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PGX Daily Review

By: slicedobservant

If you’re looking for a supplement that will help promote your weight loss goals with a suppressed appetite and increased metabolism, PGX Daily may be worth a look.

Sometimes eating too large of portions can become a problem, and it’s a problem that is hard to just quit cold turkey. However, as a supplement that’s designed to be taken right before a meal, PGX Daily will help you become more satisfied and full with smaller portions, and will help you reach the weight loss goals that you’ve set.

There are a lot of appetite suppressants on the market, however. Some like Phenphedrine deliver fat burning and energy along with a smaller appetite. So why settle for just an appetite suppressant?

I’ll explore PGX Daily’s benefits and disadvantages in terms of weight loss, so if you’re thinking about giving this pill a try to supplement your diet and exercise, read on.

What Does It Do?

Used before or with a meal, PGX absorbs many times its weight in water within the digestive system. This action helps you to reduce meal portion size while still being able to feel satisfied.

PGX Daily is a dietary supplement that will help lower the glycemic index of your meals and will bring your blood sugar levels into a healthy and normal range.

The main purpose of PGX Daily is to help suppress your appetite right before you eat, allowing you to consume less but still feel satisfied.

How Does It Do It?

PGX Daily is a weight loss supplement that contains a fiber called “PolyGlycopleX,” a unique combination of water soluble polysaccharides (plant fibers) that can help you change your life.

PGX Daily is formulated around a 2250mg Proprietary Blend and 1800mg of Medium Chain Triglycerides.

The PGX Daily Proprietary Blend Ingredients are:

• A highly purified fiber blend that’s been processed using an advanced proprietary technology.

Konjac-mannan (Amorphophallus konjac)(root), also known as glucomannan, is a dietary fiber well adept at promoting feelings of fullness. Once glucomannan hits the stomach, it expands to prolong fullness and lessen calories. It also works to absorb food that may have been hanging around your body without being digested.

Sodium alginate is the sodium salt of alginic acid. It has been clinically proven to reduce fat absorption in the body by more than 75 percent, meaning you’ll be absorbing less as well as eating less.

Xanthan gum is a compound similar to sugar that lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It can also be used as a laxative, much like glucomannan.

All of PGX Daily’s ingredients are all-natural and should not provide you with any harmful side effects.

Is There Gluten?

PGX Daily is Gluten Free.


Although this site typically focuses on fat burning supplements, I couldn’t help but be a little impressed with the weight loss results that PGX Daily had to offer as an appetite suppressant on its own. Consequently, I decided to do a little extra research to see how to get the most benefits from PGX Daily.

PGX Daily is meant to suppress your appetite, so naturally, you’ll want to take a small dosage before every meal alongside 8 oz. of water (fiber soaks up a lot of water). To start, consumers recommend trying 1 to 2 capsules before each meal, and then gradually increasing the amount by 1 capsule per meal every 2 to 3 days until you hit the recommended dosage. However, feel free to take it at your own pace and listen to your body, allowing for plenty of time to adjust.

From what I’ve read on consumer reviews, some individuals find just 2 to 3 capsules before every meal to be effective, while others may need as much as 6 to kill those cravings completely. (Don’t consume over 6 capsules three times a day.

Once you reach your weight loss goals, you can drop to a much lower dose to maintain the weight lost.

Any Concerns?

Because PGX Daily is formulated around fiber, you may experience many side effects until your body gets use to the amount you are putting in your body. These side effects may include bloating, increased gas, loose stools, and constipation.

If you experience the above side effects, the manufacturers recommend that you begin with a smaller dosage than is recommended and work up to the serving size (three softgels) listed on the label. Additionally, drinking large amounts of water can help to relieve constipation as well as reduce the risk of dehydration.

PGX Daily should not be used if you’re under the age of 18, pregnant, or lactating, before first consulting with your healthcare practitioner.

How Fast Until You See Results?

PGX Daily starts to work from the very first dose, cutting those cravings so you can take control of your diet once again. If you cut your calorie count to about 1200 a day (if your a woman – 1500 if you’re a man), then you may start to lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week.

However, you should keep in mind that individual results may vary, so it might not work for you.

Does PGX Daily Stack with Other Supplements?

PGX Daily is gentle on the body and does not contain any stimulating ingredients; consequently, it should be safe to use with other dietary supplements. Keep in mind that it may slow down the rate of absorption of certain foods, but it also enhances the overall absorption of nutrients.

If you’re taking medication, on the other hand, you’ll want to consult your doctor, just in case.

Where to Buy

You can currently buy PGX Daily from a wide variety of online stores and in local grocery stores. has an excellent data bank that enables you to search through stores nearest to your zip code, so you can find a store closes to your zip code. Additionally you can buy PGX daily online from for $25-$40 depending on the particular PGX product.

