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Slenderex Review

By: slicedobservant

Slenderex is a pill that is sold online and must either be very new or very undercover because there is very little information about Slenderex online.  As far as I can tell, Slenderex is a fat burner that is designed to increase metabolism and energy and there is no information about the kinds of ingredients that they use to do it.

The website for Slenderex has a link to a fuzzy picture of the label.  The ingredients are almost illegible and it is pretty difficult to really know what is going into the Slenderex formula.  If a company is proud if their ingredients, they will post them on the webpage and you will know exactly what you are getting.

Slenderex Marketing

The one great thing that Slenderex has going for it is their great guarantee.  You can return your unused portion of Slenderex at any time for a 110% guarantee.  Generally companies that do not give you much information about their pills are not going to offer a guarantee either and this makes me wonder if there is something to Slenderex.

Slenderex Conclusion

I want to just tell you not to try Slenderex because I know very little about it.  I want to tell you that it is worthless and not to waste your time.  But that guarantee is nagging at me and telling me not to tell you those things.  A pill with a guarantee this good has to have a few good things going for it and my advice would be to wait and see if the company releases any more information.

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