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USPLabs Recreate Review

By: slicedobservant

USPLabs claims their supplement Recreate is a clinical strength fat burner that results in “fat loss you can feel”. Hundreds of fat burners come with promises like this, but most of them are ineffective. Only a few products like Apidexin can deliver the results they promise. Is USPLabs Recreate one of the fat burners that works?

What Are the Ingredients?

Caralluma Fimbriata – May suppress appetite and reduce blood sugar levels.
Coffea Arabica – Increases energy, most likely because it’s a natural source of caffeine.
Olea Europaea (olive leaf extract) – Studies have shown that when this ingredient is combined with three others (that aren’t found in USPLabs Recreate, but are in Apidexin) it can reduce appetite and boost metabolism. On its own, olea europaea may be ineffective.
Caffeine – Research shows that it can increase energy, boost fat metabolism, and curb appetite.
Microtea Debilis Extract – Stimulates lipolysis, which is a process where your body breaks down fat deposits.

Are the Right Doses Used?

Unfortunately, I don’t know if the right doses are used because the manufacturer has combined all the ingredients into a proprietary blend that totals 750 mg per serving. Seeing individual doses is important so you can determine if the doses will be effective and safe. For example, caffeine needs to be used in a dose between 200-400 mg to produce results, without causing side effects. What dose does USPLabs Recreate use? I couldn’t say.

What Are the Ratings?

USPLabs Recreate has hundreds of customer reviews all over the web. On average, customers give the fat burner a rating of 4 stars out of 5. On the plus side, people say that the product boosts energy and is a good value. On the down side, they say it causes side effects and tastes bad.

What Are the Side Effects?

Most of the people who use USPLabs Recreate don’t experience side effects, but some did. The side effects that were reported in reviews included stomach pain, vomiting, frequent urination, and jitters.

Is It Easy to Use?

For best results, you only need to take 3 capsules (3 servings) of USPLabs Recreate a day. Take 2 in the morning before breakfast or your morning workout. Then, take 1 more capsule 6-8 hours later. You shouldn’t take more than 4 capsules a day. Users say the best time to take USPLabs Recreate is every day before a workout.

What Is the Best Price?

The lowest price online for USPLabs Recreate is around $25. This is a great price considering that the retail price is $49.99. The downside is that USPLabs Recreate doesn’t come with a money back guarantee or a return policy that covers used/opened bottles. If you use it and it doesn’t work for you, you won’t be able to get a refund.


apidexin USPLabs Recreate is a good fat burner and it has received some good ratings from users. But it’s not one of the best fat burners like Apidexin is.

Apidexin has 7 clinically proven ingredients that burn fat, suppress appetite, and increase energy levels. Apidexin is very safe, receives high ratings, and doesn’t cause side effects for a majority of users. When you buy Apidexin from the official website, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

I recommend that you use Apidexin instead of USPLabs Recreate. If you have used USPLabs Recreate before, please share your experience here!

Read USPLabs Recreate Customer Reviews Below:

Have you ever used USPLabs Recreate? Share your opinions here.

  1. Tried Recreate for 2 days…It definitely has side effects. I became tvery depressed and tearful to the point that I stayed inmy bed for hours….Took it right back….losing weight isn’t worth feeling like that!

    Jennifer July 7, 2009
    • Jennifer, I feel the same way. I am 13 and I know this is for adults but my mother let me use it because I am starting to lose weight. I refused to eat and started tearing up on the couch. I was lying down in a couch away from everyone for hours. I agree it’s not worth losing weight.

      Chris June 28, 2010
      • Hey Chris..
        How long where you on recreate when you experienced this?? I just started it and If that’s what it’s gonna do..then Im gonna flush em…Thanks

        Lori September 10, 2010
  2. I’ve taken many different fat burners, with and without stimulents. Recreate not only gave me the biggest results, it gave me this positive high, never depressed. Sure if you’re not used to taking fat burners with stimulents you might react differently. I give Recreate two thumbs up! Works Great!