Final Thoughts

Overall, PGX Daily does look like a supplement that will do what it claims, but may not be the best dietary supplement if you’re specifically in search of a fat burner.

PGX Daily does not contain the right ingredients to help you burn fat, but will help to suppress your appetite – so you can still see some results with this product. For some dieters, simply being in control of those cravings is enough to promote weight loss; for others, it takes a little bit more.

If you’re looking for a pill that burns fat as well as suppresses the appetite, I recommend you look at Phenphedrine, a pill that stifles cravings and turns your body into a fat-burning furnace.

Read PGX Daily Customer Reviews Below:

Have you ever used PGX Daily? Share your opinions here.

  1. You conclusion that PGX Daily is not going to aid in weight loss because it doesn’t contain any fat burning ingredients is not based on any real evidence. PGX is proven to reduce the glycemic index of meals. Controlling sugar is more important to some people than buring fat!

    Tammy December 9, 2009
  2. I agree, only people with glucose problems can really tell what a great difference it makes taking PGX suppliment.

    Cheryl January 12, 2010
  3. i love it my appetite is 75% less my food choices are better without the blood sugar roller coaster ride

    janine January 17, 2010
  4. True, true, true… on all accounts. For once, I found a product that delivers what it promises. There is no easy way to stave off unwanted weight, but with PGX, it helps control the “munchies attack” without starving or craving or other side effects.

    Pauline January 22, 2010
  5. I am on my third bottle of PGX Daily.
    Normally I cannot adhere to a diet at all whatsoever.
    These pills completely KILL your appetite, making it sooo easy to watch what you are eating and not be obsessed when the next meal is coming. I am not weighing myself yet because I dont want to be disappointed. This has to work.

    semisocial January 27, 2010
  6. I bought this product, so I could lower my cholestrol it has lowered it to safe levels and it does curb your appetite or mine al least Im on my 4 bottle I take one at every meal have been taking it for 8 months now.

    Evelyn January 31, 2010
  7. I have been on PGX Daily since November, 09 and although I haven’t lost any weight I do agree with Pauline that these pills do control the “munchies attack” . It was not very long ago that I would crave chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate cake, cookies, ice cream, whatever but not since taking PGX Daily. It’s amazing that way !!! However, I wish I could lose some weight. I am presently 165 lbs., 5’6 and would love to get down to 145 lbs. I walk to and from work and am on the treadmill 3x a week. If anyone can offer any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Could anyone tell me if they take the pill dosage before small snacks during the day or just before a full meal wich would be breakfast, lunch & dinner. Thanks, Diane

    Diane February 1, 2010
    • Once I started getting used to the pills, I started taking them before snacks as well, because it made the snack sufficient to curb my hunger. I was eating sensibly (3 small meals, 2 snacks, 1 dessert) and exercising almost daily. I slimmed down quite a bit with all these components. It may not be the magical cure but it worked for me. I read the book, but it was for information purposes only, I never followed the diet recommended within.

      Rho February 25, 2010
    • If you really want to loose weight and lower all levels go on a vegan diet, eating nothing made from animal fat. It actually works really well and you can buy a lot of vegan food at the grocery store and it tastes pretty good actually.

      Me April 30, 2010
    • You may want to have an IGG food alergy test done to determine if you have any intestinal food allergies. I was in the same boat as you, just couldnt shake the extra 15 lbs off of me no matter how little I ate and how hard I worked out.

      I had never even considered food allergies untill my new doctor who practices Functional Medicine suggested that I have the test done. It turns out I have 15 food sensitivities that were causing intestinal inflamation. The inflamation resulted in a toxic reaction to certian foods that made my body retain water and bloat. As soon as I eliminated the 15 foods I was able to drop 12 lbs in 6 weeks, and eventually about 16 lbs total just by avoiding the foods that irritated my gut.

      I took the Immuno Labs test but there are others out there too like NeuroScience. It usually costs between $250 – $600. Hope that helps.

      Michelle June 6, 2010
    • Response to the person saying doing exercise, watching food amount and taking this pill and no results when getting on the scale.

      Two things come to mind: Check your thyroid – you may be deficient, you just spelled out my symptoms and thyroid disease is genetic in my family, some are skin and bones and some never lost weight.

