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Redline Energy Drink Review

By: slicedobservant

Will Redline Energy Drink Help You Burn Fat?

The main active ingredients in Redline are Caffeine, Evoburn, Hydroxy, Yerba Mate, and Green Tea. This drink is chucked full of stimulants, and should be taken with caution especially if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

Users of Redline have reported serious side effects such as severe insomnia, dizziness, headaches, jitteriness, anxiety, stomach aches, chills, heart palpitations, nausea, and the list goes on and on. These extreme side effects is your body’s way of telling you something is NOT good for it. Redline Energy Drink in my opinion should be taken at all, and if you do chose to use it do so in very small quantities. Also you can expect a pretty hard crash after Redline’s energy boost wares off.

Users also report that Redline Energy Drink has a terrible taste, this is most likely because it has 0 calories.

Price: $3.00 per bottle of Redline Energy Drink. You can buy a case of 24 for $42.00 – $44.00. The cost is $0.36 per ounce. Very expensive to be using all the time.

Redline Energy Drink Conclusion

I do NOT recommend Redline Energy Drink to help you lose weight or increase your energy levels. I do NOT think Redline Energy Drink is safe, especially if being used consistently. There are supplements that are cheaper, more effective, and will not cause the same negative side effects.

Read Redline Energy Drink Customer Reviews Below:

Have you ever used Redline Energy Drink? Share your opinions here.

  1. I use redline and love the taste. It comes in twelve different flavors and I have tasted them all….and there is no crash at all afterwards..It is two servings in one bottle…

    carmen January 24, 2009
  2. Hello, do you know specific locations in Houston, Texas that sell the drink on a regular basis. It is very difficult to find the drink and I do like it very much.

    WENDELLYON COLLINS February 3, 2009
  3. I’m going to have to disagree with you here. I was stuck on a weight plateau for about 4 months, dieting and exercising like nuts and not losing at all. Two weeks ago I started drinking Redline and since then I’ve lost about 7lbs. When I drink Redline before a workout the workout is around twice as intense as it was without (i.e. if I burn 250 calories without Redline then I burn 500 with it) and I go for longer without breaks and feel less worn out afterwards.

    As for the side effects, many of the people who complain about headaches, nausea, jitters etc. are experiencing them simply because they have failed to read the label and they have underestimated how strong this drink is. The bottles say that it is “POTENT” and that it should not be consumed on an empty stomach, and that you shouldn’t drink more than half a bottle at a time. The drink also contains a lot of caffeine, which is a diuretic, so you should drink a lot of water before and after using Redline. If you don’t, you’ll get dehydrated, ergo headaches, especially if you’re using it to fuel a workout.

    As for people complaining that the drink causes insomnia … really? It says “THE ULTIMATE ENERGY RUSH” in very very big letters on the side. There is a logic pattern here that they are missing.

    In my opinion this is a great product. Yes, it is powerful, and because it is powerful it should be treated with respect. Drink the recommended serving, eat the recommended meal beforehand, drink lots of water and be prepared for the energy rush and you will benefit. Ignoring all the instructions and then badmouthing it because of the side effects is like shoving a cough drop up your ass and complaining when your sore throat doesn’t go away.

    Hannah February 9, 2009
  4. Wooow. I tried redline and it sent me through the roof! A friend of mine who is a workout nut gave it to me. He told me to drink lots of water that it would give me energy enough to chase my 1 year old daughter around for hours. What he didn’t know is that i drank 2 cups of coffee that morning and had a skimpy breakfast. I barely have time to eat a regular meal ( my 1 year old keeps me going!). I really felt the side effects. Headaches and chills and jitters and that “oh god I am going to puke!” feeling were all there. My fault. I do believe you should know what you are taking before you start popping pills. Shame on me for not asking more questions! However, eating and hydrating should put those nasty side effects at bay. It’s not rocket science here. Just FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. It’s there for a purpose not just bathroom reading material.

    tracy February 21, 2009
  5. well i used this drink for the first time and i think it is the most powerful drink out there but common sence will tell you to take it with caution and to follow the directions it gives you

    carl February 22, 2009

  7. I just started using redline per my trainer giving me the go ahead and I love it!…I did drank the whole thing within 30 mins and it just at one point made me go “whoa”lol but I never had any of the symtoms stated and I worked out longer!…Ya it doesnt taste the best, Ive only had the grape and i think berry…but after that what it does thats what matters to me!…Thanks

    Linda March 27, 2009
  8. I buy Redline pretty much everyday and I have found that most Shell stations in Houston have the full product line. (All flavors,extreme, princess, original, and the little ones are usually next to the register) Price varies from 3.75 to 4.25 depending on location.

