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Reduslim Review

By: slicedobservant

Can Reduslim Actually Shrink Fat Cells?

Reduslim makers have been making some pretty bold claims about their weight loss supplement. They claim Reduslim “melts off 15 times more fat than any other diet pill” and that it can “actually physically shrink fat cells”. Are these claims too good to be true?

Reduslim Ingredients

Reduslim Ingredients Overview

Reduslim’s formula isn’t extraordinary and nothing it contains is going to “shrink fat cells”. These ingredients are mediocre and a little outdated compared to formulas of other top rated weight loss supplements on the market today.

How much is Reduslim?

Right now Reduslim comes buy one get one free, but one bottle costs a whopping $69.95, and this amount is “ideal only if you need to lose 10 lbs. or less.” The price just goes up from there, if you “need to lose over 50 lbs.” its going to cost you $239.99 not to mention the countless months its going to take you to use 12 bottles.

Reduslim Conclusion

Reduslim may help you drop a few lbs. over a long period of time, but if your looking for significant results quickly Reduslim isn’t the fat burner for you. Also Reduslim is extremely overpriced for the ingredients it contains. Below are fat burning supplements that are highly effective and affordable.

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  1. Reduslim could be the worst fat burner ever. I ordered it. 4 weeks later it arrived. Day 1 I was vomiting and shaking uncontrollably. Day 2 same. Day 3 tried to return it. 90 days later I am still waiting for my “Refund”!

    Gray June 21, 2010

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