      Second: Are you eating hidden calories? Are you eating too little?
      Both give you the same result: weight doesn’t change. But if you look nice in your clothes, no bulges here and there, you may be close to your real weight, not one imagined by someone who divided some bad math. If you don’t catch colds, flu, can run and bike and party, does it make any difference if your dress is size 7 or if it’s 9? What does make a big difference is that your inmune system is strong and that is what has value. Treat yourself to some nice clothes which don’t wrinkle in the wrong places and enjoy. And keep exercising, it’s the cheapest and best medicine.

      sam gray July 14, 2010
      • what an amazing answer…you have made alot of women and men relax ….what you say is really the truth..thank you..sometimes we forget to look at the big picture

        Leigh H September 3, 2010
      • that was awesome advice

        Trudy January 3, 2011
      • This is my first time on this website and when I saw your reply I had to say something. I loved what you said. I’ve lost 40lbs so far and want to lose 20 more but its as if my body says “this is where you are suppose to be.” So I’ve just been exercising and making the right food choices and gave up worrying about those pounds that I still wanted to lose. I feel great, healthier, stronger, thinner (no bulges,lol) and that’s what’s important. Thanks again.

        Laritza May 10, 2011
    • Just read your review. I just started taking the pgx and mainly to lose weight. My story sounds like yours lot less appetite, eating less but will it help lose weight. Don’t know the date of your write up but wanted to ask if you finally lost any weight. Any tip that will help will be appreciated. I weigh the same as you did in your writing and am the same height. Thanks Louise

      Louise Glass September 17, 2010
    • You need to UP your exercise if you want to lose weight! Calories in , calories out. It’s simple math. The more calories you burn the more weight you lose.
      Your body becomes accustomed to the workout so you plateau. Change up your exercise routine every 4-6 weeks. You need to shock your body with something new. Resistance workouts(weights) also very important. Hire a personal trainer or if you can’t afford that, tons of info on the internet. good luck!

      sandralee January 13, 2011
    • You will lose a greater amount of weight if you try and incorporate some weight training exercises. You won’t look like Arnold no matter how much you train but building more muscles will help speed up your metabolism.

      Rene Beaulieu February 16, 2011
    • Hey Diane,

      I was watching Dr. Oz the other day and he recommended CLA. So I went to the vitamin Shoppe and purchased it today. CLA has a lot of great benefits. Good Luck :)

      Leslie Wiggs April 13, 2011
  8. I started taking PGX daily a week ago and I have lost 10 lbs. I take 2 before meals. I weighed 172 lbs., normally I weigh 155 due to medications I take. My weight before I started taking medications was 145 and I am 5’8 so I am hoping to get to at least 150 lbs. At this rate I think it is achievable with an exercise program.
    I also started it because my tryclicerides were high and I have to go for a test next week so we will see if it has made any difference!

    Vicki April 6, 2010
  9. I am a type 2 diabetic and pgx daily is being touted as a good way to lower your blood sugar levels almost immediately . Once i started to see what people thought of it i came to the conclusion that this is primarily a fiber pill (not what the health food stores tell you)and there is much cheaper ways of getting a high amount of fiber. I am really getting POed at all these quick fixes out there when i know there are good organic treatments that work but these big companies make these very hard to find. I need to find a good honest herbalist who will give me honest answers.

    ron bergen May 6, 2010
  10. I love my PGX! I have always had problems with constipation (all my life and this stuff makes me feel like a normal person. Also I have lost 13 pounds.I have the one that has mulberry also in it . I have been Exercising also.I also hope to continue on the weight loss. It really does cut cravings down.

    Angelia June 11, 2010
  11. I have just started PGX daily (2 days ago). I am experiencing a bit of gaz and bloating but it is minor. I will keep you up to date on my progress.
    I currently weigh 175 pound 5’6”. I need to lose 15 to 20 pounds to be at my health weight. I will stick to pgx for at least 2 months. I think by then I will have had results.

    Hoping for the best.

    Linda June 28, 2010
    • Since the two months is up since you started the PGX was wondering how it worked for you. My weight is about the same as yours when you started. Did the bloat go away after awhile and how much have you lost. Nice to check out with people who have actually used the product. I just started it a few days ago. Thanks for your help.

      L. Glass September 17, 2010
    • Hi I was just wondering ….any good news?
      I just started it yesterday one before meals, yes I feel fool but then I have been told to eat anyway something and I am, I had to take 2 but to try I took only one to see how my body reacks….I am over 180 lb was 155 lb I am 1,70 m…its tooooo much now I hope I raelly do something about it….I used to look so good before kids, I never been like this still good looking but not to me! :) let me know if you can it would be great ….

      Federica February 20, 2011
  12. I started PGX Daily 3 days ago. I’m taking 2 pills before meals. No weight loss yet, but things are sure moving and the cravings are less.