    Erik July 13, 2009
  3. Well I just started Taking Recreate, lets see what happens

    Joey R July 15, 2009
  4. I have been taking Recreate for several weeks now and I LOVE it! No side effects, no mood swings, nothing but results. Ofcourse I have a ‘stack’ that includes Recreate, but I contribute my success mostly to Recreate, Ampd Wheybolic 60, omega 3s and mv. When you want bf loss and muscle gains, it’s a winner.

    netta July 25, 2009
    • i also take recreate with wheybolic extreme 60 and omega 3’s and results r good with the bench went from 300 to 310 in a week and a half but i wont lie,recreate does have slight side affects ive noticed mood swings but the product drives me to workout harder and provides great continous energy throughout the day and i dont crave food NEEEEARLY as much…the good outweights the bad with this product tho..

      deon July 14, 2010
  5. i started taking Recreate and have seen major results in less then two weeks. i dont crave junk food and i eat less. So far recreate has been the best fat loss pills that i have ever taking.

    Allen R July 27, 2009
    • iv’e been taking recreate now for about 2 weeks , and definetely see results. i am slowly
      seeing my body getting sculptured and toned. this will work with exercise and a healthy diet

      jim miller November 18, 2010
  6. I have been taking this stuff for 4 days and lost 2 pounds. Its definetely not water. I am a woman too, they said I could take it even though its geared toward me. It has 75mg caffeine per serving, not very high at all. I love how there is one review for this stuff.. These sites are so bogus. This stuff works better then Clen too…

    AnneM August 13, 2009
  7. I took recreate for a week and a half. I only took one pill twice a day and lost almost 15 pounds. I stopped taking it for a while because i had such a drastic weight loss. I didn’t really change my eating habits. I still ate fast food but for lunch i just substituted it with a musce milk shake. I love recreate!

    jennifer August 17, 2009
  8. I am On my 3rd Bottle Of recreate. I have Lost 22 LBS. No side effects. Full of energy and my workouts are better than ever. Try it again!

    Brandon September 10, 2009
  9. I have been taking re-create since the begining of October and it’s only been 2 weeks and I’ve already lost 7 lbs. That is the fastest loss I have ever experienced. Re-Create supresses my appetite. I highly recommend this product.

    mimiblaze October 15, 2009
  10. I’ve only been taking it for 3 days. My workouts are so much more intense. i do feel a little jittery and have almost completely lost my appetite(which is good and bad). But so far so good!

    Emily October 16, 2009
  11. I just got this product today. I’m gonna give it a try and see how it works. I will post again to let everyone know if it worked for me or not.

    Brian S November 2, 2009
  12. I have been taking “Recreate” on and off for about 2 months now. I have not worked out at all, no cardio no weight lifting. I started at 257lb and as of 11/17/2009 I am at 242lb. Now I’m not saying “Recreate” is responsible for this but how else could this have happened. I did change my diet a little bit such as eliminating soda and fast food. I also tried eating more organic foods and freshly prepared foods. I had better results while taking Hydroxycut but I was doing cardio while on that.

    My side effects were minimal. It states on the bottle 1-2 capsules 30 min before breakfast. Sometimes I forgot and took them after and I had horrible gas. Thank god it didn’t stink. Best of luck to you all!

    Jim C November 20, 2009
  13. i picked up recreate yesterday and am very excited to see if this stuff works.i will post soon to let u know if it worked for me.

    dirtyal November 21, 2009
  14. So, how many per day do most of you take ? Just one twice a day or 2 twice per day ? Thank you !

    Adam November 21, 2009
  15. I just took 2 this morning. I feel wired. I feel like I could walk to Russia, go play in the snow, and walk right back. I drink coffee in the mornings and being doing that for a while but never took recreate with it.. I am so wired right now.. Things are in.. SLOW motion..

    Alireza November 23, 2009
  16. After reading the reviews i cant wait to try it!!!!

    Heather November 24, 2009
  17. I am very active as far as working out goes, I just wanted something to help manage my appetite a little better and Recreate has really worked I still eat what and when Im suppose to just not as much which is great for me. I really like it side effects are almost none…

    Jermaine December 7, 2009
  18. just bought this product a few minutes ago! I hope it works! I will update! I need to lose 20 pounds I just recently had twin boys and I’m trying to tone up and burn more baby fat i try to work out 3 times a week…i just need something to give me that extra push! fingers crossed!