    Marie March 28, 2009
  9. I buy Redline and Rockstar by the case. I work 12 hour graveyard shifts and need these to stay awake and alert all night long. I drink one Rockstar and one Redline per night and they work great for me. I eat prior to drinking these and drink plenty of water along with it. I have learned that if I finish my Redline by 2am, I can fall right asleep by 8 am when I am ready to sleep. I have only noticed side effects when I don’t eat first of if I don’t drink water with it. I do wonder what the long term effects on my body will be but you have to woner that about anything you put in your body other than purified water…

    Shane April 23, 2009
  10. Dude, You couldnt have said it any better. By the way that was funny about the cough drop. I just drank one Redline about 2 hours ago, and Ilmao!! This shit is some powerful stuff. I drink monster and redbull. No comparison at all. Is like comparing a jet fighter to a one of them propelled little shit planes LOL!. After taking Redline for the first time I drank the whole bottle at once not thinking about the consequences. I have lots of respect for it from now on. I usually dragging myself around feeling tired. This woke me up and lliteraly i felt like a horse just kick me in the back. LOL. I do feel a little nausea and kind of like the day after a hangover. Very happy feeling LOL. I just like to know where I can get it the cheapest possible for resale.

    Jay Rocka May 23, 2009
  11. I drink the xtreme daily, 1/2 a bottle at a time as the bottle says, and i make sure i have had breakfast before. This gives me energy and wakes me up in the morning. I have tried many flavors and the best one is watermelon, apple taste like sh**. I prefer to drink these at room temp. Just follow directions and everything works as it should, with no side effects.

    codster June 21, 2009
  12. I really love the stuff, it works great! I only use it just before I workout in the afternoon and it gives me the energy to make it through some intense 2-2.5 hr workouts and when I get home I still have the energy to do what I need to do around the house, but when it’s time for bed I usually crash and sleep well all night!
    Drinking alot of water all day long is not a problem for me so I haven’t experienced the side effects caused by lack of water. The only thing that concerns me is the amount of caffine in Redline, does anybody know how much it is compared to a cup of coffee? What I have noticed is that back when I used to drink coffee, ( I don’t anymore) If I skipped the morning 3 cups of coffe, I would get a terrible headache. I don’t drink the redline on weekends and have yet to get a headache, not sure what the difference is. Is there a real conern for the amount of caffine in the drink?

    chris July 1, 2009
  13. I LOVE Redline! I have CFS ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and need some kind of energy drink to make it through the day. I have tried Redbull, Monster, & Amp however none of them work well enough for me to take it regularly.

    Redline works awesome! I have so much energy I am able to do everything I need to do during the day! It defiantly enhances your workout, I can actually feel it enter my system if I drink it and then go work out!

    There is side effects if you do not eat or dont eat enough before taking it. People who are sensitive to caffeine or herbs that stimulate should consider trying a less intense drink.

    I wish they didnt cost so much though :( But I guess you get what you pay for!!

    Michelle August 4, 2009
  14. I have a lot of weight to lose and I dont think I can do it without using Redline. I only use a capfull becaue half a bottle is a bit much for me. It gives me the energy I need to do a great workout which I could not otherwise do on my own. It has given me the hope I need to believe I can get this weight off. I have had no ill-effects from using this because I am cautious. Nothing but pure energy which I need.

    Elizabeth August 8, 2009
  15. I completely agree BAD. Carmen your right. No crash took 12 hours ago. I feel like hell sick to my stomach, chest pains, headache, and at first I felt as if I was just learning to walk.