    Donna June 29, 2010
  13. Started out with slimfast and then changed to slimstyle shakes (PGX is in the shake) 3 weeks ago and have lost 6 lbs. It regulates my blood sugar swings and is a much easier way to loose weight…but I do not want to stay on something that may down the road do me harm…so I will be seeing my GP and have a hypoglycemic test and then have a dietation set me up with a blood sugar stable healthy diet plan.

    Anyone else tried the slimstyle shakes? please tell me what you think?

    nancy July 11, 2010
  14. Took my first PGX pill yesterday. Made me nauseous. Hope to be able to return the bottle.

    Debbie August 15, 2010
  15. It’s not a fat burner. It’s for slowing the transit of foods from the stomach to the Duodenum, effectively lowering the glycemic index of the food consumed.

    Unspoken Majority August 17, 2010
  16. My doctor actually recommended PGX and I lost 10 lbs in 28 days taking it and it does curb my appetite and does take away the munchie feeling I get. I have high cholesterol and high triglycerides and although it hasn’t helped much with my LDL, it has helped with my HDL and my triglycerides. I’ve bought 4 bottles so far and I do plan on the continued use of PGX Daily. I also use Tranquil sleep, which works so much better than Ambien!!

    Cindy Harriss September 3, 2010
  17. I am hypoglycemic and love to exercise. I crave sugar which does not help my situation. I was not able to exercise like I wanted because I would start getting weak. I was desperate and I heard about this product. On my first bottle I went from running two miles to six miles!!! I felt like I was on a steady even road every day not to mention no sugar cravings. I did lose a few pounds but was not my goal. I have been off of them a while which was not a good idea. My believe is your health is worth more than the cost for this magic supplement!

    Dodie September 14, 2010
    • I’ve experienced the same thing as you. I used to get dizzie and weak fast when I exercised. Now, I can last alot longer. It won’t make me lift heavier weights. It has more to do with keeping a good level of energy all the time.

      Steven December 31, 2010
  18. I am a 58 year old male. In January of this year i was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. My sugar level at the time was 29, i weighed 257 pounds and felt like crap. No energy, tired all the time, caught every cold and flu bug around. Read about PGX in a daily newspaper and decided to give it a try. It has been 9 months, my sugar levels are down to 5.7, my weight is 185 pounds, i have more energy and feel 20 years younger. I don’t have a regular excersize routine but do take 2 PGX capsules before every meal with a glass of water. I’m not saying this product will work the same for every one, it’s like quitting smoking, those who really want to quit, will. Those who really want to make themselves healthier will change their lifestyle, PGX just helps make that change easier.

    Terry September 24, 2010
  19. I started PGX 5 months ago and have lost almost 30 lbs. No kidding. The first thing I noticed was a leveling of my blood sugar. For the first time in my life I can go into a store and choose not to buy sweets.

    When I eat sugar I fill up quickly and often find it a bit too much for my system. PGX has helped empower me to keep making healthy choices. I’ve never tried a diet supplement until PGX. This stuff really works for me. Im within 10 lbs of my ideal weight.

    Drinking large amounts of water has helped I know but I’ve tried to lose this weight through exercise and am only able to get so far. Portion sizes along with exercise are key. I eat at least half of what I did before.

    PGX may be a solution for some people not all people. I have tapered the dose I take and suspect when I get to my ideal weight I’ll take it once a day.

    best of luck.

    Tim September 24, 2010
  20. Been almost 3 weeks since on PGX capsules. I’ve been fighting 10 lbs for the last 30 years. Only way I could lose was to limit my carbs severely and it did work. Then when i turned 70 decided to try eating a bit more carbs like berries, fruit, cereal. Well after a year I gained 15 lbs and couldn’t lose anything. After being able to lose 5 and 10 lbs quickly I couldn’t budge and that is with exercise and not even eating large amounts. I’ve tried lots of diet pills and nothing seemed to work. I’ve gone from 173 to 169 in the three weeks from taking the PGX. Normally I would have stopped and cut out carbs again because of not losing fast enough but I know the PGX are really working for me. I’m never hungry, I know my blood sugars are better than they have ever been because I don’t crave sweets and if I do have one I can stop after a couple of bites or small piece (very small) piece of desert. The roller coaster effect of feeling great from carbs and then dropping and tired and wanting more has stopped. I eat very small amounts but eat very often (no big meals) Pool water too cool to exercise in right now so have not even been doing my aquasize but when I saw the scale at 169 this morning makes me want to tell you that PGX is working for me. I took one a day for first week and then two a day and will try 3 a day and see how it works. My stomach has gone down which was my main concern. The fiber in the caupsules makes such a difference in regularity which I must say is perfect now. I do force myself to drink lots more water because I know I would have trouble not having water with fiber from past experiences. I can’t beleive I’m satisfied with losing so slowly but as long as I’m not gaining and keep up losing this way I am going to be content and look at the long term which i could never do before. My advice start on PGX slowly and build up. I don’t think I’ll take any more than 3 a day. I like this site as it posts comments right away. Hope I get some comment from others.