    MICHELLE December 21, 2009
  19. Hi I would suggest taking one in the am until you get adjusted to it Recommend taking it for at least a moth to see results

    jennifer January 7, 2010
  20. I started to taking it on monday felt the energy without the jitters and it definately curves the appetite! Worth giiving it a try

    jennifer January 7, 2010
  21. I have used it for 3 weeks now and have gained about 6 pounds..muscle is heavier than fat…My work outs are more intese and I have added a little bit of weight to my routine. I still hate cardio, but the extra energy makes it a little more tollerable. My appetite is less but I do NOT feel all wacked out except for that first half of my workout. I guess it kickstarts my system and gives me a wicked rush. Downside is the gnarly “system flush”! WOW. Don’t nobody go in thwere for 30 or 45 minutes!

    Bishop January 13, 2010
  22. I have been taking recreate for three days now and I like the energy part but I still crave the sweets. I bought this because the GNC rep told me it would help with my appetite for the sweets. maybe it take a while to work. How long did it take to curve anyone elses appetite. or am I taking it wrong. 2morning and 1 afternoon.

    stacey January 28, 2010
    • I have a sweet tooth too. And even though I eat tons of veggies and small amounts of everything, I couldn’t help but reach for the ice cream in the evening. Fresh ground garlic helped alot. I would cut or shred it into my salads or other food during lunch (of course I had to brush or carry gum) but after that, I had no desire for the sweets! Garlic is supposed to kill the bad yeast in your system that craves sugar. Try it, see how it works… good luck!

      Yani March 17, 2010
    • did this ever work for u i just bought some and startd taking them yesterday 1 in the morning and 1 later i seem to be hungrier but i can tell iv tookn them my body seems to be heatd up just wantn to eat more …. ????

      Ang November 8, 2010

    FORNELL January 30, 2010
  24. I started recreate about 2 weeks ago. i haven’t really seen any results yet but I’m hoping it takes a bit to kick in, and I still crave carbs and sweets, so hopefully that gets better too! Has anyone experienced what im going through, and does it get better? and also can i add in other fat burners or diet supplements with this?

    chris February 12, 2010
  25. I started taking recreate a week ago and it has definitely suppressed my appetite, such that I NO Longer feel the need to eat after 8pm and additionally half portions seem to fill me up. Adding the exercise routine to the mix this week(week 2) so far so good.

    Jay February 15, 2010
  26. I started taking recreate a couple of days ago and the gassy feeling, mixed with heartburn is horrible! Makes one very uncomfortable all day. I’ll stick to my gym work-outs!

    Ashanti February 25, 2010
  27. so today is my second day taking recreate. My husband && I are doing this together but i have heart palpatation (however you spell it) so caffeine really has an effect on my heart but Recreate has given me more energy && my workouts feel great! Im a house wife so there is ALWAYS food around && i have given in a lil bit but so far i dont seem to be snacking AS much but i am more motivated to work out so i guess we’ll se how it works!!

    Ashley C March 11, 2010
  28. I just started Recreate and was curious if it works for females? Im taking 2 pills a day. Im tryinf to lose 30 lbs after having a child. Also how long does it take to see results? I have been taking it for almost two weeks now. Thanks.

    miche March 11, 2010
  29. Oh and I’ve taken recreate this past week, I’ve lost 3 lbs. Of course I’ve had to keep taking my regular blood pressure meds.

    Yani March 17, 2010
  30. I am a 62 year old female, and am doing a Fit Body Challenge at my health club. I do 2 classes per day, 4 days per week, a “shared personal training hour 1 day per week and a personal training hour 1 day per week. I have been losing weight and some inches, but the fat just will not come off. I talked to my trainer this morning about using a fat burner (she told me the woman who is my closest competitor –she is also younger than me– is going to Quick Weight Loss AND taking fat burners), my trainer said if I could find a fat burner without too much of a stimulant, to try it. I went to the Vitamin Shoppe and the guy who works there recommended Recreate. He said he is somewhat sensitive to some of the other fat burners because each dose has the equivalent of 3-4 cups of coffee, but Recreate only has (approximately) 1-1/2 – 2 cups of coffee. I can handle that, so I bought them and have only taken 1 pill so far but, with some of these reviews, I have high hopes. I want to win the $1,000 prize!!! Please wish me luck!!

    Deby Shirling March 19, 2010
  31. Today was the first day, just took one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Trying to see how my system tolerates it, because normally things make me jittery. So far no jitters, but did not curb appetite much. tomorrow will try 2, and see how it works. Just need a little extra help.