    Courtney August 10, 2009
  16. I love Redline! I have never had any side effects when taking Redline but I always drink half a can. Redline has to be the best fat loss aid I have ever taken. I have tried Apidexin which is listed #1 on this site but had many side effects. I drink Redline right before I go to the gym, and push myself alot further than I would by myself.

    Melanie August 11, 2009
  17. I actually like the Triple Berry flavor but if you don’t like the taste, you might try blending Redline and a protein shake.

    Melanie August 11, 2009
  18. LOL! I love how you worded your comment about the product & how people complain it’s strong & don’t read labels. So true! :p

    Pam August 18, 2009
  19. I have heard alot about the prodcr red line. I am very excited to start using it because I have gain a few pounds since my illness a few years back. If anyone can answer my questions I will forever be in there debt. I have had multiple surgeries from an auto accident. I take pain meds, etc.because of the metal I have in my body. I try my best to exercise but I am limited to what most people can do bt I do walk alot everyday, but I can not seem to loose any weight. I am not a big eater & I watch what I eat, but I ca walk 10 miles a day and I cannot seem to loose a pound. Should I try this Red Line Product and will I have sucess. I only need to lose 25 pounds. Can anyone give me any advice about taking pain meds & Redline.?

    Indianlady45 August 18, 2009
  20. best energy drink ever

    noah August 24, 2009
  21. redline is the shit. thats it. even the side affects are sweeet. its like cocaine in a bottle. even though i have never done coke, redline is fuckin bomb and makes me happy:) enjoy, all future redline drinkers.

    Richter September 1, 2009
  22. i LOVE this stuff!
    tastes bad but supresses hunger like ciggaretes!!

    chole September 3, 2009
  23. I LOVE Redline. Yes, it can be expensive, but no more expensive than any other energy drink. It has 0 calories, tastes like fruit juice and by far better than rockstar or redbull put together. I do occasionally feel a little dizzy, or a slight headache, but for the most part its great. I’ve never felt a crash or insomnia. In fact I thought it would be a lot more intense than it is; from reading the label it sounds like a heart attack in a bottle, but I’ve never felt any real negative side effects. As a college student preparing for mid-terms, I don’t think anything could help me as much as Redline has.

    Lauren October 1, 2009
  24. follow the directions and its great. people are idiots

    jimbo October 9, 2009
  25. I own a c-store … i personally drink one a day … it works awesome … i lost some weight … thanks to redline …
    but if anyone is interested in buying cases … i can sell u a case for $50 … u gotta pick it up though … i cannot ship …. and redline extreme for $55 for a case of 24.

    Shez October 21, 2009
  26. i just started using it 3 days ago iam training my self 6 days a week cause iam going to the Navy and i need to drop an extreme amount of weight and my work out doubled if not tripled very good stuff so far

    brock October 22, 2009
  27. I drink redline, and it’s great…I purchase over the internet from and they ship free…I buy two cases for under $100, shipped. that’s approximately $2 per bottle, or a dollar a serving….no side effects…I use it for workouts and when I need energy…for some reason it also puts me in a better mood?? I don’t drink coffee, and used to drink soda…so I replaced it with this…I think it’s great…my Dr doesn’t see anything in the ingredients that could harm me the way I’m taking it.

    alan November 16, 2009
  28. I have to admit, I was bit of a skeptic before trying Redline because I believed all diets and energy drinks were useless to say the least. I am a single mom of three, and tried Redline for the first time and was convinced. I mean the energy level I received was unexplanable, and i could do anything 10 times over. I love Redline and eventhoug it states it is not for weigthloss, I have lost over 20 lbs within the last 6 wks, not from the product alone but from the intense workouts I do because of the energy the product has given me!!!!

    SuZette December 7, 2009
  29. Hi ~

    I hae been using REDLINE now for a few weeks… Yes, there are specific instructions… Just follwo the instructions and all is good. I was struggling with my workouts, adding another 30 minutes to my current 30 minute cardio workouts I needed a little extra energy. I got it with REDLINE. I only drink a 1/3 of the bottle and I can have 3 servings per bottle. This is what works best for me. Individual needs and results will no doubt vary. With everything, all in moderation…
    anyway, just wanted to put my two cents in.