    Louise G September 30, 2010
    • Louise

      I’ve had a simliar experience feeling a balancing of my blood sugar and not wanting to snack. I have lost more than 28 lbs in 5 months, within 5 lbs of my goal weight. Stick with it. You’ll really notice the weight loss in a few months. People have told me I look ten years younger:)

      Tim October 4, 2010
      • Tim

        Thanks so much for your reply. I believe it was your previous comment that inspired me to start the PGX. I saw 167 on the scale today which is 6 lbs now. I’m still feeling great and satisfied and no gains which is a plus for me. Congratulations on how well you’ve done and thanks again for the encouragement.

        Louise G October 10, 2010
  21. The review of PGX by this website is crazy. “PGX Daily is not going to aid in weight loss because it doesn’t contain any fat burning ingredients” this is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard. I’ve been taking PGX for 34 days and I’ve lost 20 lbs. I’m eating most of the same things as before, just a lot less of it. I’m going to the gym 2-3 times a week doing an hour at a time which is what I was doing before PGX. If it doesn’t help with weight loss, how do you explain my case???

    Carrie October 4, 2010
    • That PGX is doing what it is supposed to! RReducing you appetite and balancing your blood sugar! This websites talk of “Fat burning ingredients” is crazy! They are refering to stimulants which are very unhealthy!

      Jason November 22, 2010
  22. Hi All

    I have been taking pgx since October 1,2010 have not lost weight I would like to lose 20lbs it has suppressed my appetite I am not a big eater and am uable to excersie because of a back problem any imput would be apppreciated in how to lose the weight.

    Rosemarie Beaudry October 8, 2010
    • Are you unable to do any exercise? Walking is a AWESOME way to loose weight.

      Cara November 8, 2010
      • if you have a back problem you should try swimming

        Tiffany February 1, 2011
    • Hi Rosemarie

      I had bad back problems for a while. My physiotherapist showed me how to excercise in the water using a swim belt. The belt keeps you bouyant and you can concentrate on excercising/swimming instead of drowning. If my back was particularly bad I just floated on my back, with the swim belt on, and slowly swam while keeping my back in a comfortable position. It really helped to strengthen my stomach muscles which in turn helped my back. The hot tub afterwards was nice too.

      I started PGX 5 days ago and have lost a few pounds already… probably just cleaning me out so far. I really notice how it cuts the sugar cravings. I have never been a big eater but sweets are my weakness. I’m not overweight per se, but would feel better 10 pounds lighter. And as I get older the pounds sneak up on me, so would like to keep it off.

      Good luck

      Vanessa February 8, 2011
  23. I am on my third bottle og PGX at first I noticed maybe 3-4 pounds and I gradually increased the dose as indicated to like 6 for one meal?!

    What am I doing wrong aside from wasting my money????

    Sad and frustrated!

    Pina October 12, 2010
    • It is commendible that you are making an effort to take something to help your health – But it is not a miricle weightloss pill. It is a weightloss aid. Take it 30 minutes before you eat with a FULL glass of water. I personally drink 2 glasses.

      Light exercise is recommended as well with pgx. And also, needless to say if your taking PGX, and then drinking a litre of cream you are still going to gain weight… That is an exaggeration to say that you still need to try to make wise food choices

      jason November 22, 2010
  24. Hello I just started taking PGX I am 29 years old and used to weigh 150 and I am 5’1 I went through a severe depression and put on 22 pounds fairly quickly. I am still on my first bottle of 180 pills and have been on them for 2 weeks. I have noticed that I am not as hungry as I used to be and I do not have attack cravings like I used to. I guess my question is I am working out 30-60 min every day and I am not the best at figuring out a realistic eating plan. I am lost at what I should be eating and at what times I should be taking the pills.

    Any advice would be great I am starting to feel overwhelmed and I need to lower my cholesterol because I would prefer to not have to take medication.

    My goal is to lose 25-30 pounds by May 2011

    Tara October 18, 2010
  25. Hi everyone, I have not yet started PGX but have been doing alot of reading up on it, for pro and con. It seems quite wonderful but I was wondering, due to serious injuries and health problems I cannot exercise. Will PGX help me lose this weight anyways. I am 5 ft 7 and am 190lbs. Believe or not, 4 years ago, at my wedding, I was 135 and actually thought I was fat…….now, I want that back :) take care all….

