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Testoripped Review

By: slicedobservant

You’re a hardcore male, and require a “Hardcore Fat Burner” to help trim body fat and build muscle. Unfortunately, there’s a plethora of hyped-up supplements that make all the claims in the world, but fail to deliver.

Perhaps you need a “man’s fat burner”?

Testoripped promises to deliver scientifically proven ingredients to accelerate fat loss, while building lean muscle, increasing energy to “supercharged” levels, and defining muscle like never before.

But does it work? Or is Testoripped just another fat burner destined to rip you off?

The answer will lie in the ingredients.

Testoripped Ingredients

Testoripped offers an impressive 500 mcg of Chromax Chromium Picolinate to regulate insulin levels so you’re metabolizing and burning fat, rather than storing it. 500 mcg is above and beyond the recommended dose, and should bring your appetite under control and your body working for you.

Also included in the Testoripped formula is 1250 mcg of Vitamin B12 to regulate serotonin levels and normalize appetite, and to increase energy.

In Testoripped’s Strength Enhancing/Muscle Building Matrix you will find 750 mg of:

Caffeine Anhydrous for a further boost of energy.
Raspberry Ketones for increased thermogenesis, appetite control and weight loss.
Creatine Ethyl Ester to fuel muscles for maximum lifting.
Tribulus Terrestris to increase testosterone levels and fill you with male strength and vitality—and—
Horny Goat Weed and Eurycoma Longfolia to provide power to the libido and sexual performance–plus more! (Ten ingredients to be exact.)

Will Testoripped Work?

We like the huge dosage of Chromax Chromium and vitamin B12, but are not so crazy about the 750 mg “Proprietary Blend.” While the ingredients within the blend are excellent, it’s impossible to sieve among them and ensure you’re receiving the correct individual—and effective amounts.

We are guessing you will experience a definite surge of energy due to the caffeine in Testoripped, and a few other benefits, but Testoripped is not as effective as it leads you to believe.

Testoripped Pricing and Guarantee

One bottle (a 30-day supply) of Testoripped will cost you $49.99 plus S&H. But the deals are better in bulk. Three bottles will save you 33% and set you back $99.90. (That’s $33.33 a bottle.)

Testoripped does come with a 100% “Lifetime” money-back guarantee so if don’t receive the results you desire, you can return it for a full refund.

Please note that the refund only covers one opened bottle and all others in resalable condition.

The Testoripped Bottom Line

Outwardly Testoripped seems to have it all. The packaging is geared towards men, as is the no-nonsense website. Most of the ingredients are top-notch and will guarantee results—but again, we’re leery of the proprietary blend. 750 mg is a low overall dosage when you consider it contains no less than 10 ingredients.

If you’re sensitive to stimulates or have high blood pressure, you should avoid Testoripped.

For those of you who wish to try Testoripped, we recommend purchasing only one bottle for starters. It’s completely risk-free!

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