    Trudy March 25, 2010
  32. I started taking recreate yesterday. I’ve already lost a half of a pound. So far so good. I still crave sweets but not as much. I do not have the desire to eat all the time. It also gives me lots of energy. Wish me luck.

    Shana March 26, 2010
  33. I have been using this product for about 4 months.. Im down almost 70lbs combing this and a good low cal diet.. recreate has been in the mix for the last 50lbs.. i had a plateau after losing the 1st 20, started this product and its been great ever since.. i like it!

    jaison April 10, 2010
  34. Starting the Product with my roomate tomorrow. I really hope it works. Idealy Im only looking to loose about 30 pounds. Any tips tricks?

    Jasen May 7, 2010
  35. I’ve been taking recreat for 10 days now and its great! I work out regularly and I eat healthy, I just needed something to help with my appetite so I could shed a few extra pounds before summer. It deff has helped with my appetite, I don’t eat snacks throughout the day and when I do eat meals I eat much smaller portions then regularly. It gives u just the right amount of energy without the jitters that most fat burners have given me in the past. I’ve recommended recreate to a few of my friends and they are taking it as well… I deff recommend to everyone!

    kacey May 8, 2010
  36. Back in march i was recommended by the gnc guy to take BOTH recreate and this product called oxyelite i can definitely say those products have changed my thinking about exercise! Though i didn’t diet AT ALL i went from a size 20 to a size 14 in less than 2 months! It has given me the energy i need to do the cardio and the light weight lifting! I’m still using the products but have started to use less to slow the weight loss a bit. But its definitely a quick way to lose the weight you need to get into that cute summer outfit you’ve been wanting to wear!

    Baby May 18, 2010
  37. Trying it for the first time today. I’m just wanting to shed a small amount of bf.
    I’m hoping this will do it w/o having me wired, feeling sick and upset stomach.
    Keep u all posted on that.. So far it sounds like everyones
    reviews are pretty good. Not excited abt the gassy comments..

    Goldie May 22, 2010
  38. Recreate is by far one of the best natural fat burners you will find. Im a Marine in his mid twenties and Recreate gives me the energy to work 12-15 hour shifts 5x a week, hit the gym 4-5x a week, keep me off the fast food when im usually in the habit of snacking, not eating after dinner and has helped me lose 12lbs of noticeable stomach, face, back, and glute fat in 3 weeks. my strength has not suffered at all. may have even gone up a bit with the extra energy. is this product better than clen or illegal fat burners or aas’s, no but for the price and the results it is definately a good product that does what it says.

    Frank June 11, 2010
  39. I have been on recreate for about two weeks solidly. I wake up in the mornings and take two pills followed by one in the afternoon. I was so shaky and sick today i couldn’t even leave the house. I slept most of it off until about five o clock this evening, but I still feel shaky and have an upset stomach? I guess I’ll try dosing down to one twice a day, but is anyone else having these issues??

    Avery July 16, 2010
  40. So I tried Recreate this week and it was ok, I am a fan of OxyElite Pro and will stick with that instead.

    Lucy Heart August 10, 2010
  41. I have been using Oxyelite Pro for about 2 weeks now. I like it and I have noticed some energy gains (I have a high tolerance for caffeine) and a little weight loss, but not what I was expecting. Ordered Recreate today and going to stack it with the Oxy. Oxy did not give me the appetite suppression I was looking for or the weight loss I thought would happen. We’ll see what happens in a week or two stacking these two.

    Big E October 11, 2010
  42. I took recreate for no quite 2mths and lost over 20pds with no side effects at all. It curbed my appetite so much.. I love it!!

    Deborah October 21, 2010
  43. Let’s face it guys you can’t expect recreate to work just by taking the pills alone. Lol everybody wants great results and a half as* effort. Things don’t work that way,sorry. I been on recreate for two years 3 months on and 2 months off it. From the very moment I started using recreate it has work wonders. If u diet right meaning strictly water,no white bread or rice or red meats you’ll start seeing amazing results. If u get off your bed and do a lil cardio you will start noticing the energy kick in. Recreate is not a robot or voice activated so please give it some effort. Everybody wants the easy way to success n there is no such thing. Hard work and consistency pays off. Also throw a lil weight training in your workout to tone your fat. Drink lots of water and eat healthy no sugar at all lots of veggies fiber n protein. Eat bananas before workouts it will kick start your laziness. Stop blaming the pill n blame yourself for not having will power n the desire to shed the pounds. I lost over 150 lbs n still going feeling amazing. Thank u recreate for preventing my body from going into starvation mode which would of eat away my .muscle mass but thanks to recreate it didn’t.