    Marie November 3, 2010
  26. I dont want any “Fat burning” ingredients… I want gradual healthy weightloss. Which is what comes from reduced appetite, less eating etc. Which is exactly what PGX does. Your “fat burners” are misleading. They contain stimulants that are very unhealthy and potentially dangerous to your health. You only offer a quick fix. PGX may take time but you will keep the weight off

    Jason November 22, 2010
  27. I have been on PGX since Nov 18, i take 3 with every meal or around 15 mins before if i can. I dont like water at all though, so would it still have the same effect (which I’ve lost 0 lbs) if i drank the pills with crystal light so i could have the required liquid with it. I’m 5’2 weighing 155 and want to lose weight. I guess it kind of helps with my appetite, but not much for my cravings, especially night time. Especially when I’m on night shifts.I’ve been on many rollercoaster diets, i just need reaasurance this will help. Thanks

    Robin November 26, 2010
  28. A friend of mine has told me about this product and as any cautious person would do! I’m researching…
    I’ve read all the reviews and I’m a bit sceptic… I have a few questions?
    Once you’ve started taking PGX pills, is it safe to stop taking it whenever you are satisfied?

    What are the side effects?
    Is PGX a laxative?
    Your information is greatly appreciated…

    Kiezie December 8, 2010
  29. Hey Kiezie,

    I have been taking PGX for over a year now. At first I was taking 3-4 pills with each meal to lose weight. Now I take 2 – 3 pills with each meal just to increase my fiber intake and to keep blood sugar balanced (I used to come home from work and dive into cupboards looking for sugar!). I know another person who stopped all together. In regards to side effects, Worst case will be bloating and constipation. If you start with 1 pill, drink lots of water, and slowly build up – you should have no problem.

    good luck!

    JB25 December 13, 2010
  30. I have the same questions as Kiezie, I have not started taking PGX, I am researchingit to see what it’s all about first. Many of the comments here are awesome, but the big question is – when do you stop taking it?

    La Toya December 15, 2010
  31. My story. I am a 52 year old female who had a stroke on labor day. My cholesterol levels were very high along with my BP. I am now on a ace inhibitor and a statin drug which I would hope to discontinue. I have managed to loose 30 lbs by increasing my fiber, eliminating refined sugars and white flour along with moderate exercise. I have also been researching this product since I had read it could possibly reduce cholesterol levels. I will share what I found out: Drs. Michael Murray, ND and Michael Lyon, MD had come across PGX while researching a book on how to prevent and treat diabetes with natural medicine. Through a clinical study it was found that among PGX Users, body fat was reduced by 2.8% after 3 weeks, compared with a 1.4% reduction in the placebo group. Also by adding PGX to a meal or taking the it before a meal it was stated that it can reduce the GI of that food or meal by 25% to 50%. It is stated if users have problems with gas, bloating and constipation or diarrhea it is suggested to decrease dosage and gradually increase it as your body becomes accustomed to PGX. It is suggested to take 2 caps of PGX daily 15 minutes before each of your 3 meals with at least 10 oz of water. Daily total = 6 caps. Over 1 week work up to 3 caps before each meal. Daily total =9 After achieving the desired weight loss and/or blood sugar stabilization. Take one or 2 caps per day before a meal, continuing indefinitely to help maintain results. For more information on PGX: read Hunger Free Forever by Murray and Lyon. Of course there is a need for caution before starting PGX. If you are under medical care you should check with your physician before starting any OTC medication to see how it will react in your personal situation. In my opinion this is not a magic cure all pill. With modifying ones behavior, watching caloric intake and moderate exercise will often be the trigger to weight lose. However I believe taking PGX will help people achieve their goals in addition to the above.

    Patc January 3, 2011
  32. I just took my first two pills this morning. I eat healthy but still have that middle aged middle!!! Time for it to go. I am going to see how the first bottle goes and hope for the best. You can read and read and you will find everything from pros to cons on this product. I guess the best thing to do is just to try it for yourself. Nothing to lose but the weight. Good luck everyone.

    Sarah January 5, 2011
  33. hi, i’ve read all the reviews and like most just want to shed extra weight i gained with one of my pregnancies. i am 5’3″ and weigh about 145. i was 179 when i gave birth to my 2nd child and gained a whopping 70 lbs during that pregnancy. For some reason i cannot shake the rest of the weight. my goal is to lose another 20 lbs. from what i’m hearing though it seems as though pgx is mainly for diabetics. i am not diabetic, will this still work for me?


    meeh January 7, 2011
  34. Hi everyone, like most of these stories I have just started to take PGX. I think the most important thing to remember is that you have to give PGX some time and pay attention to the curbed cravings. I also have noticed that my cravings for sweets have reduced tremendously and I have only been on PGX for a week. I also agree with the person whom refers to the above diet aids, be very careful as they can be very harmful to your health and if you don’t have a good heart be aware, do your research. I am hoping also to see more of a blood sugar reduction and stabablizing as I am a newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetic. I want to wish everyone the best and hang in there with PGX as no quick fix is a good fix.

