crave sugar, candy this not only curves my cravings but gives me the energy I need. But the only thing I can say you have to stay hydrated!! 5 stars for me

    Jauqueline April 28, 2011
  162. I have read the reviews on her and I can not wait to purchase OEP. I have taken Lipo6 the yellow pills and they worked great but I want to try something a little different. I am 34, 30, 44. I would love to lose 10 inches from my hips and 6 inches from my waist and 4 inches from my chest area.

    Nasya May 16, 2011
  163. can oxi elite pro harm your liver?

    David June 25, 2011
  164. I take oxyelite pro and tested positive for methamphetemines.. I dnt use drugs and am facing losing my kids and job… How can i prove with facts that geranium tests positive or meth… The store i bought it from told me to google geranium stem and ensured me thats why my test was positive… plz help me

    Kzoocus September 7, 2011
  165. I see that it says on bottle no alcohol but if i take 1 in the am is it ok to drink in the evening?

    Pearlramirez September 17, 2011

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