    John December 2, 2010
  44. This is my second go around of using this product. I def feel the energy increase, like drinking a pot of coffee without the crash afterwards. Not really sure what some people on this site are talking about with the mood swings, never had those, but the weight loss is no joke. Between switching from a burger at lunch every day to a chicken breast sub and taking the pills I dropped almost 60 lbs in about 4 months. Took some time off the pills to give my body time to catch up, just went back on this week and I have already lost another 2 lbs. And its not water weight, if anything I have actually been drinking almost twice as much water since I started, and did not put a single pound back on during my hiatus. Combine this product with a healthy dose of vitamin C and start hitting the gym a little more often and results are pretty much a sure thing.

    Mike March 7, 2011
  45. I tried one bottle of Oxyelite and lot 9 lbs. I was “wired” all the time so I cut down to 1 pill a day. I don’t know what it was about Oxy but I was moody all the time!!! It was like some serious PMS! I stopped taking any supplements for two months. I read reviews and found that Recreate is suppose to be less intense stimulant wise so decided to give i it a try. Today was my first day on it, I started wih one pill….so far I like the energy it gives me, its just right, not to intense. Let’s see how it goes when I increase the dose. This is only day one and daaang what’s with th gas?? Anyone know what’s in Recreate that causes such bad uncomfortable gas lol!

    Jeanette April 2, 2011
  46. Just purchase recreate yesterday. Need to loose 20 pds. Hope this works. will get back and let you know how it’s going.

    Linda April 10, 2011
  47. Just started recreate today makes me a little dopey little sick at my stomach but nothing compared to the way Xenadrine made me feel uhg !! i like it so far was able to do my zumba today and strentgh training today i like that it is a milder version of what i have tried before . will repost after the first week is done we shall see.. and yes it does make you bealch lol

    connie April 11, 2011
  48. Just came in from GNC where i bought Recreate as recommended by the CSR. I also got the GNC multi-vitmamin as he recommended. I haev read the reviews below and will take just 1 in the morning and 1 in the evenings for 2 days, then try to up the dosage to the 2 and see how it works. I only want to lose 15lbs but certainly not at the cost of feling jittery, gassy, or sick as some people have indicated. I will be walking 23 miles for Project Bread Sunday so I think I will start taking it tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes because I have found all the reviews helpful so I hope to share my honest experience with other users. Wish me luck!

    Judy April 28, 2011
  49. Recreate gave me the worst gas and stomach pains ever. I stopped taking it after a week and now I have a constant burning in my stomach. I am not positive it is from the Recreate, just seems coincidental. When I was on another diet pill I had fantastic results and didn’t have the stomach problems.

    Amber May 14, 2011
  50. I just got this Recreate the other day and I lost 1 pound in one day I will see how it goes from here.

    Sara May 20, 2011
  51. I am currently taking recreate and love it!! I feel my inner core heating up and have no side effects whatsoever!! I tried oxyelite and did have ringing in my ears and felt really sluggish when I took it, also a feeling of not knowing what was going on!! Oxyelite works super fast but not for me!!! I will continue to use recreate. In addition I workout 3 times a week, elliptical, weights and try to eat a healthy diet!! You can’t just rely on a pill, you also have to rely on the aforementioned and common sense!!

    Jason May 24, 2011
  52. I’ve been taking recreate for 2 weeks in i work out 5 times a week i’ve only lost 10 lbs in i feel like its because o work out so much. I changed the way i eat in reduced my calorie intake to 2000 calories a day. RECREATE SUCKS DONKEY DICK. I wouldn’t recommend it to a fat dog.

    Datfoolking July 8, 2011
  53. im starting apidexin tomorrow in two weeks i will give u guys an update….I want my money back from USPLabs ASAP

    Datfoolking July 8, 2011
  54. You have to work out while taking this people. I noticed most of the people who aren’t getting results are people who just take the pills but don’t change their eating habits or starting working out. There is no such thing as a magic pill. Just being real.

    MisterWinslow September 14, 2011

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