    Weezie January 8, 2011
  35. What are the withdrawal effects of going off PGX?

    Jane January 10, 2011
    • NONE. People, this is a fiber supplement. Why would you expect withdrawal?? Sheesh.

      Aaron March 20, 2011
  36. So I’ve gone over everyone elses reponses and am excited to start the bottle I just bought. But I have one question though, out of all the cravings that people mention on here, its always about the sugar. How does it work on salt cravings? Give me the choice between chocolate and potato chips, I’ll take the chips anyday! But as a woman who is still holding onto her ‘baby’ weight from 2 children (almost 100 lbs gained since the birth of my first child) I’m still willing to give this a go.

    Dice January 12, 2011
  37. just started taking PGX and have noticed lots of Gas,but i am still waiting to see the benefits.Am going to the gym and trying to eat healthier with small potions.

    pm January 14, 2011
  38. I started taking PGX in November 2010. I have lost 10lbs, 3months later.
    On the PGX website, there is a free pdf journal and book to download. I followed the daily book advice and have improved my eating habits. PGX is about slowly changing your bad eating habits, taking one small step at a time. The first step is drink your quota of water daily, according to your body weight, the book shows how to figure this out. Once you have managed that for a week, the next step was vice busting, just one of your bad habits, not all. So mine was tea time cookies! If you prefer salty snacks, that would be your vice to bust. Only by week three did they mention taking PGX. Next was do some sort of exercise like walking twice a week. And so it goes on through 12 weeks. Taking PGX helps changing your lifestyle easier. I no longer get dizzy and irritated from low blood sugar swings, and so could think straight when it came to meals, instead of eating like someone on survival mode, stuffing my face just to stop the cravings and make the dizziness go away.
    I am now on week 8, I took a little longer as I had to first ‘pass’ level 7 to move on.
    I now take 2 PGX at meal times and 2 at snack in the afternoon. My portion sizes have come down, and I walk on the treadmill 6 times a week for 40min. Following the book, I add the wheat germ and flaxseed to my food now too, that really fills you up! I add a veg or fruit to my meals, and take a vit/mineral pill daily. I have busted both my vices, ie cookies or sugary snacks, and pizza/burgers. I only drink water, and 1 coffee in the morning. My next steps are to add weight training twice a week and to choose healthier food at dinner and lunch.
    THIS is what PGX is about. Follow the online book. I have 20lbs to go, my clothes are looser, I am fitter, I have more energy.
    I had no side effects, and will continue to take PGX, it is all natural and controls my blood sugar. I am not diabetic, just your regular healthy mom trying to shake off that extra baby fat.

    pgx taker January 19, 2011
  39. I started a solid healthy eating regime (I don’t use the word “diet”) 5 weeks ago and added PGX to my routine 4 weeks ago. I lost 4 pounds before I started the PGX, but only 1 pound since then, much to my frustration. And now I HAVE to stop taking PGX due to the extremely unpleasant side effects. It is true that my appetite has been supressed and I am eating smaller amounts on a regular basis. HOWEVER, I have so much bloating and gas that I am in physical pain by dinner time every night. I have also had to decrease the intensity of my kickboxing workouts due to the uncomfortable state of my abdomin. Although I appreciate the decreased appetite, it’s just not worth the pain and discomfort anymore. I’m glad this works for some people, but I’m done!

    AlliCat January 23, 2011
  40. Started taking PGX daily with probiotics January 21st 2011 . A brief history on my diet .. ( seafood diet ) I saw food and I ate it . It didn’t matter how bad it was for me , or how much I consumed I didn’t stop until I was satisfied which put on 120 lbs in a 10 yr span . I am a food addict .. the sweeter the saltier the better … at the ripe old age of 32 and weighing in at 252 lbs .
    Last year I tried to control this addiction and failed … I’ve tried adkins .. and lost nothing , because i was hungry . I tried a supplement called D4 Thermal shock … it gave me the energy to go to the gym and I lost 16 lbs in 6 months … but I also failed at that . Why? Because I was hungry . I couldn’t stop craving the (bad things) . Finally Pgx … for the first time in 10 yrs I was able to turn down a full sized portion of food ” sniffels ” I ate a salad and was full .. You don’t believe it ? Neither did I . Later that same night I said ok it’s now dinner time ( I work the graveyard shift ) so at 3am dinner consisted of a bannana and a bottle of water 2 pgx softgels and a fiber one snack bar . I didn’t feel like eating again until I got home .. Breakfast was a chocolate protien shake from isopure mixed with 8oz of milk and i felt overfull … This works ” it might not be a fat burner .. But it has givin me the control of the beast and its now dancing to my tune .. thank you PGX