    Jodi December 13, 2009
  30. any HEB grocery store, smoothie king or Nutrition Depot

    TD December 16, 2009
  31. The jitters, nausea, insomnia, panic attacks, etc. can all be explained by unfortunate reactions to the molecule known as Yohimbine. This has been known to cause erections in men as well as stimulate fat burning (along with other things in Redline). If you experience any of these do not take this, and even if you do not experience these do not take this for extended periods of time. The bottle says 8 weeks which I would say is a good recommendation.

    Spencer December 18, 2009
  32. i have been useing redline for 2 month and it help me to lose wigtht i was working at night shift an i used to drink red line every night and i was 1 200 bond know am 165 .

    thank you red line

    Alex January 13, 2010
  33. This drink is nice

    Marcela Olvera February 10, 2010
  34. This is the best high energy drink I have ever used. Even better without the calories,sugars and carbs. I am a serious athlete with a tough training schedule. As with anything pill, drink, powder or otherwise, people react differently to various things. You have to dicide what works best for you and I have been completely satisfied with the results of Redline Extreme. Before my morning workout (4:30am), I eat 3-4 hard boiled eggs, drink 64 ounces of water with half a bottle of Redline Extreme. It provides the energy I need to complete my two hour workout. I experience absolutely no side-affects or crash during the day. I obviously can not recommend this for everyone but would say its worth at least a try if you are looking to gain more energy. I can’t speak to its weight loss ability but it does contain the ingredients to assist with weight loss. I love the taste of the watermelon and grape flavors. Have not tried anything else. A great energy drink for me.

    Tim Bowman March 13, 2010
  35. Hi everyone, Redline, the name says it all…i’m a meter reader and i walk 10 to 15 miles a day..i have been drinking redline for over 3 years now and i really LOVE it..i drink 1 whole bottle with breakfest and my rockets start to fire up..
    on wednesday nights i play darts and have a 2nd whole bottle around 4pm..home by 10pm asleep by 10:30pm..never had any problems with side effects…no other drink has come close in my mind, when i run out sometimes, i try a redbull or monster and they sells redline now but for $10.50 a 4 pack..was $8.96..price went up because its GREAT stuff..enjoy it…ITS THE BEST..

    Frank Diaz May 17, 2010
  36. I absolutely love Redline. Been using this since ’07 on and off. I’ve tried other energy drinks and hated them all. Redline to me tastes like Koolaid(grape) I do sales on the phone 8 hrs a day and with my job you have to stay positive and perky. Redline gave me exactly that. Its perfect to take before workouts gives you the extra umph needed to really push yourself. Plus its a thermogenic fat burner so it really makes you sweat. Theres only one negative to this product that I can tell and thats after a long term use you do gain tolerance to it. The last time i stopped using Redline I was up to 2 bottles a day. All and all GREAT product.

    Bonnie May 21, 2010
  37. yes its absolutely a energy booster…..i was on the treadmill and couldnt believe the calories i burned….incredible…..please try it….

    reesee May 26, 2010
  38. The Best! I read the reviews before I bought it and was a bit scared to drink it after reading the side effects but I had none! I drink the whole bottle as a serving love the energy and happiness that comes with it.

    Marcie August 6, 2010
  39. I LOVE redline and I disagree with this article as well. Sometimes I need that extra push to do my workouts which this does. It makes my workouts much more enjoyable also. For some reason it puts me in a really good mood. If I take this before 4 PM then I have no problem sleeping at the usual time that I sleep. Read the label before drinking this! If you do not have enough food before taking this and experience nausea, just eat something and you’ll feel better. I took and then drank a cup of green tea afterwards which was wayyy too much caffeine but I ate something and felt much better.

    Combined with regularly working out, eating right, this makes me lose weight faster than usual.

    Marie August 20, 2010
  40. I LOVE REDLINE! This stuffs amazing!!!By far the best energy drink I had. However, i dont recommend you drinking it after five… you wont get any sleep!

    tammi September 18, 2010
  41. What everyone has stated is correct…powerful, effective. RESPECT THE REDLINE (grape is the best!)

    Eric October 16, 2010

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