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SlimSplash Review

By: slicedobservant

Is SlimSplash the Best Fat Burner?

SlimSplash is a new fat burner that dares ask ‘Looking for a Fun Way to Lose Weight?’. Seriously? Losing weight is rewarding, but it is hard work and takes a lot of commitment. I feel a rant coming on here… Take deep breaths…

Okay, I am feeling better. Crap, nevermind. I just read the section of SlimSplash’s website that says acai berry, Oprah, ‘Try SlimSplash for Free’. I am starting to feel a little dizzy. Not another ‘Free Trial…

SlimSplash Ingredients

SlimSplash is a drink powder that contains green tea, guarana, stevia and acai powder. There is extremely little information on the website, though it is apparent that they want you to buy it really bad.

How Much is SlimSplash?

A one month supply of SlimSplash costs $130. You can opt for the 10 Day ‘Free Trial’. At first you just pay shipping, but there is a catch. There always is. Hidden deep in there site, you will find a page about their return policy. On that page you will find the following information:

After ten (10) days from the date of shipment, unless you decide to cancel, we’ll conveniently bill your credit card $78.61 for the full month supply of SlimSplash. Plus, we’ll enter you into our SlimSplash SlimmerYou™ program. With the SlimmerYou program you’ll get a monthly supply of SlimSplash to help you LOSE THE WEIGHT and KEEP IT OFF! All this at the same monthly special, low in-home price you paid for the original SlimSplash monthly supply plus $5.95 in shipping, conveniently billed to your credit card.

Nothing is free. SlimSplash conveniently bills you $78.61 plus shipping.

SlimSplash Conclusion

Though a weight loss drink is a novel idea, auto-ship continuity programs are a serious matter. One of the biggest complaints I here is from people who thought they were getting a free product and the company keeps on billing them. Not good. All of our top-rated fat burners ALL have money-back guarantees and they are NOT free trials.

Read SlimSplash Customer Reviews Below:

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  1. Tomorrow I am returning an item#RMA-10309837—Sorry about not being able to use your product the Headaches & Chills were very irritating probably due more to me than your product. probably So please DO NOT send me any more samples etc.Thank You

    Rick Mills April 13, 2009
  2. On 07/30, received the trial offer and immediately asked that it be canceled which was supposedly done via telephone. On 08/07, an amount of $78.41 was taken out of my account. How do I return the offer and can I get the amount reversed back into my account. Need some assistance in how to do this?

    Patricia Gaines August 12, 2009
  3. This product promotion is a fraud. The promotion said that they will send you a sample of the product for a dollar YEAH!!! i cancelled inmediately, well they charged me the dollar and a WEEK later they charge $78.41 when i dispute the charge with my credit card they gave a credit of $45.41 and i was told that the $33.00 shipping was not refundable. This is the biggest scam on the net.

    ANGELIKA GONZALEZ September 15, 2009
  4. I did not order anything, I don’t know how they got my cc number. And I still have to pay to send back the product. Has this happend to anyone else?

    Julia Ortiz November 30, 2009
  5. they took money out of my accont and i have never herd of them!! so ppl be careful and when i called my bank and they told me to call this slimsplash company i did and they told me they couldnt give me my money back for something i never order SO PPL BE CAREFUL!!!!!

    Caitlyn December 19, 2009
  6. i ordered only free trial but they still my money from my acuont .they are big chiters

    woss January 4, 2010
    A trial period? Yeh,That is an absolute lie, fraud, and false advertising. There was supposed to be an 8 day trial period. I just got slimsplash on January 2, 2010 and on January 4th, I was charged $78.41 After using two packages of the product, I found out I was allergic to the product, AS IT MADE ME ITCH REAL BAD. I had never used acai berry products before. When I called to get a return authorization number and address to return it, I was told that the trial period run from the date of purchase AND I COULD NOT SEND THE PRODUCT BACK.
    I feel like I have been SCAMMED REAL BAD.

    Mary Rawlins January 4, 2010
  8. I agree with those that feel the free trial is a scam however I am using it and it is suppressing my appetite so I think it works.
    I have shared SlimSplash at work with my peers and they felt that it worked but are concerned about the free trial scam.
    Is SlimSplash working for anyone else?
    Does anyone know if the ingredients in SlimSplash really work or is it in my head?

    Steve Hedderich January 21, 2010

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