    Kelli Eldemiri January 24, 2011
  41. What a crock of horseshit. You don’t need PGX to control your sugar levels or to lose weight. You need some will power and a bit of knowledge. I’ve seen and/or tried a few products in my life and have lost probably three times my whole body weight in the last 20 years and only one thing works and it’s good eating habits and exercise. Plain and simple. Fat burners, fiber pills, apple vinigar and all the products the charlatans can come up with will not work. More often than not all you are getting is a placebo effect at most. One thing for sure though is that you are losing hard earned money. Just get your act together and do it the only way that works and specially, know that you are in for the long haul. Forget about losing 50 pounds in a month. Think for the long term and work hard at it and you will succeed and will be very proud of yourself and will be more keen keep it all off forever.

    Yvon Von Kemp January 27, 2011
  42. has anybody here tried the pgx daily singles (granules) i just bought some but cant find a review on it or anything except for what they say on the pgx website i just wanna know if anyones tried it and what they thought etc. ?

    corcor February 3, 2011
    • CORCOR…






      HEALTH CARE WORKER March 2, 2011
  43. I have been batteling my weight for a few years now! What I have found the best method to lose my 60lbs is –> Workout twice a day. In the moring you will do a minimum of 1/2 hr cardio. At night is where you can switch it up everyday from yoga, pilates, a dance work out, weights. For the first 6-8 weeks, do something different every evening you workout. Cardio is not going to lose your pounds any quicker unless you are working everything out. Your workouts perday should be a min of 1hr. I liked my night time routine cause it was fun, and a change everyday. After your 8 week period, then pick your key areas you want to focus on.

    Shy February 11, 2011
  44. Wow…I have read all the review on this I could find. I stated talking PGX yesterday 2 pills about 20 mins before my meals. So far I feel great and have been going to the bathroom after every meal. I weighed in at 220lbs…lets see what happens. :o)

    Patricia G March 2, 2011
  45. I started taking PGX about 3 months ago,the ownly thing so far is that I go to the
    bathroom more often.I take 4 before each meal and exercise everyday, at night I
    feel bloated, and look like I’m 7 months pregent.Is there anyone that can tell me
    what I’m doing wrong.

    Angela March 22, 2011
    • Going to the bathroom more often is a good thing. But if you find you are too bloated, try reducing the amount of pgx you are taking before each meal? That should help. Also, make sure you are drink lots of water! Like any supplement or diet change, you need to ease your body into it.

      i bea July 20, 2011
  46. PGX isn’t and has never claimed to being a magic pill and neither is it a “fat burner”. It is a fibre supplement. The more fibre in your system, the more controlled your blood sugar levels (which can be unbalanced by the highly refined carbohydrates in many foods), which means less sugar cravings. By taking more fibre and water and having less cravings, it is easier for people to maintain or lose weight safely and healthily. :) You can’t just take PGX and expect to drop 10 pounds in one week! You have to combine it with a well balanced diet and exercise if you want to lose weight.

    There is no such thing as a short cut. I would be very careful before taking these “fat burning” pills.

    bea July 20, 2011
  47. Tried it today for the first time. I am taking it for the evening when I get my cravings to over eat and snack. Twenty minutes after taking it(2 pills) off to the bathroom I went before I even ate dinner. When I had dinner I was blown away. I could only eat half of what I usually eat. I did not crave after meal snacks and still feel satisfied hours later. I do not have a problem over eating during the day and eat healthy with high protein foods like fish, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs along with limited fruits. I snack on carrot sticks and have a ACV, raw honey and garlic drink everyday that works wonders. I have a lot of energy and have a strength workout routine using compound muscle (deadlift, bench press, overhead press and squats)exercises. I am taking these to curb my evening eating binges and to keep my sugar levels and cholesterol levels in check. If tonight was any indication, this product will workout perfect for me…

    Ron March 8, 2014
  48. A nutritionist who is very familiar with PGX Daily said if taken closer to food consumption, the fiber attaches itself to anything consumed to reduce caloric absorption. I wonder how many of those calories are fat? Would it be OK to stack PGX with Alli, which blocks fat absorption, or would the two taken together be redundant?

    kelee March 16, 2014
  49. I just started PGX because I am type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.I am just worried because I am losing my appetite. I am not fat person so I might lose more weight and turn to be skin and bone.

    amy June 18, 2014

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